“How To Profit From Dowsing” August 2019

Watch this recorded presentation on how you can use dowsing in all areas of your life to great benefit. This 90-minute instruction can get you started on using dowsing to advantage right now. Step-by-step instructions are included for everyday, health and money dowsing exercises. For all levels of experience.

How To Learn Dowsing

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How To Learn Dowsing

Learning how to dowse just might be one of the most intriguing things you could ever learn to do. However, if you are going to get the most you can out of dowsing, then you would be well-advised to learn to dowse the best way possible.

Before going into that, however, it is vitally important that you understand what dowsing really is so that you will have a clear picture in your mind to help you as you start out learning to dowse.

First, dowsing is nothing more than a way of getting answers to questions your brain cannot answer. It’s a completely natural human ability. Which means anyone can do it. It’s not a special psychic skill. In order for you to get those sorts of answers you need really precise questions. And then, you need to be in the right state of mind in order to allow the answer to come to you.

Now, most teachers will tell you that you just need a question which can be answered with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and you’re good to go. Not true. Before the question, you need to have reason, a clear reason, for asking it in the first place. No reason means poor question means useless answer.

Let’s assume you’ve got a really good question. How do you know what the answer is?

Again, people will talk about pendulums and L rods and bobbers and other sorts of tools. There are all sorts of tools out there, from cheap to hideously expensive. But, as dowsing is an entirely natural thing we can all do, then the simplest, quickest and clearest way of dowsing is to use your body to get the answers. Your body is the tool. As there are at least 20 different ways your body can respond, you can be sure that one of them, at the very least, will work for you. And, in order for that tool to work well, you must learn to get into the right mental state where the answer can come without your emotions getting in the way.

It’s important to remember that dowsing is a skill. To learn dowsing, to be a good, accurate dowser, you need to practice that skill until it becomes second nature. The skill consists of the following parts:

  • Having a clear reason for asking the question (the goal)
  • Making a clear and precise question
  • Being able to allow the answer to arrive

Master all of those and you’re well on your way

Happy Dowsing!

Did you learn to dowse in a day or less? Or are you still learning dowsing? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Why Dowse? Why Bother?

Dowsing v Running

Why dowse? What's the purpose behind it all? So many times you see excellent reasons about what things you can do with dowsing, but hardly anybody takes the time to try to tell you why dowse in the first place!

So, let me give you an analogy. Let's take exercise and look at that. But, more specifically, walking, jogging, and running. They are all just ways of moving, so let's bundle them all under the heading ‘running' for argument's sake.

People know the benefits of running. They know it's good for them in various ways. They know there are various levels, from the occasional stroll to Olympic marathon and everything in between. There are all sorts of things you can buy to help you; clothing, shoes, monitors, plans, diets and drinks, for example. They are all built around making your running experience better for you or to encourage you.

Yet, the one thing central to all this is that everyone who does running, to whatever level, knows and appreciates that it is good for them. It is beneficial in various ways. That's the central theme, if you like, about running.

So, if you were to ask someone why they were running, they would answer using that beneficial argument.

Why dowse?

But, if you were to ask different dowsers why they dowse, they would give you different answers which would be all over the map! And that is because the central reason for dowsing, the reason ‘why', has been lost in the ‘how' and in the ‘with what'.

The central benefit has been lost in the fanfare of techniques and tools.

Why dowse? Have you really thought about it?

If you run, you do it because it's healthy. That's a given. But you dowse because…..

Well, there is, in fact, a central reason, an answer to the ‘why dowse?' question, which is simple, elegant, plain and true. Dowsing is so practical, so immensely useful, so utilitarian, that not dowsing is like blindfolding yourself. If you don't dowse, you are cutting yourself off from something which enlarges and enriches your life because you are depriving yourself of an extra sense, an extra ability.

It's not what you do with dowsing that's central to it all. It's that you dowse which is more important. Because, no matter what you do, no matter what your life is, dowsing fits, dowsing complements and enlarges it.

In the same way as you walk, jog or run for your health, you dowse to enrich your life. It's that simple.

What answer would you give if you were asked, ‘Why dowse?'. Let us know in the comments section below


I'm Not THAT Good!

Everyone thinks that, to be any good at a new hobby or skill you have to perform miracles. After all, you read or heard about them and that was why you got interested most likely.

