How To Dowse For Gold

How to dowse for gold

Dowsing for gold is a popular application for this simple, natural skill. However, because dowsing is used in this instance for something of potentially great value, there is some confusion around it when there need not be.

Those who go dowsing for gold are often easy game for those who want to sell them expensive dowsing rods. Usually such rods are described as being of the correct length or have some special feature to help them tune in to gold more accurately.

What most people don’t want to admit, however, is that dowsing for gold is no different from dowsing for your lost car keys or which item to order from a menu. But, because it’s gold, that precious stuff which is so highly valued, a lot of people wrongly assume that they should be doing something special or different in order to find the stuff.

Not true!

Dowsing is dowsing, no matter what the target. And that means that the same basic principles for any type of dowsing should be followed when dowsing for gold.

That means that in order to find gold, you need to have a really precise question in mind and then you have to be in the right mental state of relaxed attention to allow the answer to come to you. It’s never the tool which tells you. It’s only your reaction, causing the tool to move, which is the essence of dowsing.

The question is the most important thing in all types of dowsing. It’s no different in dowsing for gold. You’ll presumably know what you are after, so really you’re framing a question about the location or the depth or the overall quantity. Whatever is your primary goal, that’s the question you have to form. Avoid the vague question like, “Is there gold here?” because there may well be but it might be one tiny grain six feet deep.

You can dowse for gold over a map and search for the most likely places to examine on foot. Again, you need a specific question. We map-dowsed for some clients who wanted to know which areas they should pan for gold in to produce sufficient quantities for them to feel successful. They followed our suggestions and had a successful season. Map dowsing is just another way of using this skill and we have a video on how you can map dowse. Click the link here.

The one thing to remember above all else is that no matter what you are using dowsing for; whether it’s for gold, for oil, for your choice of vitamins, dowsing is the same. And, what the people who want to sell you expensive dowsing tools won’t say is that you don’t actually need any tools at all. Of course, if you like tools, then you can make your own and adjust it to be exactly as you want it to be.

Happy Dowsing!

Have you dowsed for gold? Successfully? What did you use and why?

Dowsing and Permission

Below is the transcript of the video, if you'd prefer to read:

Dowsing and Permission

This is another area of confusion and argument amongst dowsers. It can be split into two different areas: permission to dowse and permission about what to dowse about.

Let’s look at the first one; asking permission to dowse.

This is something which has come into fashion since the late twentieth century. Before that, there is no record of this being done. The way this works is by asking three questions before beginning to dowse. These three are; ‘Can I, May I and Should I?’

There are varying interpretations about the meanings, but they can be summed up roughly as follows:

‘Can I?’ apparently means, ’Is this something I am capable of dowsing about?’

‘May I?’ supposedly is ‘Do I have permission to do this?’

‘Should I?’ is about whether it is is advisable or in the best interests of all involved.

The problem with these questions is that they are vague and pretty much useless. After all, you are using dowsing to determine whether or not you can dowse. And that’s just to begin with.

The permission part of the second question is extremely vague. Some say that it is asking permission from the ‘high self’ of everyone involved. Others say it’s about getting permission from the universe in some fashion.

The last question is again about permission. But, if so, who are you asking? If you use the word ‘should’, then it means you are making a value judgment. But based on what? And, if it is about the ‘best interest’, how is that possibly to be judged, and on what time scale?

In other words, these three questions, often taught to beginners, are pretty much useless because they are so vague and open to differing interpretations.

What, if anything, can replace them?

This is where the second meaning of permission comes in; permission about what to dowse about.

This is very much simpler to describe, because it relies on one thing which cannot be misinterpreted; being given permission to dowse.

If you are dowsing about another person, they must give you their explicit permission. If you are dowsing about an animal, then gain the permission of the owner. If there is no way to gain permission, then you have none and it is inappropriate to dowse.

It’s remarkably simple. But it causes arguments. Why?

