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When A Wrong Dowsing Answer Is Right…

When It All Goes Wrong

You've gotten a wrong dowsing answer before, right? What did you do?

You're thinking, “What could I do? I just got annoyed and moved on.” But that didn't help your dowsing skill improve. In fact, your negative reaction probably made you less likely to pick up a pendulum in the future.

Getting a wrong dowsing answer is the biggest single problem dowsers face. Yet most dowsers don't have a useful strategy for dealing with this issue. By ‘useful', I mean a way of turning ‘wrong' into ‘right'. And why would they? Most dowsers have had little or no training. They haven't read lots of books on dowsing. They haven't gone to lots of conferences or taken tons of workshops. Most don't give dowsing a second thought. Just pick up the pendulum and do it.

This isn't a criticism. It's just how it is. There aren't a lot of opportunities locally for most dowsers. There are some good books on dowsing, but reading is becoming a lost art. Only relatively recently has the internet become a good resource for dowsers.

So what can you do? By all means, take advantage of the internet and of this site.  There's a huge amount of information available here which will help you overcome some of the basic reasons for wrong dowsing answers.

But you can also do something every day that we've done for years. It's a useful practice that will help you become more accurate in your dowsing very quickly. And that is: confirm your results.

When you dowse about something, find out whether you were correct. If you were, pat yourself on the back. If not, spend some time finding out why.

Avoiding the wrong dowsing answer

And here's an important point. You cannot know whether you were correct if you only dowse about things you cannot confirm.

So, assuming that doesn't describe you…

  • Was your dowsing question too short?
  • Was your dowsing question too vague?
  • Were you in a proper dowsing state?
  • Were you emotionally attached to getting a certain answer?
  • Did you take the time to create a detailed dowsing question with your goals in mind?
  • Did you carefully define your terms?

askthe questioncoverCheck out this book if you want to get better at creating good dowsing questions

Another trick we've used is to try and find out how the answer you got was accurate, but not for the intendedquestion.

Here's an example from my life: I'm a veteran dowser. But sometimes I slip up. I dowsed in 2009 that we would get approved for a home loan modification on our mortgage. We waited for over 18 months, and our application was denied.

I was floored. I felt certain we would be accepted. In 2013, our mortgage was sold to another company. That fall, they approached us and asked if we'd like to apply for a home loan modification. We did. We got it.

So I got the right answer, but it didn't occur to me to put ‘when' in the question. Big mistake. If I had spent some time examining the question, which I usually do, I might have guessed what went wrong. So my dowsing was accurate, but the information was not useful to me, because it was for the wrong time. A wrong answer can be right, but it's only useful if you figure out how.

What did you do when you got a wrong dowsing answer? How did you improve your dowsing? Let us know in the comments section below

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  1. Margaret cumming
    Margaret cumming says:

    Hi Peggy I recently received a pendulum as a gift from my reiki practioner & later that night I tried it..I was amazed at how accurate it was & I wrote everything down on paper. The next day I was so excited to use it again but it seemed slow & unsure & not as accurate as the night before & I went over the same questions as I had done the previous night but they weren’t the same answers & I asked it if had a message for me & it said yes & I said could you spell the words out & it said yes it could spell the messsge out for me & I got the words “IT GOES GLOCK BUB” I asked if the message was correct & it said yes. I looked up this word GLOCK BUB & it came up with a picture of a gun. I couldn’t understand what this was telling me & so I thought this is not right so I thought it really must need cleansed so I cleansed it in sea salt overnight & I was reluctant to use it again but I did & I asked some questions & I said my name is Mary & it said yes…which is not correct ….my name is Margaret…2nd question I said I was born on January & it said yes & said I was born in 1973 which is not correct….I was born on March 1971. 3rd question I said how many children do I have & it said 2…which is not correct…I have 1 child…4th question I said when was my child born was it —— I gave a couple of dates & it said 2002….which is not correct…my son was born in 2006. Do you have any suggestions or guidance on why I am receiving different answers ..I haven’t bought a book yet could you recommend anything…I am very grateful for your help . Much love Margaret xx

    • Maggie Percy
      Maggie Percy says:

      Congratulations on getting your pendulum! It’s so exciting, isn’t it? I can remember buying a pendulum from my Reiki teacher in 1999, and my best friend and I played with the pendulums that evening back at the hotel. Keep that wonderful enthusiasm going.
      In order to become an accurate dowser, you need training in the skill of dowsing. First off, the tool does not give you the answer. It magnifies the answer your own body is giving you via your intuition. You don’t even need a tool to dowse. Check out the deviceless dowsing methods shown on this site and have some fun with them!
      I recommend our complete dowsing course which can be seen on this page if you want to become a good dowser: http://discoveringdowsing.com/dowsing-course. If you aren’t yet sure you want to invest in mastering the skill of dowsing, use the free resources on this site. The blog articles, the free videos and the free presentations will help you decide if dowsing is for you. Then get the course. That’s the best thing to do.
      Our books dive deeper into specific aspects of dowsing, but none of them is a course as such. You could start with The Practical Pendulum Series, Volumes 1-4, but still, you will need a complete course to really train yourself. Then get any of our books that dive into various applications and aspects of dowsing as needed.
      Dowsing is such fun, and it can really be a huge benefit to you, so I hope you do take the plunge and learn to dowse well. I’m sure you’ll love it! We look forward to hearing how it goes for you.