Whenever you start something, and that includes dowsing, you hear of the most amazing things. It's enough to make you cry! When I started out, for example, I had the impression that unless I dowsed a 300 foot well accurately and then got the flow rate precisely right, I was going to be a failure.

Miracles aren't necessary

What I didn't really grasp at first was that the people I read about had been dowsing for ages and had had years of experience. I just assumed that, if I could dowse, then I should automatically be as good as they were.

It never occurred to me that I might need to learn! And anyway, what I considered to be a miracle of dowsing was something they were doing every day.

The truth is, miracles are what you consider to be miracles. Most people just do the stuff every day and never bother about it. It’s not the miracles which count, it’s the using which is more important.

Doing the dowsing is what counts, not what you do with it. For you, the miracle might be that you got the pendulum to move! Or it could be that you located those lost keys. But, in reality, those things aren't really miracles at all.

It's just dowsing!

But, hey, you never know, one day, you might have a miracle as well.

What did you think you had to do when you first started to dowse? Did you think that anything less than a miracle was needed to prove you could dowse? Let us know in the comments section below

You Are Not Normal!

Look Around

Next time you’re out shopping, and waiting in line to pay, take a moment and have a look at the other people there. It’s refreshing.

No two are the same.

No two look the same.

No two share the exact same history

No two act or react the same

And yet there is something called ‘normal’.

Normal is a useful tool to group people together and to get them to act or learn in the same way. Because it’s easier to teach everyone in a group the exact same thing at the exact same time.

Not that that guarantees anything like a ‘normal’ response, or even that everyone in that group will learn the same thing in the same way to the same depth of understanding as the person they sit next to.

It’s much, much harder to teach one person at a time in a fashion and style appropriate to their needs. Yet, if you want to really learn something as well as you can, that is what it takes in most cases.

So, the next time anyone tells you that the correct way to dowse is in a specific way, using a specific ritual or tool or phrase or whatever, just yawn politely and tell yourself, you are not normal.

Normal and you…

You are never going to be normal.

You can’t be normal if you tried.

You are exactly who you are and nobody else.

And that means you need to learn to dowse correctly, for yourself. Using techniques which work for you. And you know they work for you because you tried them out and evaluated them.

That makes you not normal

Don’t attempt to be normal, ever.  And if you ever tend to forget that, remember what your fellow shoppers are like… unique!

Did you begin by thinking dowsing was not normal? Or was it always a normal thing for you? Let us know in the comments section below

Dowsing Methods

So Many Things!

There can seem to be a large number of dowsing methods, using a variety of tools and techniques.

However, when you start to look in more detail, there really is only one main method of dowsing, as this short video describes.



There is no one dowsing method. In fact there are many different methods of dowsing. People tend to prefer one type over another, but that does not mean that that one method is the correct one or even the best one for you.

Briefly, you can dowse using a pendulum or another tool like an l-rod, a y-rod or a bobber and have the tool’s movements indicate the answer to you. Depending on how you use the tool, various movements can indicate a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ or even a direction or a number.

Another dowsing method is to use no tools at all, but use your own body’s natural responses as a way of getting the information. That can be done by something as simple as watching when you blink to seeing whether, when you rub your finger and thumb together, it feels sticky, to any number of other ways of listening to your body.

However, no matter what dowsing method or methods you end up using, the same process applies to all of them.

Dowsing methods reduce down to this…

That process is as follows: First make clear what it is you want to ask, then get into the proper dowsing state in your mind (a sort of relaxed attention is a good way of describing it) and then allow the answer to come without you wanting it to be one thing or another.

So, in a way, the dowsing method is not really a method of using either a tool you hold or listening to your body. The real dowsing method is what you do before you get to do any of those things. That’s the real secret.

Why not discover more about dowsing and what it can do for you?

What do you think of how the dowsing method is described here? Would you have a different definition? Let us know in the comments section below


I Think I Know What It Is…

Dowsing is something which many people have heard of but not everyone knows really what it is…

This short video will help introduce dowsing to you.


What is dowsing?

The first thing to realize is that dowsing is really simple to do. Extremely simple, in fact. And it’s something everyone can do, naturally. You don’t need special tools, but you can use them if you want.