This book will help you come to grips with the problem of permission. Lots of examples to ponder over as well as some simple explanations to help you understand the problems involved.

Get the book here

Because people, being people, want to do things they shouldn’t and they want to find ways to excuse themselves for interfering with other peoples’ lives. So they will claim they have gained permission from the high self of the person, or they claim it is for the highest good that they are dowsing. But, if you ask them what does the ‘highest good’ actually mean and how are they going to judge that, you will find no sensible answers.

In other words, such dowsers will cloak their prejudices and desires by saying that they have obtained permission in some strange fashion, or that they are helping humanity.

That is being dishonest at worst and unthinking at best. Dowsing, however it might eventually be proven to work, probably engages the energies of both parties in some fashion. In other words, as a dowser, you are entering into and interfering with another person’s energy field. Doing that without permission is like walking into someone’s house and looking through their fridge, possibly even taking things out or replacing them, for their highest good, of course, without bothering to ask them.

Would you like that being done to you?

Dowsing done properly, with properly obtained permission, is a wonderful tool. Don’t abuse that skill!

There is one area, however, where you do not need permission, ever, and that is when you are dowsing about yourself.

Most times, people will use dowsing to focus on ‘what’s out there’ and try to deal with it out of prejudice or fear, or because they feel like a victim or they do it out of ego. But, if you focus your dowsing on yourself, to help yourself, not only does the problem of permission disappear, but you are then using dowsing as a powerful tool for self-development.

Happy Dowsing!

What are your thoughts about permission and dowsing? Share them in the comments section below

How to dowse with a crystal pendulum

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The Popular Tool

Many dowsers start out with a lightweight crystal pendulum. I certainly did and I still have it (somewhere!). They can certainly be attractive to look at and the fact they are lightweight means they can respond quickly. Learning how to dowse with a crystal pendulum is what most dowsers do, at first.

Personally, I don't use crystal pendulums any more. In fact, the only one I still have is that very first one I bought so many years ago. I prefer a heavier pendulum now, usually made out of brass. The fact is, I don't often use a pendulum at all any more, as I prefer to dowse without tools. It's called deviceless dowsing.

How To Dowse With A Crystal Pendulum

But, back to how to dowse with a crystal pendulum. The most common problem dowsers make, no matter what tool they use, is starting off with the pendulum dangling lifelessly at the end of a long chain which has been looped over their index finger. They then wait for ages (or, at least, that's how it seems to me), for the pendulum to start moving.

These pendulums are usually very light in weight and so can move quickly. But, you have to have the pendulum moving first in some sort of neutral swing so that it can show you a yes or a no quickly. And that is achieved by making sure that you only have about a couple of inches of chain and you are holding it pinched between your finger and thumb, not dangling over a finger.

The video of how to dowse with a crystal pendulum also speaks about another aspect of them which doesn't apply to brass and wooden ones. That is the issue about them needing to be cleaned. Not all crystal pendulums will require this. It depends on the type of crystal as well as how often you dowse. If in doubt, you can easily find out about it on the internet.

Did you learn how to dowse with a crystal pendulum when you started out dowsing? Do you still like them better than any other tool? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

What is a dowser?

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A Simple Question

The question, ‘What is a dowser?' will often be asked by someone who is either a total newbie (and that's OK, we all were once), or someone who only heard of dowsing in the previous 5 minutes.

It is a question with two possible answers, either of which can be correct.

What Is A Dowser? Two Answers

One of the simplest tools you can make to dowse with is a small nut on a piece of string or dental floss of what-have-you. It has led to the description of dowsing as being about ‘a nut on the end of a piece of string.'

That description is, of course, deliberately double-edged. The nut on one end of the string is the tool. and that could also be called a dowser, because it is the thing which shows the dowsing response.

On the other hand, of course, the other meaning of the ‘nut' is the person holding the string. And that person can also be called a dowser, because that, presumably, is what they are doing.

