Dowsing and Enlightenment

One With Everything!

Dowsing and enlightenment? is this possible? Yes…and no. Is being a dowser the same thing as being enlightened? Absolutely….not.

We live in the instant age. Take a photo or movie of your cat or your dinner or your backyard and upload it. Within minutes, it’s available to millions of people.

Bored with what you’re watching? Press a button to switch channels, or shut it off.

Want to know what solar flares are and how they appear and disappear? The internet will give you instant answers, by the thousands.

Any issue, any problem, any idea, you can discover it, explain it, download the answer, print it out and move on.

It’s all so quick and easy.

Except it’s not!

Enlightenment? Oh yeah! We got you covered! 20 different ways of getting there and this is what it feels like when you have it and these are the things you should avoid and these are the things you have to do.

Except, that’s not enlightenment. That’s only a road map to an uncertain place and an uncertain time.

You have to actually travel, do the stuff, yourself.

Dowsing and enlightenment – no shortcuts!

Dowsing can give you the answers, but to understand them, you have to work at it.

Dowsing can give you new views of the world and your place in it. But you still have to accept that viewpoint, that new vantage point, and methodically bring it in to your life. You have to give it meaning.

Dowsing gives you instant answers… to everything! But that doesn’t mean you actually understand them, bone deep in you. You have to live them, be them, become them.

Knowledge is power, goes the saying. But that’s not true here. Knowledge is just the gateway you have to open before you can step through and live it.

You can access all the knowledge in the world and not change one thing in your life.

Dowsing gives you that access, but it will not change your life, unless you commit to understanding what it is you’ve uncovered.

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Are You Dowsing the “Man in the Mirror”?

A Big Mistake

Most dowsers are taking the wrong tack. And they are not getting lasting results. The reason is simple: they aren't doing self-work.

We've done the same thing. It's like an addictive way of thinking. It's a viewpoint that will take all the power out of your dowsing and leave you doubting it's worthwhile.

The viewpoint that's poisoning your dowsing results is even being taught by some major gurus. They tell you how empowering dowsing is, then they show you how to use it to change the outer world: corrupt politicians, unpleasant neighbors, toxic water, noxious locations.

This is the wrong way to use dowsing. By wrong, I mean it won't work. You'll spend all your time trying to change your life by dowsing about what's ‘out there' and trying to change it. And the results won't last. It's like being on a treadmill.

The alternative is self-work

Instead, use dowsing to work on YOURSELF. Everything ‘out there' is merely a reflection of the inner you. Change yourself and you change the world.

Most people (including us) find this challenging. Change ourselves? Doesn't that mean we were ‘wrong' or ‘bad'? Change is scary! It's much easier to work on the outer world. But that doesn't change things for long. So it's a waste of time.

One quote says ‘be the change' you want to see. A popular song says ‘I'm looking at the man in the mirror…if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself…and change'. As dowsers, we have the ability to do that. That doesn't mean it's easy or fast. But if you do the self-work, the work on yourself and your viewpoint, the outer world will change.

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Conference Call April 2013: Dowsing Personal Issues

Dowsing Personal Issues

Dowsing is a vital tool if you seek self-growth, and whether you know it or not, you do want to have positive change in your life. Dowsing personal issues is a hugely important way of using this skill so that you can begin to work towards the goals you have for your personal development.

In this mentoring call, we familiarize you with some common causes of ‘stuckness'. This is when you know you want to achieve something but, for whatever reason, you can't quite seem to make progress. And you really want to make progress! There could be all sorts of reasons, and we cover the basic ones which apply to most people. Then we get into dowsing personal issues and how you can use dowsing to get ‘unstuck' and begin to move on.

The one thing we all want to know is whether or not what we are planning is the right one. What if the method we are going to use on it will be the most effective?  Without dowsing, we are all just stumbling around in the dark, first applying this technique or that method before moving on to try something else. Most of the time we do not have a clue about knowing whether they will work or not. That costs you time, money and effort. It makes you lose faith.