You don’t need to believe in anything weird, although you might end up believing in some strange things, but that’s up to you.

But, although it’s a really simple thing, and really easy to do, it’s not so simple to describe it. It makes so much more sense to actually do the dowsing than talk about it, because, all of a sudden, you just ‘get it’!

But let me give it a try.

Dowsing is….

Dowsing is like focusing your intuition. You will have had a moment when you suddenly knew something, but didn’t know how you knew it. Things like knowing who’s calling you before you answer the phone. Or, knowing which way to go in a strange place. Things like that.

Well, dowsing takes that ability we all have and makes it far more useful. Instead of waiting to get an intuitive ‘hit’, dowsing allows you to ask precise questions about, well, about anything at all. And then you get the answer.

That’s what makes it simple. You ask a question and you get an answer. That’s easy. But doing it is a little more involved. Not much, but it’s still a really simple thing to do. And it’s something that anyone can do. Anyone at all.

It’s part of what it means to be human! So why not join the growing dowsing tribe around the world and check out how to dowse and a whole lot more.

When did you start dowsing? What got you going and what did you think of it at first? We'd love to know, so why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

Did You Learn Dowsing the Wrong Way?

Starting Out Can Be Difficult

Most people learn dowsing the wrong way. And most people don't get past that.

After extensive surveying, we have found that most dowsers don't really use dowsing all that much. If they are dowsing their supplements daily, they are above average in how often they dowse. And that really isn't dowsing much, is it?

How can you benefit from dowsing if you don't use it? You can't. But you won't use it if you don't trust it. In talking to people, we have found they just don't trust their dowsing, even though they've taken courses.

We've been researching how to get more people to use dowsing. And what we found out shocked and embarrassed us. The dowsing courses being offered elsewhere are not getting people dowsing much past the time of the course.

You learn dowsing in different ways

So what's wrong with the way people learn dowsing? I can't be sure, but I have a theory. I believe that most classes are taught the same way they've always been taught. And that is the problem. But no one noticed.

Years ago, the ASD and its chapters were started by generous water dowsers who got together and shared their love of dowsing. They helped people learn dowsing by teaching courses in water dowsing, and the organizations grew. Then part way through the 20th century, spiritual dowsing kicked in big time.

But people still learn dowsing the old way. Here's what I think: teaching someone to find one particular material item, water, is pretty straightforward. Mostly, you are going to be asking the same question with the same factors again and again. You will dowse the same way with the same tool each time. It's one thing you master and then do over and over the same way until you get good at it. (Granted, like any skill, that takes time and effort. But you have all the tools to become accurate.)

Spiritual dowsing is different. There are more subjects to dowse about than you can think of, and they require all kinds of different questions. They have unique pitfalls. The subjects are so deep and diverse, it takes a real Renaissance person to be a good spiritual dowser.

The bottom line is that incorporating dowsing into your life in a meaningful way isn't going to happen as long as dowsing is taught the way it's always been taught.

When Nigel and I realized what was going on, we threw out all our old courses and started over. We are working on creating dowsing courses that actually prepare people to be confident, accurate dowsers who use it regularly to make their lives better. And that means a whole new approach to teaching people how to learn dowsing.

We've had such amazing results with dowsing, we can't believe everyone isn't using it every day. But now that we understand better, we hope we can help shift that. You can learn dowsing the right way, and you can transform your life with dowsing.

What do you think about the way dowsing is taught? How did you learn it? What cold have been better? Share your ideas in the comments section below

The Problems of Learning to Dowse

In The Beginning

When you were learning to dowse, chances are you were told how to hold a pendulum, how to ask a question and even what sort of response was a ‘yes' or a ‘no'. And all the class, assuming you were in a class, were told the same thing.

Which is fine, except….

The problem, as I see it, is that nobody is the same as anyone else. We all think and act differently. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, yet we are all expected to do the same thing and get the same result. (Don't get me started on education!!)

Learning to dowse…YOUR way!

It's for this very reason, that you are an individual, that neither Maggie nor I say that you HAVE to dowse in one certain way, following one specific set of instructions, as though you were a computer to be programmed.

Sure, we'll suggest certain things, certain approaches, and try to steer people way from doing things we have discovered to cause problems in one way or another, but as to the actual dowsing…. We try to let everyone get to their best result going down the road they choose. For us, that's what learning to dowse is all about.