So the answer to the question ‘What is a dowser?' can be found at either end of the tool. :-)

But don't think you have to be a ‘nut' to dowse. Far from it! In fact, I think it takes a good deal of sanity to start dowsing…

You can watch this video about what is a dowser to see the answers to the question.

Dowsing Methods

So Many Things!

There can seem to be a large number of dowsing methods, using a variety of tools and techniques.

However, when you start to look in more detail, there really is only one main method of dowsing, as this short video describes.



There is no one dowsing method. In fact there are many different methods of dowsing. People tend to prefer one type over another, but that does not mean that that one method is the correct one or even the best one for you.

Briefly, you can dowse using a pendulum or another tool like an l-rod, a y-rod or a bobber and have the tool’s movements indicate the answer to you. Depending on how you use the tool, various movements can indicate a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ or even a direction or a number.

Another dowsing method is to use no tools at all, but use your own body’s natural responses as a way of getting the information. That can be done by something as simple as watching when you blink to seeing whether, when you rub your finger and thumb together, it feels sticky, to any number of other ways of listening to your body.

However, no matter what dowsing method or methods you end up using, the same process applies to all of them.

Dowsing methods reduce down to this…

That process is as follows: First make clear what it is you want to ask, then get into the proper dowsing state in your mind (a sort of relaxed attention is a good way of describing it) and then allow the answer to come without you wanting it to be one thing or another.

So, in a way, the dowsing method is not really a method of using either a tool you hold or listening to your body. The real dowsing method is what you do before you get to do any of those things. That’s the real secret.

Why not discover more about dowsing and what it can do for you?

What do you think of how the dowsing method is described here? Would you have a different definition? Let us know in the comments section below


I Think I Know What It Is…

Dowsing is something which many people have heard of but not everyone knows really what it is…

This short video will help introduce dowsing to you.


What is dowsing?

The first thing to realize is that dowsing is really simple to do. Extremely simple, in fact. And it’s something everyone can do, naturally. You don’t need special tools, but you can use them if you want.

You don’t need to believe in anything weird, although you might end up believing in some strange things, but that’s up to you.

But, although it’s a really simple thing, and really easy to do, it’s not so simple to describe it. It makes so much more sense to actually do the dowsing than talk about it, because, all of a sudden, you just ‘get it’!

But let me give it a try.

Dowsing is….

Dowsing is like focusing your intuition. You will have had a moment when you suddenly knew something, but didn’t know how you knew it. Things like knowing who’s calling you before you answer the phone. Or, knowing which way to go in a strange place. Things like that.

Well, dowsing takes that ability we all have and makes it far more useful. Instead of waiting to get an intuitive ‘hit’, dowsing allows you to ask precise questions about, well, about anything at all. And then you get the answer.

That’s what makes it simple. You ask a question and you get an answer. That’s easy. But doing it is a little more involved. Not much, but it’s still a really simple thing to do. And it’s something that anyone can do. Anyone at all.

It’s part of what it means to be human! So why not join the growing dowsing tribe around the world and check out how to dowse and a whole lot more.

When did you start dowsing? What got you going and what did you think of it at first? We'd love to know, so why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

A Definition of Dowsing

What It Is…

The video below provides a brief and useful definition of dowsing. Surprisingly, there is a huge amount of confusion and misunderstanding about what is, actually, a very simple thing indeed. Watch it for yourself and decide whether it makes sense to you…


If you read a dictionary definition of dowsing it is usually something along the lines of ‘to search for underground water or minerals by observing the movement of a tool such as a rod or pendulum’.

Which is a bald and practically useless definition because it leaves so much out.

Another approach, much more helpful, is to say that dowsing is a method of searching, where the question is carefully and logically assembled and then the non-rational part of the mind accesses the answer. Dowsing, then, can be used to search for anything at all. Your imagination is the only limitation.

A better definition of dowsing

However, if you ask dowsers themselves how they would talk about dowsing, how they would define it, you will discover that they speak of how dowsing has helped them to transform their lives, or helped them to discover some aspect of themselves they never knew existed, or that dowsing has helped them become far more spiritual than before.