  2. Doreen Panczyk
    Doreen Panczyk says:

    Hi my name doreen.
    I’ve been using a pendulum for dowsing for about a year. At first it was my grandmother then my aunt and my dad was next which he has pasted 1 ur now.. The only one I talk to now is my grandmother she won’t let me talk to no one else she says I’m your guardian angel and I will only talk to you. Well now I find myself arguing with her a lot after the conversation I ask her before I get off if she is being honest with what we just talked about sometimes she says yes other times its no and tells me what she wasn’t honest about.. There are days where I’m confused or get of there crying some days are good. Do you have any suggestions I’m a little crazy at the moment with this thank you.

    • Maggie Percy
      Maggie Percy says:

      While dowsing can be used to communicate with animals and others, it is not usually what we call ‘tangible target dowsing’, so it is not very useful in helping you become accurate. When you dowse things that cannot be proven right or wrong, that is ‘intangible target dowsing.’ We and other experts suggest that dowsers restrict their intangible target dowsing to 20% or less of their dowsing, because you cannot learn or grow when doing intangible target dowsing. It can be fun; it can even be useful. But it won’t teach you, because you don’t get real feedback about your accuracy. It can be frustrating, because you can’t be sure of any answer you get.

      I personally don’t think it is wise to spend a lot of time in communication with beings not on earth. Humans don’t in general belong on earth after they die. On rare occasions, one might linger to be a helper for a while, and maybe that is what your grandmother is doing. We have also seen rare occasions of humans not leaving until they pass on a message, which you could try to decipher using dowsing. In the long run, however, once a human passes, it is best for the spirit to leave the earth plane and move on. I wouldn’t encourage them to linger.

      I urge you to learn proper dowsing technique and start dowsing tangible targets. Our book “101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing” is free in ebook form and a good place to start. Good luck on expanding your dowsing.

  3. Litza Meira Beers
    Litza Meira Beers says:

    I am choking about this information. Well, I did one readying it came out “No”, I just found out that what happened was the night after I used Flower, my Pendulum, the other is Hope, which I am using for missing persons. Now, I am freak out if I sent the Police the wrong information. However, I did rechecked the question three or more times the answers where the same. My Pendulum I got it in San Diego, California while on vacation, I felt so connected to it that I broke my budget to get Flower 🌸, she is with me a lot, so I’d HOPE, which I got from Wish an application that sells products with decent prices.
    I loved both Flower and Hope, the other is constellation for my boyfriend and his Chakras .
    I did watching few videos related to Pendulum, how to clean and used.
    No one never said I have to reading a book, for me it isn’t a problem,
    Thank you, for this information.
    P:S: At least I was honest when I sent the videos, I told I didn’t know how accurate it was. The information was as take it or leave it. But I don’t wanted be personally involved.
    God blessed you all.

    • Maggie Percy
      Maggie Percy says:

      Hi, Litza,
      I think it is natural when first pendulum dowsing to accumulate different pendulums and use them for different purposes. I did the same. Most people are taught to dowse with a pendulum, although we think it is wiser to teach deviceless methods first, so people don’t become to entranced with the tool and think it is giving them the answers.

      It is definitely necessary to get training in dowsing if one wants to become proficient. Only a rare person, a prodigy, can dowse well without training and practice, and most of us are normal folks.

      We urge you to learn proper dowsing technique and do at least 80% of your dowsing on tangible targets, meaning that you stand a chance of seeing if your answers are correct or not at some point. Also, we urge you to check out our posts and book on dowsing ethics. It is important to use the power of dowsing with respect and with permission. Just having good intentions is not enough, as you can overstep boundaries, which leads to karmic consequences.

      This site has tons of free information that will help you see good technique and the many applications of dowsing. Happy Dowsing!