Anyone with even a tiny interest in the the brain and the way it works will have discovered that what goes on inside our heads, the way we see and interact with the world, can be hugely different between two people.

In dowsing terms, that could mean that, where I get a sensation in the back of my head telling me that I'm in the groove, so to speak, for you, it could be you hear a sound, or your right knee aches briefly. It could be anything at all. But the point is, no matter what happens to you when you dowse, it is you who is aware of it, sensing it.

So, next time you hear of the perfect and foolproof way of getting the right answer, of dowsing the ‘correct way', by all means give it a try. It might work for you, for a while. It might not ever work for you.

But, and here's the beautiful thing, it might get you thinking about what does work….for YOU!

When you began learning to dowse, what things were you taught that you no longer do? Share your experiences in the comments section below

A Woman’s Work Is Never Done! Is that your truth?

A Woman's Work Is Never Done!

How often do we hear that one? These days, women are busier than ever. Most women are not only working a full time job, but caring for spouse and family and home as well. Money seems to get harder to find (that is the topic of another musing), and that means working harder for less income. I know some women who work two jobs while caring for their families. When does it all end? And what are the side effects of this type of lifestyle?

We all know that fast food-itis is rampant, which of course leads to subclinical malnutrition and physical symptoms, as well as obesity. People don't eat right, and they aren't healthy. Working harder seems to mean less time for exercise. So people get even less healthy. It also means less quality time with those we love. Stress is at an all-time high, and everyone now accepts that stress leads to physical symptoms, too.

Women and intuition

So how does this relate to intuition? Women are generally credited with being more intuitive than men. This is partly due to a recognition that intuition is a ‘feminine' attribute. However, everyone has intuition, as we mentioned in an earlier article. But women tend to find it easier to access and use their intuition than men do.

In our society, which values science and rational thinking over intuition, women's intuition is scoffed at. I myself had many experiences of this. I remember in a past relationship mentioning to my then-husband that the car was making a funny noise. (This is common among women; being able to notice strange noises that men can't hear.) Bob did not hear the noise, though it seemed very evident to my ears. Within two days, the car broke down. It created some inconvenience, and it would have spared us a lot if we had taken the car in when I first heard the sound.

Hearing Things

The next time I heard a sound was the washing machine. This time, he didn't make fun of me. But he still didn't act on it. A couple days later, the washing machine broke down. It wasn't a big deal, but the experience made an impression on him. The next time I heard a noise was in the film processor at work, and he immediately went to the boss and demanded a serviceman be dispatched, as he did not want to machine down at all.(By the way, he still couldn't hear anything weird.) Turned out there was something wrong with it, and we got it fixed with no down time. My stock went up. From then on, if I heard a noise, it got acted on, even if no one else could hear it.

Unfortunately, most of us are not reinforced positively for using our intuition. We are scoffed at and ignored. Our training and education teach us to ignore information that comes in to us intuitively. Yet as women, we tend to have pretty good intuition. So what do we do? We learn to ignore it ourselves. Just like a rattling noise you can't do anything about, our intuition whispers to us constantly. And we respond just as we would to background noise. We filter it out.

How do we filter it out?  My personal opinion is that women stay super busy in part so that they don't have the time or peace and quiet to hear their intuition. When your head is filled with a dozen priorities that need to be taken care of right now, that provides white noise to drown out your Inner Voice. We focus on how busy we are doing things like housework, errands and tasks at our job, as if they are what matter. We become tired and stressed, and that makes it harder still to hear our intuition talking to us.

Signs you believe work is never done…

Because we are not listening, we don't get the useful messages that would save us trouble. What follows is frustration, anger and resentment. We feel disconnected and unsupported. We also lose sight of the big picture.

How often do you hear women saying, “I have too much on my plate now.” “I don't have time for ___________.” “I'll get back to you later.” And be honest, when does it ever get better? Never.

I hear the above excuses all the time. I even have acquaintances who will respond to an email by saying they don't have time to respond to my email….You can see what happens. Women end up being stuck in high stress situations with no obvious way out, and their health deteriorates. They overeat, smoke and drink or use various types of drugs to deal with the emotions that go along with the stress of being ‘stuck'. They can't see any way out.  For them, the reality truly is that their work is never done. They aren't in touch with their intuition, which would guide them.