Hardly what you would think of as a definition of dowsing.

Yet the truth is that dowsing is so much more than a simple two line explanation in a dictionary. It is a natural human skill. There is nothing strange about it.

If you have ever had a moment when your intuition clicked in, that’s something very similar to dowsing. In fact, one way of defining dowsing would be to call it focused intuition.

Why not found out more about this very natural skill of yours?

What would be your definition of dowsing? The same as this, or something different?

Emergency Health Dowsing For Pets

You And Your Best Friend

Have you ever been in this situation (or do you worry that you may): You discover your pet has an injury, and you don't know exactly what caused it, it looks bad and you aren't sure what to do? Health dowsing can come to the rescue! When you have as many pets as we do (we've had up to 12 at any given time), this sort of thing is bound to happen at some point. (In fact, those of you who have human children instead of furry ones, the same thing applies). That's where dowsing can be a true life-saver!

Health dowsing for pets:

First Rule: Don't Panic!

It was a Saturday morning–isn't it always a weekend when things like this happen? Our oldest cat, Cleo came up to me. I petted her absentmindedly. Then I noticed a big bulge under her chin. I mean BIG. My first reaction was fear and panic. Oh my God, something's wrong with her! What happened? Rattlesnake? Wild animal attack? Scorpion bite? That's the problem with an active imagination. You can create all kinds of creepy scenarios. “Come on, Maggie, get a grip!” I told myself. “Breathe deeply. In and out. Investigate. Gather data. Then dowse. All will be well.” I think it's natural to have a panic reaction in situations like this. The key is not to let it take over. So I did the best I could to detach from my emotions.

A Bit of Detective Work…

This is where the left brain comes in. I did some detached fact-finding and analysis.

  1. When could this have happened? After a bit of thinking, I remember a big brouhaha on Thursday night out in the back yard after dark. Cleo had shot in through the pet door with her hair on end. Very unusual for her. When I had gone outside, our two dogs were sniffing the ground near one of the gates eagerly, as if an animal had left the yard in that direction. I didn't think too much of it at the time. We live out in the desert on 4+ acres, and we have lots of wildlife. It rarely threatens us. Bottom line: whatever it was probably happened Thursday night. Almost two days earlier. And it probably was an animal attack of some kind. And probably not one of our own.
  2. How bad was her injury? I took the time to examine her carefully. Thank heaven she's a placid creature. She let me look, poke and prod. The swelling was enormous, and when I gently pressed the area, a lot of fluid poured out of it. There was a gash as well as a pretty large portion of skin that had been removed completely, as if something had grabbed her neck and ripped the skin off. She had obviously been scratching it, as most of the fur on her neck was gone. On reflection, she hadn't been eating well (she's never a big eater, so I hadn't thought much of it). It probably hurt to chew and swallow. My conclusion was that she had a serious injury that needed some kind of treatment. I was also concerned about her not eating, as that would detract from healing.

Health Dowsing Resolves Health Questions & Support Healing

healthdowsingOnce I'd gathered the facts, I was ready to look at options for helping her heal. And I had some important decisions to make. Decisions that could cost a lot of money, trouble, time, effort and maybe even cost her life. This is not the type of dowsing you want to plunge right into as a beginner. I have established a number of questions that have meaning and work for me that relate to whether I should seek professional help in a health crisis or for a symptom. Since each person is unique, you will need to create a series of questions that have meaning and work for you. I happen to have a large number of tools for natural healing, plus a lot of training in Biology. This perhaps gives me more confidence than the average person. But the truth is, you don't have to be a doctor or Biologist to dowse about health. First, set your goals clearing in writing. For me, they include:

  • I want to go/take my pet to the doctor/vet if that will be the only or much better way (quick and safe) to resolve the problem
  • If it will make things worse to get outside help, I don't want to get it
  • If it won't be any better(in terms of time, side effects, results) to get outside help than if I do what I can at home, I don't want to invest the time and money in a vet appointment

I have spent a good deal of time and effort making it very clear what my priorities are, and they may not be the same as yours. Some people will put money first. Others will put the health and happiness of their pet first. I am not making any judgments. You create the list that speaks to your priorities. After you have your priorities and options written down–I strongly recommend writing them down–you can dowse about what to do. Since I've already done these steps, all I had to do was dowse. Here are some examples of what I dowsed. You might have other questions.

