What’s the dowsing state and do you need it?

It appears there are actually people who call themselves dowsers who don't know what the dowsing state is, and if you talk to them, they don't see a need for it.

Is just asking a question and getting an answer dowsing? If that were the case, all of our 8-yr-old games with ouija boards would have been dowsing, right? Do you remember your childish attempts to use a ouija board? How you asked a question and forced the planchette to spell out the most amusing or expected answer? There was no trust involved, no tapping into your intuition, no letting go of control, no altered state of consciousness. It was lots of fun, but no one took it seriously.

That is true of dowsing these days, and probably for the same reason. The dowsing state is a unique aspect of dowsing technique. It is required, or you are not dowsing. Anyone can swing a pendulum, ask a question and get an answer. But it isn't dowsing if you aren't accessing the answer through the dowsing state.

The dowsing state is an altered state, as studies have shown. It takes time to master it. It's very difficult to describe or teach, and it is the most critical part of good dowsing technique.

I'm not saying a good question and detachment aren't vital. But you aren't even dowsing if you are not in a dowsing state. So if you want to be an accurate dowser, take the time to study and practice the dowsing state. Please comment below about your experiences with learning the dowsing state.

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      • azhar
        azhar says:

        hi Maggie. During dowsing, my mind always try to answer and my pendulum will swing according to it. How to avoid from biased mind ?

        • Maggie Percy
          Maggie Percy says:

          What you describe is a very common problem people have when they are first learning to dowse. Our rational mind wants to be in charge. It wants to guess the answer. That is not dowsing. You have to tell your rational mind to shut up and sit down. So to speak. One way to do that is with some type of exercise that puts the mind to silence, like meditation or guided visualization. It takes practice to get the mind to shut up. But if you don’t succeed, you won’t be in a dowsing state. Our book “The Dowsing State” goes into this in detail. It is very hard to teach the dowsing state or even describe it, but if you can’t overcome monkey mind by meditating and learning to set the mind aside, get our book, as it might help you figure out what the best way will be for you. Basically, it sounds like you have a strong mental faculty and just need to set it aside during dowsing and connect with your heart and intuition. I would guess you haven’t spent much time doing that in the past, so be patient and keep trying. You will get there. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if your mind is strong; you just need to make it the servant, not the master.


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