That's why dowsing personal issues is a technique, or series of techniques, which can be of such value to you. Dowsing can point you right at the cause of your issue. It not only identifies the blocks, but it also identifies what will clear them and how long it will take.

Who could ask for more?

Listen to the recording here. It's only 22 minutes in length, but full of useful information:

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How to Access Your Inner Guru for Real Self-Growth

Say Hello To Your Inner Guru!

Do you wish you could find the perfect method for helping you reach your self-growth goals? Have you tried everything you can think of, only to be disappointed? Are you beginning to feel that maybe there isn't a method that will work for you? What about using your inner guru? Read on to find out how.

Don't give up yet! Like you, we spent many years trying all kinds of techniques for getting unstuck. And we got disappointed more often than not. We spent lots of money and time learning how to do complex techniques, but they didn't work on everything. Then we found the one method that does it all—dowsing.

Dowsing is an ancient skill. Often wrongly classified as a psychic talent, dowsing is simply the natural ability to get answers to questions. Dowsing isn't just about finding water. Dowsing can help you:

  • Find your life partner
  • Find the perfect house to buy or place to live
  • Choose the best career
  • Find lost objects
  • Discover why you can't lose weight or quit smoking
  • Talk to your guides or angels
  • Communicate with your pets

Actually, the list is endless. Dowsing can answer any question you can think of. And it's easy to learn.

Try it Yourself Right Now!

Although a pendulum is the most popular dowsing tool, we like to teach people to dowse without a tool when they are first learning how to dowse. Here's a simple technique you can do yourself:

It's called the Body Sway, and you use your body to get a yes or no answer. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Relax and cultivate a curious attitude. Put your mind on hold. Now make the statement out loud or silently, “I was born in _______________. (city/state/country)” Fill in the blank with your birthplace. When you make the statement, allow your body to move however it wants. Usually the body will sway forward for ‘yes' and backwards for ‘no'. Which way did you go? Probably forward.

Now make the statement again, but substitute a place you were NOT born in. See what your body does. For most people, this false statement will cause the body to sway backwards. Most people are able to get accurate answers the first try.

Any question that can be put into a yes/no format can be dowsed. And you can get an accurate answer.

You might ask if dowsing is so great, why isn't everyone doing it? The answer is that most people don't take the time to learn to dowse accurately. They learn how to get a yes or no, and that's all.

It's easy to learn to get an answer to your questions using dowsing. To get consistently accurate answers, you need to learn:

Fortunately, anyone can learn to do these things. And once you become an accurate dowser, you are no longer powerless. You can take control of your life and make choices that are guaranteed to give you happy outcomes.

Bring Out Your Own Inner Guru for REAL Self-Growth

Dowsing is the best skill you will ever practice. It's like having an Inner Guru who knows all the right answers. Best of all, it's free!

Beyond the day-to-day challenge of making the right choices and finding the right answers, dowsing is a key to your subconscious mind. As you may know, the subconscious mind is the source of all your blocks to success. And by definition, you can't know what the subconscious is thinking by using your conscious mind. That's why personal growth is so frustrating at times.

The easiest way we have ever found of accessing the subconscious is through dowsing. You can use dowsing to find out the cause of any block you have. And that's where all your blocks reside. Have you ever wished you could:

  • Lose weight and keep it off?
  • Quit procrastinating?
  • Stop sabotaging relationships?
  • Save more money?
  • Get fit?
  • Get rid of allergies or other health issues?

There is a subconscious reason for any negative pattern in your life. And dowsing is the easiest way to discover the cause of your problem. Dowsing can even be used to find the way to clear that block. We have used dowsing to help ourselves and our clients with just about any personal growth issue you can think of. We even use dowsing to help animals!

Whatever your self-growth goal, dowsing is the key to success. So take the time to learn about dowsing and to become an accurate dowser so that you can create the life you want.