What if there was a simple way out? What if most of the things you are so busy doing didn't really matter? What if you can get rid of the belief is never done? Do this exercise. Make a list of all the things you feel you have to do today. If you like, make another list, that one of everything you feel you must accomplish in the next week. Now make another list:

  • I am the only one who could possibly ever do this?
  • I could never hire this out, even if I had money
  • The world will end if I don't do this
  • Someone will die if I don't do this
  • No one else could be trained to do this
  • I can't trust anyone else on earth to do this
  • No one will help me do this
  • My life will be ruined if this does not get done

Look at the list of tasks you have for the day. Say the first one out loud. Then go down the above list and see if any of those statements are true. What you will find out is that although you have taken on certain tasks as your responsibility, there is no real reason you should HAVE to do them all yourself, or even in some cases, do them in the time frame you have chosen.

For example, I know a lot of women who surround themselves with useless family members so they can be totally in control. They then have to do everything themselves, as their family members are useless. It is a side effect of keeping total control. Women who support their children AND spouse are an example. And much of the time, the spouse is NOT a househusband. He doesn't cook or clean or run errands or care for the children.

Consider the following…

This throws all the typical daily errands on the woman's shoulders, if she chooses to accept it. If you find yourself in this situation, you would be wise to consider a couple of things:

  • Is being in control really worth having to do everything yourself? What are you afraid of? Why do you want to make the key decisions, and how is this stressful situation your comfort zone?
  • If your significant other and grown kids can all pass on doing housework, cooking, shopping and other errands, why do you feel so obliged to do them yourself? They seem to get by without doing them. So can you. Maybe you are going to need to wash your clothes and cook your meals and clean your tiny part of the house, but who says you have to do it for them? Of course, some of you have manifested partners and children who literally cannot do certain things. Then, it's time to think about hiring some of the chores out or letting them go.
  • Look at your list. So many of the things you have on it are PERSONAL PREFERENCE. Paying bills on time or going to work are a given. But doing chores on a certain schedule isn't. If you are overloaded, then get your kids to help. If they won't, then don't let them have privileges that add to your chores, like being on a sports team or in band or whatever. Create some teamwork. Get some help. Learn to lighten up and quit demanding too much of yourself. So what if the house is dusty? Who cares?

Anyway, these are some things to think about. If you are uptight or obsessive compulsive, that can be changed. Trust me. Your stress level is partly your intuition trying to get your attention. Pay attention to it. Lighten your load, whatever it takes.

It is very important to have ME time. And it is very important to have quiet time to just relax and get in touch with your intuition. If you don't have time for those things once a day, then please change something. Skip dusting. Quit that non-paying position you took for your church or club. Make your mental and physical health your top priority, and start finding time to listen to your intuition. SLOW DOWN. If you do that, you will get messages more clearly. Then act on them.

It will not be easy to change your habits. It is simple, but not easy. But if you want to have less stress and greater health and happiness, you need to follow your intuition. To be aware of what it is saying, you need to slow down and BE QUIET now and then.

So right now, stop arguing with what I am saying. (If you want to believe that work is never done, then go right ahead and be correct… or you could be happy instead!) Schedule some quiet time for yourself daily. Maybe just 15-30 minutes morning or evening to take a quiet walk outside or soak in the tub and relax. You will be surprised how much easier it is to access your intuition if you quit trying to be Superwoman.

For those of you who are not the obsessively busy female type, you probably know someone who is. Do her a favor and urge her to slow down, find some quiet time and get in touch with her intuition. She is probably afraid of what it will say:

  • Get another job. This one is bad for your health.
  • Move to another location. This one is not making you happy.
  • Get out of this relationship. It is harming your health and well-being or holding you back from reaching your goals.
  • Change your lifestyle for more healthy habits.
  • Take better care of yourself.
  • Love and accept yourself.

Your intuition knows what is healthy for you and what isn't. Quit being afraid to admit you need to change something in your life. It can be easier than you think, and if you do it, you WILL be glad you did. Get some help and make the change. Good luck.

If you've got rid of the ‘work is never done' belief, share how you did it in the comments section below.