Why “Strengthen Your Intuition” Is A Myth

Intuition Is Your Secret Superpower

Does this sound like you? When someone suggests that you ‘strengthen your intuition,' you might picture it as a process like working out in a gym, sweating as you do step aerobics or use the stairmaster. The image makes you tired, and you decide you aren't convinced intuition is worth that much effort, because what the heck would you use it for, anyway?

It's unfortunate if you have this reaction, because your intuition is the most powerful yet underutilized tool you have for making your life happy, healthy and fulfilling. The myth of needing to strengthen your intuition makes you think of a long, difficult process that includes doing things you'd rather not do and also implies pain is part of the process.

That simply is not the case. You have intuition. It's natural. And you can use it to make your life better.

Why You Aren't Using It

Sure, those stories about people who have exercised amazing feats of intuition can make you feel doubt. It can't be that natural, can it? You've never done anything that unusual, but why judge yourself by the outliers of intuition? Everyone has intuition, and everyone can learn to listen to that quiet voice that warns us, informs us or guides us. It is a natural part of being human.

Education is a lifelong process, and school basically only teaches you how to ‘strengthen' your rational thought processes. And, of course, there are plenty of prodigies in that realm, but you don't let that convince you that you shouldn't use your brain, do you? Why give up on using your natural intuitive sensing abilities?

Do you really want to let the misconceptions and prejudices of our culture prevent you from being happy, healthy and fulfilled?

What Can You Do To Access Your Power?

Read this book!

Our book, The Nature Of Intuition: Understand & Harness Your Intuitive Abilities, is a comprehensive, groundbreaking work that draws on knowledge from many fields from quantum physics and biology to philosophy and language to demonstrate that intuition is a natural human ability. In Part 1, you are entertained with stories of the many uses of intuition in all its forms and given insight into how intuition may actually work. Part 2 gives you simple steps for becoming aware of your intuition, because the only thing you need to do to immediately begin to benefit from your intuition is to start being aware of it. But how to do that? We show you lots of simple ways.

And learn dowsing!

You don't have to be a psychic to use your intuition in amazing and profitable ways every day. But what if you want to take it further? What if you want intuition on demand? That's simple. Dowsing is focused intuition, or a way to access your intuitive power on demand. Cultivating your Inner Voice is natural and simple, but some people are eager to be able to ask questions about life and get answers their brain can't give them. For them, dowsing is an incredible tool.

Anyone can learn to dowse and ask questions and get answers; it just takes a bit of training in proper technique. Our Discovering Dowsing course is the best, most complete dowsing course you'll find at the best price, plus we give you tons of bonus material that will get you dowsing right away on all kinds of interesting subjects. See details of the Discovering Dowsing course here.

Step Into Your Power

You are a powerful being with the ability to create the outcomes you desire. Your intuition in whatever form you choose to use it, through dowsing, tarot, runes, whatever, is nothing short of your secret superpower. So use it!


Why Everyone Should Dowse: Reap The Benefits Of Dowsing

Are You Using Dowsing To Advantage?

Hardly anyone dowses, and I find that strange. Even those few, perhaps people like you, who are curious about dowsing or fascinated with pendulum dowsing, rarely invest in a good dowsing course. So they don't advance beyond what I call the ouija board phase, meaning they dabble, but never master dowsing, because they don't get consistent results and lack confidence. They don't reap the many benefits of dowsing. Why is this so sad? Because you and everyone can learn to dowse and can use it to change your life for the better. It's the most empowering practice I know of.

The Benefits Of Dowsing Can Change Your Life

Dowsing, simply stated, is focused intuition. We all have intuition, and you certainly have experienced intuitive hits in your life, but what dowsing does is it allows you to tap into that amazing natural stream of information and ask a specific question and get a specific answer. Whenever you need it. About anything. Think about the power of that.

It isn't just about dowsing. It's about living a better life. What most people fail to understand is that when you commit to learning the skill of dowsing, you discover the importance of setting clear goals, the necessity of being detached and the critical nature of being able to focus. All of these skills, which you learn when you take our course, contribute to a more empowered outlook and the ability to manifest positive outcomes. What this does is changes the fabric of your existence in ways you cannot predict, giving you the chance to be the pilot of your life instead of the passenger. You are handed the skills to become a victor, not a victim. How priceless is that?

Of course we encourage people to learn to dowse well and to use it every day, because the benefits of dowsing are many and varied, but in a sense, it's even more important to apply the skills you learn as you master dowsing in all areas of your life. Learn to set clear goals. Find out how to become detached and release judgment. Discover how to focus on just one thing. Even when you're not dowsing, you'll be living a more empowered life with more positive outcomes. And who doesn't want that?