How have you used your inner guru to help you? Share your stories and experiences in the comments section below.

A Woman’s Work Is Never Done! Is that your truth?

A Woman's Work Is Never Done!

How often do we hear that one? These days, women are busier than ever. Most women are not only working a full time job, but caring for spouse and family and home as well. Money seems to get harder to find (that is the topic of another musing), and that means working harder for less income. I know some women who work two jobs while caring for their families. When does it all end? And what are the side effects of this type of lifestyle?

We all know that fast food-itis is rampant, which of course leads to subclinical malnutrition and physical symptoms, as well as obesity. People don't eat right, and they aren't healthy. Working harder seems to mean less time for exercise. So people get even less healthy. It also means less quality time with those we love. Stress is at an all-time high, and everyone now accepts that stress leads to physical symptoms, too.

Women and intuition

So how does this relate to intuition? Women are generally credited with being more intuitive than men. This is partly due to a recognition that intuition is a ‘feminine' attribute. However, everyone has intuition, as we mentioned in an earlier article. But women tend to find it easier to access and use their intuition than men do.

In our society, which values science and rational thinking over intuition, women's intuition is scoffed at. I myself had many experiences of this. I remember in a past relationship mentioning to my then-husband that the car was making a funny noise. (This is common among women; being able to notice strange noises that men can't hear.) Bob did not hear the noise, though it seemed very evident to my ears. Within two days, the car broke down. It created some inconvenience, and it would have spared us a lot if we had taken the car in when I first heard the sound.

Hearing Things

The next time I heard a sound was the washing machine. This time, he didn't make fun of me. But he still didn't act on it. A couple days later, the washing machine broke down. It wasn't a big deal, but the experience made an impression on him. The next time I heard a noise was in the film processor at work, and he immediately went to the boss and demanded a serviceman be dispatched, as he did not want to machine down at all.(By the way, he still couldn't hear anything weird.) Turned out there was something wrong with it, and we got it fixed with no down time. My stock went up. From then on, if I heard a noise, it got acted on, even if no one else could hear it.

Unfortunately, most of us are not reinforced positively for using our intuition. We are scoffed at and ignored. Our training and education teach us to ignore information that comes in to us intuitively. Yet as women, we tend to have pretty good intuition. So what do we do? We learn to ignore it ourselves. Just like a rattling noise you can't do anything about, our intuition whispers to us constantly. And we respond just as we would to background noise. We filter it out.

How do we filter it out?  My personal opinion is that women stay super busy in part so that they don't have the time or peace and quiet to hear their intuition. When your head is filled with a dozen priorities that need to be taken care of right now, that provides white noise to drown out your Inner Voice. We focus on how busy we are doing things like housework, errands and tasks at our job, as if they are what matter. We become tired and stressed, and that makes it harder still to hear our intuition talking to us.

Signs you believe work is never done…

Because we are not listening, we don't get the useful messages that would save us trouble. What follows is frustration, anger and resentment. We feel disconnected and unsupported. We also lose sight of the big picture.

How often do you hear women saying, “I have too much on my plate now.” “I don't have time for ___________.” “I'll get back to you later.” And be honest, when does it ever get better? Never.

I hear the above excuses all the time. I even have acquaintances who will respond to an email by saying they don't have time to respond to my email….You can see what happens. Women end up being stuck in high stress situations with no obvious way out, and their health deteriorates. They overeat, smoke and drink or use various types of drugs to deal with the emotions that go along with the stress of being ‘stuck'. They can't see any way out.  For them, the reality truly is that their work is never done. They aren't in touch with their intuition, which would guide them.