  • On a +10 to -10 scale, what is the overall level in effects on Cleo's recovery of treating her myself?
  • On the same scale, what is the overall level in effects of taking her to Dr. _______? (Different healers will have different scores.)

I didn't get a good number for going to the vet. It was a much better score to care for her myself. I got Nigel to dowse, too. For things like this, have someone else back up your dowsing. Next I asked:

  • Do I have a method or methods of treatment that are an 8 or higher on a scale of 10 for healing Cleo quickly and safely with no long term side effects?
  • If yes, I list dowse which are the best. Then I dowse how often and when to use them, etc.

Here's a book which will help you to use dowsing for your pets in a variety of ways.

Once is not enough!

Dowsing pendulumEvery day, I repeated the questions about the vet and what methods to use. Things can change from day to day. So each day, start over. Retest what therapy or method to use, if going to the vet doesn't test well. I used a combination of salves, ointments, essential oils and The Emotion Code to help her healing. In fact, I did Emotion Code work on her while we were in the U.K. Each day, Cleo got noticeably better, in spite of continuing to scratch. An Elizabethan collar wouldn't work, due to where the injury was, so we just had to ride it out. This was a particularly important issue, as we were going to the U.K., and she was not fully healed when we left. So we had to be sure she would not get worse while we were gone. As you can see by the video here, she is doing quite well now. Have you used dowsing to save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of vet and doctor's bills? We have! If you get your dowsing up to speed, it can save you more money than you can imagine. And that's not even talking about how much stress it saves you…

Have you ever had to do health dowsing for pets? Share what happened in the comments section below

Dowsing Wildfires: Doce Fire June 2013

That ‘Uh-Oh!' Moment

Dowsing emergency situations: maybe this wouldn't be the best time to learn…

The Doce Fire started on Tuesday, June 18th near Prescott. In less than 7 hours, it had destroyed nearly 7000 acres, roaring across Granite Mountain in a northeasterly direction.

By Tuesday evening is was less than 10 miles from our house and 0% contained. Over 450 homes were evacuated Tuesday evening several miles from us. It was a rush job. Since it was a rural area, livestock also had to be evacuated. The fire got within yards of people's homes… (That's NOT our house in the photo…)Doce fire, Williamson Valley

We decided since it was headed for us, we better do some dowsing! Read this post to find out how we dowse in emergency situations, and how you can learn to get accurate answers at times like this.



Dowsing emergency situations…

The biggest pitfall when dowsing in emergencies is FEAR. That's why we have spent years working on ourselves to release fear from our perceptions. Anyone who expects to dowse well in tough situations probably needs a LOT of work on releasing fear. Fear will block your dowsing response, making it useless.

Any clearing method works. Find one you like and practice it often. You need to clear the fear in advance, because you never know when you will face an emergency and want to dowse well. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is especially useful. But use whatever works for you. You will know you have succeeded, because when faced with an emergency, you won't feel a lot of fear.

The Fire Starts…


Here's a time-lapse view of the first day–less than 7 hours–of the Doce Fire. It starts on the south side of Granite Mountain, and sweeps over the  mountain by sunset, growing in size as it moves north with the wind.

View from our house of Doce fire


Tuesday evening, our view of Granite Mountain was blocked, because the smoke was blowing in our direction. This photo is a view from our living room window. The smoke had been getting worse all day, as the fire drew nearer.

…and It Was Big!

Out on the road, a bit to the east or west, people took photos of the actual fire. Here are some of them. We never actually saw the fire itself, except at night. At night, the wind died down, and the mountain glowed orange.

