“How To Profit From Dowsing” August 2019

Watch this recorded presentation on how you can use dowsing in all areas of your life to great benefit. This 90-minute instruction can get you started on using dowsing to advantage right now. Step-by-step instructions are included for everyday, health and money dowsing exercises. For all levels of experience.

The Dangers Of Using Dowsing Rods

The Dangers Of Using Dowsing Rods

How can dowsing rods be dangerous? It depends on your point of view.

For some dowsing skeptics, especially those who are deeply religious and who maintain that dowsing is something which has diabolical connections, the use of dowsing rods then becomes something which threatens the very soul of the dowser. The reasoning being that holding them and dowsing with them is to allow the Devil to work through you.

Now, that’s an extreme view but it is held by many such people. But, for them, it is a real and present danger. Of course, none of them would have actually tried to dowse so their opposition to the use of this skill is based only on their interpretation of the Bible or their own personal attitudes.

Admittedly, in the history of dowsing, there have been many religious people who have said the same thing about dowsing; that it must have some diabolical aspect to it, but there have been an equally large number of religious people who have used dowsing for themselves without any concerns for their personal salvation.

Therefore, this view of the dangers of dowsing has no real weight to it at all, based as it is on personal inclinations only.

As for other types of dangers in using dowsing rods, there are perhaps one or two possible things to bear in mind. If you have fairly solid rods, such as those made of steel, then there is a very slight risk that you could cause yourself an injury if you weren’t careful how you carried them or how you used them.

Personally, I tend to wander around with one rod stuck down the inside of my boot ready to stick it into the ground as a marker. If I carried either or both of them in my pockets – tricky but doable – then, if I tripped over, I suppose I could stab myself.

But, the good news is, I haven’t ever heard of any dowser who has been injured in such a way, so I suppose it’s not much of a danger at all.

The only other thing I can think of which might be thought of as a danger would be if you waved your arms around while holding a rod as you might put someone’s eye out. But, again, I’ve never heard of such a thing.

In which case, the only danger appears to be whether or not you consider that when using such rods you are putting your soul at risk. If you think that, then you’re not likely to dowse anyway. You have to go with what your conscience guides you to do. For me, that means I use dowsing whenever and wherever I can in perfect safety.

Have you ever experienced danger using dowsing rods? If so, please let us know in the comments section below.

Dowsing and Protection

Dowsing and Protection

If you prefer to read about dowsing and protection, the transcript of the video is below.

Dowsing is so much fun that most people don’t even think to ask if there are any dangers involved. Certain practices can be risky when dowsing, and in this video I’ll discuss how you can be safe while dowsing. But before we explore the dangers of dowsing, here’s a reminder of what dowsing is.

Dowsing is a natural intuitive skill that allows you to get answers to questions your brain can’t answer. Dowsing uses the native intelligence of your body to convey the answer to you, either through a dowsing tool or through body movement without a tool.

Why would you need protection when dowsing? When you dowse, you are venturing into the realm of invisible energies, whether you are evaluating a health problem, looking at environmental energies or asking a simple everyday question like which movie to rent tonight.

Remember how it feels to walk into a room just after there’s been a big argument? It feels icky, doesn’t it? Negative energies can have a detrimental effect on your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Sometimes you can sense negative energies, but much of the time, you won’t be aware of them.

There can be unpleasant energies associated with whatever you are dowsing. Sometimes it is obvious you are at risk. If you are dowsing about someone’s health problem, and that person has cancer or cancer energy, it is detrimental to you if your energy picks up or mingles with that noxious energy. It is common sense to protect yourself.

A less obvious example is if you are checking out the environmental energies at a location, and there is something very noxious, you can end up either taking it on or being affected by it. And you won’t know for sure in advance how dangerous it is.

You might be dowsing about something you think is fun and harmless, but it’s not. In a way, dowsing can be like taking a field trip or going on an exploratory jaunt. Your trip might be calm and take you only through lovely, safe areas that are fun to explore. On the other hand, you can find yourself walking through a jungle filled with disease and predators. You can’t always tell in advance how safe it’s going to be.