      • Litza
        Litza says:

        Well, actually gave the Pendulum a break, also analyze what I had done wrong. I founded out I can overload the Pendulum with question. I been using one of my Pendulum to help with missing children/persons, so I was asking too many questions and reading more than two missing persons. So, I worked on it, I told the Pendulum that I loved her very much, and we are working with Lost Soul and if she wants to continue doing these type of reading she says yes. Then I asked if she need cleaning and charging,indeed the Pendulum some time saying yes; then I asking for how long she wants in peace. My first Pendulum, Flower, using to helping me with the missing children. However, I been watching a show about Ashley Freeman and Ashley Bible, I asking Flower who took the girls? She said “EVIL”. Then when I asking if she wants to continue she said “NO”. Since then she doesn’t wanted to working with the missing person. So, I focus her to working on me, in my meditation, Chakras she was sooo happy. She was loudly.
        Now I got two more Pendulums, and now I know I need to programmed them.
        Thank you o

        • Maggie Percy
          Maggie Percy says:

          You are making the pendulum into a being and treating it as if the pendulum is what has the power to give you answers. You are projecting your own sense of overwhelm onto an inanimate object. This could not happen if you did as we suggest and learned to dowse first without a tool. Deviceless dowsing is more natural and helps you avoid all the misconceptions that come from a Harry Potter approach to dowsing. Dowsing is not magic, and a pendulum is not giving you the answer. It is a crutch to help newbies “see” their answer. That’s all.

          It is distressing to see you turn your pendulum into some kind of ‘person’ when that is not what dowsing is about.

          It is also very disturbing to see you dowsing without an understanding of the need for permission. If the missing person’s parents ask you to dowse location, do so, but only if you are an expert lost person dowser. Dowsing for lost objects and people leave all kinds of false thought form trails that confuse the situation for subsequent searchers. This is one reason lost treasure is so hard to find, because the person who hid it laid a trail of thought forms to hide it. Dowsing is unable in many cases to tell the difference between a false trail, a real trail and a thought form trail left by a searcher who went the wrong way with great hope of finding the lost person/treasure.

          Bottom line, for all who read this:
          1. You don’t need a tool to dowse
          2. The tool is not giving you the answers; they come from within you
          3. It is important to use ethical practices (see our book “Dowsing Ethics”)
          4. The only type of pendulum that requires ‘cleaning’ is a crystal pendulum, because crystals of some types require cleaning regularly. The pendulum does not in itself require cleaning.
          5. Programming a pendulum can be a useful tool, but it appears you are using the term in a way that is totally different from how we use it. I believe we do discuss programming a pendulum in some articles, but it is not necessary at all for you as a beginning dowser. Programming refers to intending to have a particular pendulum response equal ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and also for sort of ‘memorizing’ long questions in advance so you can then use a shorthand version later to ask them.

          I hope all newbies will understand that dowsing is in a sense a magical sort of activity, but it isn’t magic. It’s an amazing natural skill you can learn to use, but as a skill, it means it takes practice and proper technique, so you need to apply yourself to learning it. Our course is a big help. See the menu for the page with details.

    • Maggie Percy
      Maggie Percy says:

      This is an excellent question that does not have a simple or easy answer. Detachment is vital to accurate dowsing when you get to intermediate and advanced levels, because there especially, you tend to have an attachment to getting a particular answer. Health dowsing, for example, can be hard to do, because you are afraid of a ‘bad’ answer or an answer that means you need to see a doctor or spend money you do not have. Of course, the same is true if you are dowsing about a job that is really stressing you out or a relationship that is very toxic. You may be afraid to hear an answer, even one you know is right.

      It is natural to have this happen. All dowsers, if they hope to master dowsing, must learn detachment. It is impossible to teach detachment in a short article, and I have never seen anyone learn detachment in one go. You must commit and practice it. Use the search box on this site to find ‘detachment’ in articles and read them. Feel free to ask questions. Getting our course is the best way to learn proper dowsing technique, and detachment is a big part of that.

      For now, you need to learn to be aware of when you want a particular answer. Self-awareness is not that common, and it’s an important part of dowsing mastery. Knowing what you are afraid of, that you are afraid, that you are desiring a certain answer, is the first step in learning detachment. Then you have to learn to accept that knowing the true answer, whatever it is, is of benefit to you. Here’s a scary example: knowing your job or marriage is highly toxic and you need to make radical changes might not be what you want to hear, but once you know that, you can either choose to do something or not. You are not forced to take action, but knowing what is best for you is a good thing and allows you to then take the next step and the next step. The same is true with health–knowing you have a certain imbalance in your body might be scary, but once you know, you can take steps to heal it. Facing and releasing fear is a huge part of detachment. There are many steps to doing this, and it takes practice and time.

      One thing is to become aware of the use of fear by the media and detach yourself from news and drama and sensationalism of all kinds. Anything that manipulates you into being angry or afraid is counterproductive in life and very harmful to detachment. If you really want to master detachment, get our course, because we can continue to support you as you go through the lessons.


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