Doce fire on Granite Mountain, June 2013Doce fire, Granite Mountain

People were being evacuated not far from us. We had a decision to make. We had 8 cats and 2 dogs, and only 4 cat carriers and 1 dog carrier. We couldn't imagine how we were going to load 10 animals into our vehicle and flee the area without losing one or more of them. Evacuation centers aren't equipped to handle cats. Especially that many. We had no place to go, even if we could pack them into the car.

Dowsing Emergency Situations

It made sense to dowse about the possibility of evacuation. If we knew how the fire would go, we could plan better. Sounds simple, right? But try dowsing in a situation like that, with your nose full of smoke and your eyes burning from having it flow through your house all day, knowing the wind is pushing the fire in your direction.

Doce fire map 2013Just to ramp it up a notch, here's a map of the track the fire was following, being pushed by prevailing winds, which were gusting to 35 mph throughout the day in areas that had had NO rain for months.

Looking at the maps didn't exactly inspire us with hope…note that the fire traveled from the pin at the bottom of the map to the one near Williamson in less than 7 hours. That was the time covered in the time lapse video above. Things weren't looking good. Tuesday night it didn't seem wise to go to sleep!

Here are some things we needed to consider:

  • Evacuation is not mandatory, but you must stay on your property if you elect not to evacuate after the order is given, due to various reasons
  • The process of evacuation is understandably traumatizing to pets
  • You need a place to go to if you choose to evacuate, and we didn't have one
  • Staying in a home during a fire can be very dangerous not only due to fire, but due to smoke
  • We only had one car, and we weren't convinced all the pet carriers we had would fit–even though we didn't have enough carriers
  • We knew that any other belongings probably wouldn't fit, if we managed to fit the pets in the car
  • If you have room, what do you take with you besides the clothes on your back?
  • If your house burns down, it's helpful to have a video record of the contents for insurance claims. We didn't have one…
  • How much house insurance do you have? What's covered? You don't want to leave behind valuables you can't replace, but space is limited, as is time

Using a Whole Brain ApproachLeft or right brain dominant?

As mentioned earlier, you need to eliminate fear if you want to dowse accurately in emergency situations. We've been doing that. It helped us in two ways:

  • Fear blocks intuition. By removing fear, and by dowsing often, we were in close touch with our intuition and ability to sense. Both Nigel and I tuned in to the fire. Neither of us got a sense of danger to us personally. Nor did we feel an urge to leave the area. This in spite of all the hype. Also in spite of the logic of the speed and direction of the fire. Both of us felt it would be resolved rather soon and not endanger us.
  • When we actually dowsed about the fire, we were able to be more detached, because we had little fear.

Next, we decided that each of us would dowse a series of questions and then compare answers. As you know, your dowsing question must be very good, or you can get an incorrect answer. That wouldn't be good now!

Here's what I did. Nigel probably had his own way of approaching it that might have been different. What really matters is that you practice and train and learn what works for you. Some things I dowsed:

  1. Will the Doce fire that is now burning reach our property?
  2. Will that fire cause significant smoke damage to us, any of our pets or our property?
  3. When will the fire stop growing? When will the fire be contained fully?
  4. Is evacuating our property an 8 or higher on a scale of 10, where 0 gives no benefits and 10 gives a lot?

Those are a few of the aspects I dowsed. None of them indicated we were in danger at all.

Doce fire near PrescottWhen I compared notes with Nigel, he agreed that we were not in danger from the fire.

At that point, we could have asked a dowsing buddy to dowse for us, but we chose not to, because we felt confident of our answers.