It's Easy To Reap The Benefits Of Dowsing

The choice of living an intuitive, balanced lifestyle instead of the purely rational one promoted in our culture is the first step to living a more balanced and harmonious, as well as happy, life. Dowsing is one gateway through which you can reach that path. We offer you an affordable course in dowsing and all the free resources on this site to help you learn very quickly what it took us many years to learn. So that you can live a happier healthier, richer life. If dowsing appeals to you, get our course. Learn proper technique and look at the many advanced trainings and applications included. Ask us your questions via our support address. We are always happy to help our students with course material and applying it. We believe the world would be a better place if everyone used their intuition consciously, and dowsing is the best way we know of doing that.


Your Natural, Intuitive Sensing Ability

What It Really Is…

There are a lot of misconceptions about what dowsing is. Some people think it's a weird, rare psychic ability. Others think it's like a magic wand where you wave a pendulum and it gives you answers or even can heal or change reality to suit you. But…Dowsing is simply using your natural intuitive sensing abilities.

You are aware that you have 5 physical senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell. These physical senses gather data about your physical environment. What are they good for? Gathering information helps you make safer choices, but it also enhances your ability to make healthier, more successful choices, too. “Don't touch the hot stove…Watch out for that low-hanging branch…That man has a gun!”

Intuitive sensing

Just like you have physical senses, you also have intuitive sensing abilities. Many native cultures refer to them, though they are not acknowledged in Western society. Your intuitive sensing abilities allow you to gather information, too, but in a different way about different things than your physical senses do. So by using both your intuitive and physical senses, you become better ‘informed', and you can live a safer, healthier and happier life.

We call it ‘dowsing' when we focus on using our intuitive sensing abilities to gather information about a subject. While most people have had ‘hits' from their intuitive senses, they haven't tried to focus them. They didn't know they could. That's called ‘dowsing', and anyone can learn to do it.

You have hearing, but that is different from listening for a particular sound. You can see, but that is different from looking for something particular. And you can have intuitive hits, but that is not dowsing. Dowsing is the act of focusing your intuitive senses for the purpose of gathering information about a particular subject.

What do you think of this definition of dowsing? Do you agree that's it's a natural intuitive sensing ability? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

Dowsing As An Intuitive Sense

Five Plus One

What is an intuitive sense? When you were little, you learned about your 5 physical senses: sight, smell, sound, touch, taste. But if you were educated in a Western culture, you probably never heard about intuitive senses.

Intuitive senses are recognized by many cultures worldwide, but not surprisingly, they are ignored in Western culture. Western culture is very materialistic and focused on the physical.

An intuitive sense is a common theme

Native cultures sensed and believed in invisible earth energies and spirits. They had a culture of relationship with Mother Earth and all that exists on it, especially the animals and plants.

These cultures accepted that human beings not only have physical senses for gathering information about the physical realm, but what could be called intuitive senses for perceiving the invisible realm and knowing things the rational mind cannot perceive or grasp.

Just as a blind person is deprived of a sensing ability that can be very useful, one who cannot dowse is operating in a handicapped state. The other senses will attempt to compensate, but physical senses can't really do what intuitive senses can. You can survive without them, but the world is so much richer if you use them.

Don't go around with an intuitive blindfold on. Just because most people you know are ‘blind' doesn't mean it's the best way to go through life. Take off the blindfold. Learn to dowse. See how it expands your horizons and contributes to a more balanced, happier life.

Do you see dowsing as an intuitive sense? Has your intuition grown with your dowsing use? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below

Tuning In to Your Sixth Sense

Your Sixth Sense

This presentation about ‘Tuning Into Your Sixth Sense', by Maggie & Nigel Percy, was originally given at the American Society of Dowsers' Southwest Conference in Flagstaff, AZ in 2009.

Often, when people dowse, they get locked into the idea that it's all about the tool or about their intuition. Sometimes they think it's both at once. But what about the sixth sense which everyone has? Is that the same as your intuition? Or is it something separate from dowsing?

Where does the sixth sense fit into dowsing? Should it?

If dowsing can be thought of as heightening the intuitive sense, then it would seem to make sense to really practice and become proficient at dowsing. After all, who amongst us does not want to have a well-developed sixth sense? We all do. We all want to have access to that seemingly hidden knowledge.

But how can dowsing actually be used to make our sixth sense, our intuition, really kick in? It's all very well to point out that there is a similarity, but what can actually be done?

This presentation goes into some of those questions and provides examples and insights which you can use as a dowser in your daily dowsing life.

