Be Happy!

Happy does not always mean easy!

This is about being happy, believe it or not. My father was a butcher. It’s hard work. I know, because I worked with him for a few years part-time. Very hard work. But my father didn’t mind. And everybody knew he didn’t mind. And they knew that because they could hear him whistling in the shop when they were still outside and a few doors down.

Not only was he happy in his work, he was also always eager to find new ways of working with meat. He was never interested in dealing with suppliers who only sold cheap meats. He always wanted the best.

Someone once came in and asked him if he would supply them with a boned chicken for a special occasion. The only concern was that it had to be boned from the inside so that, when finished and tied, it would look whole and complete. Of course, he said yes and then went away and studied and practiced. The end result was perfect!

Being happy and dowsing

And, of course, you’re wondering why I am telling you all this and what has it got to do with dowsing?

The answer is simple. Very simple.

When you dowse, you should be happy! You stop being happy when you start worrying about whether you are doing it correctly, or you are using the correct technique. You can’t be happy in those situations.

And when you are happy, it shows. Things become easier.

And, if you are intent on being a good dowser, then you will naturally want to be the best you can be. That means learning as much as you can.

It means trying new things.

It means not following what others say but doing what feels the best thing, even if it seems harder.

Dowsing is not hard. It’s simple. Very simple. But don’t let that simplicity stop you from enjoying it!

Do you have a story to share about how being happy (or not) affected your dowsing? Tell us about it in the comments section below

Dowsing Presentation: The Future of Dowsing is in the Balance

Keynote Dowsing Presentation

In 2010, Nigel & Maggie Percy were invited to present the keynote address at the Canadian Society of Dowsers Annual Convention in Toronto. Unfortunately, the presentation was not able to be recorded. What you see in the video is an abbreviated version of that presentation. We thought the content and subject matter to be important. Plus we liked it so much that we decided we would record the whole thing again. Obviously, it isn't exactly the same, word-for-word, as what we said in Canada, but we used our notes; the same ones we used there, for this recording.

The dowsing presentation covers the importance of using both left and right brain. There are also some self-tests that will help you determine your preference. Are you more left-brain or right-brain?

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If you are interested in a long look at the spinning dancer test, visit:

Here's another test of side preference:

Brain dominance test

When Maggie took both tests, she came out left-brain dominant for the dancer and right-brain dominant for the test above. It may be that the dancer is a more dynamic test of how you use your brain in daily life. You might find that what you are working on or thinking about affects the direction the dancer moves. Maggie and Nigel can make it go both ways.

Maggie feels that perhaps the pink/blue image above is using a test that is more a reflection of natural inclination. As with personality tests, you have to be careful of what you are measuring. You might be measuring how someone chooses to move through life, even if it isn't their natural preference. It might be an indication of culture, training and various pressures.

For Maggie, her intensive training in science and her parents' preference for rationality and logic may have caused her to develop that left brain ability as a way of pleasing them and succeeding, when in reality, her right brain is her dominant side. Couple that with the long-held belief that she had no artistic ability, and you can see why she used the left brain more. But since the 90s, she has focused on using both sides, seeing her innate talents and valuing both left and right brains.

Which side of your brain is dominant? And how does that influence your dowsing? Let us know in the comments section below

Space Clearing, Or, Stalking the Demon Broccoli

Space Clearing: Best Practices

At the Verde Valley (Sedona, AZ) Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers, Nigel and Maggie Percy presented a talk about dowsing, environmental energies and space clearing.

What most people are unaware of is that the energies in the environment are constantly changing, and the time before and after 2012 was rife with chaotic, difficult energies that traditional space clearing techniques did not clear well. And they still don't clear them well! Anyone who has an interest in environmental energies or doing space clearing will benefit from watching this presentation.

Watch the video and then check out the summary beneath it. Oh, and you can check out the book I mention near the beginning (The Essence Of Dowsing). We've written quite a few since then, as you can see!

A summary of action items from this talk:

  • Avoid Fear:
    • Fear is the normal response to this type of situation. There is danger, but fear will not help you. Caution and taking care are constructive.
  • Avoid Duality:
    • Many of the things we now face that are dangerous and hard to clear have a consciousness about them.
    • If you judge them and treat them in an adversarial way, it can exacerbate the situation.
    • Next, if you judge them and decide they are the ‘bad guy', then you are feeling negative towards them. In many cases that will strengthen or feed them.
    • Compassion is the best way to approach these beings. I have found that the more compassion I show them, the more harmless they are.
  • Avoid empathy:
    • Empathy is not only overrated; it is dangerous.
    • Empathy won't help them, and it can hurt you a lot.
    • Computers, email, telephones, internet service are all subject to influence and negative energies.
    • Protection can be helpful to some extent. Be aware that alien energies and other powerful forces can overcome a lot of protection.
  • Do regular personal clearing work and protection. Rid yourself of attachments daily. Do aura strengthening.
  • Clear your space regularly, or have it cleared by a professional. Sense it. Clear it 2-3 times yearly at least.

Did you learn something new from this presentation, even if it was that I look awful with long hair :-) ? Share how it helped you (or not) in the comments section below

Deep Down Dowsing

Deep Down Dowsing – And You

Nigel and Maggie Percy's presentation of ‘Deep Down Dowsing'  at the American Society of Dowsers SW Conference in Flagstaff, AZ in 2011 focused on the subconscious and how it controls your experience of reality.

With audience participation, they go through simple exercises to demonstrate the surprising conflicts most of us have within us, and why the subconscious needs to be addressed.