This was where the Whole Brain approach came in. Although we trust our dowsing, we also use our left brains to take appropriate actions just in case. So we did the following:

  • We made a list of what we would take with us if faced with an evacuation situation
  • We talked about where we could go that would take the pets if we had to evacuate, as concern for them probably would affect our dowsing
  • We looked at our work schedule and decided what to do about the various things on it for the next two days
  • We gathered important papers like our passports and insurance documents together just in case
  • We went around the house photographing everything and then backed up the files to the cloud server
  • We checked our insurance coverage
  • We talked with our neighbors
  • We signed up for Code Red alerts on our cell phone, because we don't have a landline and reverse 911 won't work for us
  • We found several websites we checked regularly for updates on the fire
  • We went back and redowsed and tuned in to things periodically as new facts came in, to see if anything had changed
  • We cleared ourselves and our property a number of times a day–negative energies were flowing through the area

The Outcomequestions

At the time I am writing this, the fire is 15% contained, but has not moved any closer to us. The winds are still bad during the day, but the boosted efforts of firefighters seem to have made progress. Smoke is not bad at 11am today (Thursday), and that is an improvement over yesterday. Yesterday we finally closed up the house and turned on the air conditioning, as the smoke was making our eyes and throats hurt.

A key final point to make is about detachment. We knew what outcome we wanted. But we can't control that. We took a detached attitude. We did everything the best we could and set our intention for a positive outcome. We were prepared no matter what happened.

We then acknowledged that things might not go the way we wanted. But we chose to believe that even if they did not, that it would be a positive outcome, and that in the long run, it would be for our benefit. We could not see how that could be, but that didn't matter.

We know that we can create positive outcomes, but they don't always come in the package we imagined. So we had to let go of attachment to our particular vision of the outcome.

You Can Dowse About Critical Choices

Dowsing answersAnyone can reduce stress by learning to dowse well in practical situations. The more you dowse, the better you get. And eventually you are good enough to dowse in emergency situations like health crises and fires.

But you won't be anything but a hobbyist if you don't train and practice. And we want to emphasize that changing your outlook to less fearful and more detached is vital, and this almost always requires ongoing clearing work on yourself.

Bottom line is, dowsing can save you so much–even save your life–but you have to work a bit to get the skill level required for success in emergencies.

We are convinced you have the ability, and we are happy to help you develop that skill if you wish.

Have you had to dowse in an emergency? How did it work out for you? Share your story in the comments section below

Dowsing Presentation: The Future of Dowsing is in the Balance

Keynote Dowsing Presentation

In 2010, Nigel & Maggie Percy were invited to present the keynote address at the Canadian Society of Dowsers Annual Convention in Toronto. Unfortunately, the presentation was not able to be recorded. What you see in the video is an abbreviated version of that presentation. We thought the content and subject matter to be important. Plus we liked it so much that we decided we would record the whole thing again. Obviously, it isn't exactly the same, word-for-word, as what we said in Canada, but we used our notes; the same ones we used there, for this recording.

The dowsing presentation covers the importance of using both left and right brain. There are also some self-tests that will help you determine your preference. Are you more left-brain or right-brain?

[divider style=”shadow”]

If you are interested in a long look at the spinning dancer test, visit:

Here's another test of side preference:

Brain dominance test

When Maggie took both tests, she came out left-brain dominant for the dancer and right-brain dominant for the test above. It may be that the dancer is a more dynamic test of how you use your brain in daily life. You might find that what you are working on or thinking about affects the direction the dancer moves. Maggie and Nigel can make it go both ways.

Maggie feels that perhaps the pink/blue image above is using a test that is more a reflection of natural inclination. As with personality tests, you have to be careful of what you are measuring. You might be measuring how someone chooses to move through life, even if it isn't their natural preference. It might be an indication of culture, training and various pressures.

For Maggie, her intensive training in science and her parents' preference for rationality and logic may have caused her to develop that left brain ability as a way of pleasing them and succeeding, when in reality, her right brain is her dominant side. Couple that with the long-held belief that she had no artistic ability, and you can see why she used the left brain more. But since the 90s, she has focused on using both sides, seeing her innate talents and valuing both left and right brains.

Which side of your brain is dominant? And how does that influence your dowsing? Let us know in the comments section below