Typical of the interactive style of presentation Maggie and Nigel favor, this talk has audience participation in several ways of sensing things intuitively. Simple exercises with the group involve remote viewing; clearing of space by the group; and sensing and altering hand chakra energies.

Discover how dowsing can help you become more intuitive, even more psychic, in this engaging talk.

(Note: If the lighting in this video seems a little off balance every now and then, don't worry, because it will not spoil it for you. The cameraman made good use of a tricky visual setup. You'll get all you need and want from it… promise!)

Dowsing as the Sixth Sense? Does that make sense to you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

Intuition: 10 Reasons You Do Not Listen To It

Intuition and dowsing

Dowsing is a super way to strengthen your intuition. By using your intuition and dowsing more, you bring your right brain into the process of life, giving you greater information and balance.

Your intuition is part of you. It is a part of you which wants to help you, which looks out for you, gives you good advice and works to ensure you avoid mistakes.

Dowsing is a great way to make the Inner Voice louder and less obscure. But many people have doubts about intuition and its value and reliability.

Let's see how good those reasons really are.

 1. It's not proven scientifically.

Correct. Intuition has not been located in a lab. But the plain fact is that it works. There are a hundred and one stories of it working. If you want to wait for a paper to be published which says what millions of people already know, then good luck and happy waiting. But who knows what you're missing out on in the meantime?

2. It's too vague to be of any use.

Well, it might seem like that, if you want answers in black and white. Definite answers don't always happen. Sometimes they do. But often they just need to be listened to carefully so that you get a feel for what's right. If you want stronger answers, you have to listen more often so you get to know what your intuition really sounds like. It's like arguing that you don't want to learn to read because there are lots of times when spelling is difficult and that everything should be spelt one way only. You'd miss out on an awful lot of information if you did that.

3. I'd look stupid if I trusted it and it let me down.

Now this one says what other people think is more important than living your own life. Not a good reason for not listening to your intuition. And anyway, if you listen correctly, it won't let you down. Ever.

4. I don't know what my intuition really is.

This is a simple one. Your intuition is the part of you that wants to help you.

That's all you need to know. Think of it as a very close friend who always tells you the truth.

5. It might make me do something I don't want to do.

This is another way of saying, “I don't want to change my life, even if it's not going exactly as I want it to”. If your intuition is telling you to do something you think is a huge change or difficult or looks potentially risky, then listen even more carefully!! If it's that big, it's going to be interesting to say the least. And no life should be lived entirely in safety. Life is to be lived!

Intuition-driven changes are the really exciting moments in your life!!

6. I like being in control of my life.

If you really think you are in total control of your life, think again. You are at the mercy of your boss, your firm, your government, the economy, disease, other people. The list is endless. If you trust your intuition, you will get a smoother ride through life, and then you really will feel you are in control, not just kidding yourself.

7. I prefer to think things through properly.

There's always room and time to think things through. But if that's all you ever do, then you're missing out on a whole lot of information your rational brain can never access. Get the intuitive hit first; then do the thinking. If you study the lives of great men and women, you'll find they were never afraid to listen to their intuition.

8. Intuition only applies to small, insignificant things in my life.

It might seem that way if you are afraid to truly listen to it. If you only get told small, insignificant things, you're probably living a small life. Not the life you could live. If all it tells you is which movie to watch, the good news is that you are listening!! Now try listening to what else it tells you about your life. And be prepared to follow it!!

9. It's too unreliable.

Again, you are at least listening to your intuition. That's good! If you think it's unreliable it's probably because you want really strong, definite messages or you are afraid to follow up and do what the hunch said. Either way, relax!

Let your intuition guide you. Note the word ‘guide'. Intuition does not ‘lead you by the hand', but allows you to go at your pace to the goal. That way, you'll find it to be far more reliable than you could imagine!

10. Like tarot cards and tea leaf readings, intuition's just a fraud.

Of course there are always going to be people out there pretending to read tarot cards or tea leaves or any other method of fortune telling. But you miss the point. If it really didn't work, no one would waste time and effort trying to convince you that it does. How do you think genuine fortune tellers work? It's not magic, but there is an awful lot of intuition in what they do. You probably know someone who either reads cards or visits such a person. Ask them about it.

It is a wonderful way to enrich your life, add a new dimension and depth to it. And it could lead you to some truly wonderful times in your life. You have nothing to lose by listening to your intuition and everything to gain.


You can probably see that by following your intuition, by listening to your heart, by following your hunch, however you want to call it, you can have a better life. More satisfying, with fewer pitfalls and obstacles. What could be wrong with that?

So get dowsing and begin to strengthen that Inner Voice and get the benefits of using your intuition on a daily basis.

What is your opinion about intuition and dowsing? Let us know in the comments section below.