The Dowsing Basics


Written by Maggie Percy


What Are The Dowsing Basics?

Most people think that if they can get a yes/no response from a pendulum, they are dowsing. Unfortunately, there is more to dowsing than that. Learning to dowse is pretty easy, but you can't master technique if you don't know what it is. So let's look at what the basic steps of dowsing are:

  1. Have a goal in mind, something you need or want an answer about which rational means cannot give you.
  2. Formulate a very clear question including who, what, where, when, how and why (as appropriate). Avoid vague words. Write the question down. A good dowsing question is usually long, not short.
  3. Get into a dowsing state, the altered mental state required for dowsing. Ask your question.
  4. Allow the answer to come through.
  5. Do your best to find out at some point if you were ‘right' or ‘wrong'.

That's all there is to it, but there are pitfalls at each step of the process, and a good course and practice will help you overcome them and become a masterful dowser.

What To Do If You Lack Confidence

It is normal to mistrust your dowsing answers when you are new to dowsing. The best way to become confident and accurate is to master the technique and then practice–a lot.

The best way to master technique is through study and learning. Our Discovering Dowsing course is a great way to learn. It's affordable and comprehensive. You can also learn a lot by using the free materials on this site.

Even if you take a good course and read and study, your confidence won't grow if you don't practice. Practice allows you to apply what you have learned and to be rewarded with good answers and to learn from wrong answers. Dowsing is a skill, not a psychic power. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the learning curve.

People tell us, “But I can't think what to dowse about.” Download a free copy of our book 101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing and use the ideas in it. It's free on all online sites. We give you good dowsing questions and even tell you how to avoid pitfalls and interpret results.

Don't lose interest in dowsing. Don't doubt yourself. You are able to dowse and dowse well. Just give yourself time to learn. Start with the basics. Use the free materials we offer, then get our course.

What is your experience? Did you find your dowsing improved when you learned proper technique? Were you mistrustful of your answers before that? Please comment below.

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  1. Jorge

    I’ve been dowsing for many years and have found that I achieve better results when my energy vibrations are high, over a level of 10 and when I’m in excellent health & state of mind. I spend considerable time meditating & praying daily. Dr. Ilchi Lee’s energy exercises are very good for this. Also, my highest accuracy is regarding health issues, usually correct 90% of the time or more. Dowsing has helped me diagnose & correct or properly treat numerous problems with my health and that of family members. The diagnosis was later verified as correct and often confirmed by medical professionals. It’s great to have doctors and nurses in the family for verification purposes & to help diagnose possible problems. You just pinpoint it with dowsing.

    Dowsing rods are my preferred tools of the trade for many purposes such as finding property lines, finding geopathic stress, etc. One of my biggest faults is doubting my results because dowsing turns out to be right much more often than not.

    • Maggie Percy

      Health dowsing is such a rewarding application! It’s wonderful to hear of someone using dowsing this way. Thanks for sharing that.
      With the remarkable accuracy you have on health issues, you should feel more confident when dowsing about health. But it’s normal to doubt a bit when you move into another application of dowsing. Dowsing environmental energy is less tangible, and you get fewer confirmations that you are correct. So it may take time to accumulate the evidence that your dowsing is correct on that subject.
      Each dowsing application has its own learning curve, so don’t worry if you feel less confident in a new area of dowsing. You can increase your skill and accuracy with practice. The search feature on this site will point you at topics of interest to you, and our course has a lot of ‘post-graduate’ style training in various dowsing applications.

  2. Jorge

    Thank you, Maggie, for your encouraging words. I wish I could have stellar success in investing but exacting quantitative applications of dowsing are not my forte. It hasn’t helped my trading but thank you for offering hope and resources.

    I forgot to mention that I also do blind dowsing with Natural Hypnosis techniques, using index cards with Yes/No/Better Way answers, blindly picking the card with the correct answer by feeling energy. I have yet to feel comfortable with my results on that one.

    • Maggie Percy

      Ah, investing. You are not alone in wanting to use dowsing for financial purposes. Certainly, dowsing can be used that way. Try to think of each dowsing application as a musical instrument. And playing well takes time and practice, and each instrument has its own learning curve. Some you might have an affinity for and master quickly, while others defeat you. No one can play every instrument in a band well.

      People tend to think of dowsing as a single skill. And it is. For the basics. But applying it in different ways requires different talents and skills. Water dowsing is less complex than health dowsing. Fear rarely enters into water dowsing, and fear is a big problem with some types of dowsing.

      Similarly, about money, most of us have tons of beliefs and subconscious issues about money that will need to be resolved if we wish to dowse accurately about money–that isn’t dowsing, but it is a necessary step. So wanting to become a masterful water dowser would probably be a shorter process than health dowsing or money dowsing, due to the emotional and energetic impact involved.

      Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s easier to be patient and persistent if you realize some types of dowsing are like learning to play the tambourine, while others are like mastering the cello or piano. If you really want to master a type of dowsing, you can. Just be ready to discover it’s more complex than you thought.

      As to blind dowsing, it’s just a technique. Two reasons you may be having a bit of trouble with it: you need to allow yourself to believe it can work. If you find that hard, you may have control issues you need to resolve. Or issues about trust and using intuition over rational means. Secondly, you need to start any technique on a subject you aren’t fearful or attached about. For example, I urge newbies NOT to health dowse on important subjects. Use our free ebook 101 Amazing Things You Can Do With Dowsing to select some easy, everyday dowsing to hone your blind dowsing technique.

      Don’t rush or overstep your level of experience or confidence. That is self-sabotage. You can do this. Be patient and persistent.

  3. Jorge

    Thanks, Maggie. You must be clairvoyant! You definitely struck a chord with me since I’m a classical musician (both cello and piano)! You are absolutely correct: control issues come into play. I’ve come a long way. I used to be terrified of the markets but am no longer there. It’s now more like the proverbial deer in the headlights–confusion and info overload. Correct again: I tend to overstep level of experience. Sometimes I’m too overconfident & leave caution to the winds. I will definitely take your words to heart. I know now that I can do it! Best to you.

    • Maggie Percy

      For people with my personality (and I’m not saying you’re like me) enjoying the journey rather than fixing on the destination is a challenge, so when I say enjoy the process, I’m not being flippant. If you think of the process of mastering dowsing the markets (or any specialty), and then you look back at how far you’ve come, you will see the process is one of self-discovery, letting go of false beliefs and learning to become empowered. These things are far more precious than simply being an accurate dowser, but in the end, you can have that, too. Keep up the great work!


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