More and more therapists and ‘gurus' are accepting that the subconscious is really running the show. But, without knowing what's in the subconscious, you're pretty much stuck. That's why this presentation was called ‘Deep Down Dowsing', because dowsing is the easiest way to access the subconscious. Once you can do that, you can begin to clear blocks that keep you from manifesting what you want.

But it's vital that you know what it is that is there in the subconscious, otherwise it's no better than guesswork.

Watch the video and then look at the help below it if you want to get started on your own deep down dowsing.

OK, so you watched the whole video (you did, didn't you?). And now you're ready to get started yourself.

Here are the dowsing statements we gave the audience to test in the talk:

In the blank below, insert a phrase that clearly describes what you consciously want to experience – to be fit; to be wealthy; to be happy. Then dowse whether your subconscious agrees to the statement or not. (Hint: if you get any NOs, you will have blocks to some extent in that part of your life.) Watch the entire presentation to find out how to clear the subconscious beliefs.

I want  ___________________

I am able _______________

I have chosen  _________________

I have chosen ______________now

It is safe for me ___________________

I must not ___________________________

How did that work out for you? Find anything interesting? Why not share your thoughts and discoveries in the comments section below

A Healthier Reality: 7 Strategies For You

A Healthier Reality For You

This talk was first presented at the Verde Valley Chapter (Sedona, AZ) of the American Society of Dowsers on April 18, 2010. It came about because we had been working with a large number of clients and had realized that there were a lot of discordant energies making life difficult for them, and for others. They needed a way of seeing a healthier reality for themselves.

In order to help them achieve that we realized that it would be most important if we could help them to understand reality in a way that gave them control and kept them from feeling like victims.

What we felt then about creating a healthier reality is just as true today. Even if this all sounds a bit too way out, if you are already a dowser then you'll realize that dowsing doesn't have to make you crazy.

You might think that reality is just something which happens to you. It's there, you walk in it every day and that's all there is to it. You can't make a healthier reality, because it is what it is.

In fact, Reality (and, yes, I really meant the capital R) is actually a continuum from your inner to your outer world. What you believe will dictate what happens in the outer world. It sounds deceptively simple, doesn't it? Could it really be that easy? Find out what the 7 steps are for creating a healthier reality by watching the video:

It is a long video, so, in case you weren't making notes, what follows is a summary of the 7 steps we referred to:

7 Strategies for a Healthier Reality 

  1. Be open to new ways of seeing
  2. Be a victor, not a victim
  3. Experience reality as a continuum
  4. Release fear and judgment (duality)
  5. Learn to Read the Signs
  6. Use the Whole Brain approach
  7. Be prepared to alter and improve your view of reality

Examples are given in the presentation to help make these steps clear.

What are your thoughts about the points we raised in this presentation? Share them in the comments section below.

Tuning In to Your Sixth Sense

Your Sixth Sense

This presentation about ‘Tuning Into Your Sixth Sense', by Maggie & Nigel Percy, was originally given at the American Society of Dowsers' Southwest Conference in Flagstaff, AZ in 2009.

Often, when people dowse, they get locked into the idea that it's all about the tool or about their intuition. Sometimes they think it's both at once. But what about the sixth sense which everyone has? Is that the same as your intuition? Or is it something separate from dowsing?

Where does the sixth sense fit into dowsing? Should it?

If dowsing can be thought of as heightening the intuitive sense, then it would seem to make sense to really practice and become proficient at dowsing. After all, who amongst us does not want to have a well-developed sixth sense? We all do. We all want to have access to that seemingly hidden knowledge.

But how can dowsing actually be used to make our sixth sense, our intuition, really kick in? It's all very well to point out that there is a similarity, but what can actually be done?

This presentation goes into some of those questions and provides examples and insights which you can use as a dowser in your daily dowsing life.

Typical of the interactive style of presentation Maggie and Nigel favor, this talk has audience participation in several ways of sensing things intuitively. Simple exercises with the group involve remote viewing; clearing of space by the group; and sensing and altering hand chakra energies.

Discover how dowsing can help you become more intuitive, even more psychic, in this engaging talk.

(Note: If the lighting in this video seems a little off balance every now and then, don't worry, because it will not spoil it for you. The cameraman made good use of a tricky visual setup. You'll get all you need and want from it… promise!)

Dowsing as the Sixth Sense? Does that make sense to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

Nigel Percy, Dowser

Nigel Percy And Dowsing

Nigel Percy, co-founder of The Dowsing World Summit, and joint owner of Sixth Sense Consulting, Inc with his wife, Maggie, shares his views and experiences concerning dowsing. As with all “Meet the Masters” interviewees, he offers suggestions for reading that helped him on his way. Unlike many dowsing enthusiasts, he did not venture into dowsing to heal himself. He just became captivated with the idea and followed it with a passion.


Nigel Percy more or less stumbled into dowsing over a period of years, as you'll hear in the interview. In general, though, he was involved in education for many years, teaching (amongst other things) history and philosophy and information technology. After he discovered dowsing and that he could dowse, he slowly allowed it to take more and more of his time up as he became more and more fascinated by it. In fact, he gave up researching his Ph.D. because of it. The internet was not then able to provide much useful information, there were few books, so learning to dowse was something he undertook virtually by himself.

He tried it on anything and everything and learned what worked and what didn't, which methods were useful and which weren't. Eventually, he found an online dowsing community and joined in, and very soon discovered Maggie there. By this time he had given up traditional education and had moved into the healing arena, working in  an alternative health center in the UK.

When Maggie and he finally officially joined together, they moved back to the States and started up their own business, based on dowsing.

He still hasn't lost his passion for this subject and loves any opportunity to talk about it, but nowadays only to those who are interested in it themselves.

Recommended Reading:

How did you get into dowsing? Was it the same as for me, or totally different? Let me know your story in the comments section below.