What if there was a simple way out? What if most of the things you are so busy doing didn't really matter? What if you can get rid of the belief is never done? Do this exercise. Make a list of all the things you feel you have to do today. If you like, make another list, that one of everything you feel you must accomplish in the next week. Now make another list:

  • I am the only one who could possibly ever do this?
  • I could never hire this out, even if I had money
  • The world will end if I don't do this
  • Someone will die if I don't do this
  • No one else could be trained to do this
  • I can't trust anyone else on earth to do this
  • No one will help me do this
  • My life will be ruined if this does not get done

Look at the list of tasks you have for the day. Say the first one out loud. Then go down the above list and see if any of those statements are true. What you will find out is that although you have taken on certain tasks as your responsibility, there is no real reason you should HAVE to do them all yourself, or even in some cases, do them in the time frame you have chosen.

For example, I know a lot of women who surround themselves with useless family members so they can be totally in control. They then have to do everything themselves, as their family members are useless. It is a side effect of keeping total control. Women who support their children AND spouse are an example. And much of the time, the spouse is NOT a househusband. He doesn't cook or clean or run errands or care for the children.

Consider the following…

This throws all the typical daily errands on the woman's shoulders, if she chooses to accept it. If you find yourself in this situation, you would be wise to consider a couple of things:

  • Is being in control really worth having to do everything yourself? What are you afraid of? Why do you want to make the key decisions, and how is this stressful situation your comfort zone?
  • If your significant other and grown kids can all pass on doing housework, cooking, shopping and other errands, why do you feel so obliged to do them yourself? They seem to get by without doing them. So can you. Maybe you are going to need to wash your clothes and cook your meals and clean your tiny part of the house, but who says you have to do it for them? Of course, some of you have manifested partners and children who literally cannot do certain things. Then, it's time to think about hiring some of the chores out or letting them go.
  • Look at your list. So many of the things you have on it are PERSONAL PREFERENCE. Paying bills on time or going to work are a given. But doing chores on a certain schedule isn't. If you are overloaded, then get your kids to help. If they won't, then don't let them have privileges that add to your chores, like being on a sports team or in band or whatever. Create some teamwork. Get some help. Learn to lighten up and quit demanding too much of yourself. So what if the house is dusty? Who cares?

Anyway, these are some things to think about. If you are uptight or obsessive compulsive, that can be changed. Trust me. Your stress level is partly your intuition trying to get your attention. Pay attention to it. Lighten your load, whatever it takes.

It is very important to have ME time. And it is very important to have quiet time to just relax and get in touch with your intuition. If you don't have time for those things once a day, then please change something. Skip dusting. Quit that non-paying position you took for your church or club. Make your mental and physical health your top priority, and start finding time to listen to your intuition. SLOW DOWN. If you do that, you will get messages more clearly. Then act on them.

It will not be easy to change your habits. It is simple, but not easy. But if you want to have less stress and greater health and happiness, you need to follow your intuition. To be aware of what it is saying, you need to slow down and BE QUIET now and then.

So right now, stop arguing with what I am saying. (If you want to believe that work is never done, then go right ahead and be correct… or you could be happy instead!) Schedule some quiet time for yourself daily. Maybe just 15-30 minutes morning or evening to take a quiet walk outside or soak in the tub and relax. You will be surprised how much easier it is to access your intuition if you quit trying to be Superwoman.

For those of you who are not the obsessively busy female type, you probably know someone who is. Do her a favor and urge her to slow down, find some quiet time and get in touch with her intuition. She is probably afraid of what it will say:

  • Get another job. This one is bad for your health.
  • Move to another location. This one is not making you happy.
  • Get out of this relationship. It is harming your health and well-being or holding you back from reaching your goals.
  • Change your lifestyle for more healthy habits.
  • Take better care of yourself.
  • Love and accept yourself.

Your intuition knows what is healthy for you and what isn't. Quit being afraid to admit you need to change something in your life. It can be easier than you think, and if you do it, you WILL be glad you did. Get some help and make the change. Good luck.

If you've got rid of the ‘work is never done' belief, share how you did it in the comments section below.