Another risk is that if your energetic boundaries are weak, which is true for most people, especially empathetic types, even energy that wouldn’t harm someone else might weaken or harm you.

Protection is like putting on a kevlar vest if you are going to a place where bullets may fly. Energetic protection can take many forms. You can use crystals, prayer, color, angels and guides, symbols or just about anything to anchor your intention to stay safe while dowsing.

Use whatever method most resonates with you. Set your intention to be safe on all levels during your dowsing session; that you will not pick up any detrimental energies; that your boundaries will be strong. Anchor it with a specific crystal, color or symbol you have dowsed will protect you, or that you intuitively know is helpful. Or ask your angels and guides to help you with the goal of staying safe.

You can use dowsing to confirm that the method you put in place with intention is going to work for your dowsing session. Just ask if on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being best, if using ________(crystal, symbol, whatever) to anchor your intention of being safe during the entire dowsing session is a 10.

If it is, go ahead and dowse. If not, find a method that gives you a 10. If you cannot find a method that is a 10 for protection, do not dowse. That is a sign you cannot protect yourself enough. Learn when to dowse and when not to dowse.

Happy Dowsing!

Let us know your thoughts on dowsing and protection. Do you use it? What do you use? Why? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

How to dowse with a crystal pendulum

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The Popular Tool

Many dowsers start out with a lightweight crystal pendulum. I certainly did and I still have it (somewhere!). They can certainly be attractive to look at and the fact they are lightweight means they can respond quickly. Learning how to dowse with a crystal pendulum is what most dowsers do, at first.

Personally, I don't use crystal pendulums any more. In fact, the only one I still have is that very first one I bought so many years ago. I prefer a heavier pendulum now, usually made out of brass. The fact is, I don't often use a pendulum at all any more, as I prefer to dowse without tools. It's called deviceless dowsing.

How To Dowse With A Crystal Pendulum

But, back to how to dowse with a crystal pendulum. The most common problem dowsers make, no matter what tool they use, is starting off with the pendulum dangling lifelessly at the end of a long chain which has been looped over their index finger. They then wait for ages (or, at least, that's how it seems to me), for the pendulum to start moving.

These pendulums are usually very light in weight and so can move quickly. But, you have to have the pendulum moving first in some sort of neutral swing so that it can show you a yes or a no quickly. And that is achieved by making sure that you only have about a couple of inches of chain and you are holding it pinched between your finger and thumb, not dangling over a finger.

The video of how to dowse with a crystal pendulum also speaks about another aspect of them which doesn't apply to brass and wooden ones. That is the issue about them needing to be cleaned. Not all crystal pendulums will require this. It depends on the type of crystal as well as how often you dowse. If in doubt, you can easily find out about it on the internet.

Did you learn how to dowse with a crystal pendulum when you started out dowsing? Do you still like them better than any other tool? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Did You Learn Dowsing the Wrong Way?

Starting Out Can Be Difficult

Most people learn dowsing the wrong way. And most people don't get past that.

After extensive surveying, we have found that most dowsers don't really use dowsing all that much. If they are dowsing their supplements daily, they are above average in how often they dowse. And that really isn't dowsing much, is it?

How can you benefit from dowsing if you don't use it? You can't. But you won't use it if you don't trust it. In talking to people, we have found they just don't trust their dowsing, even though they've taken courses.

We've been researching how to get more people to use dowsing. And what we found out shocked and embarrassed us. The dowsing courses being offered elsewhere are not getting people dowsing much past the time of the course.

You learn dowsing in different ways

So what's wrong with the way people learn dowsing? I can't be sure, but I have a theory. I believe that most classes are taught the same way they've always been taught. And that is the problem. But no one noticed.

Years ago, the ASD and its chapters were started by generous water dowsers who got together and shared their love of dowsing. They helped people learn dowsing by teaching courses in water dowsing, and the organizations grew. Then part way through the 20th century, spiritual dowsing kicked in big time.

But people still learn dowsing the old way. Here's what I think: teaching someone to find one particular material item, water, is pretty straightforward. Mostly, you are going to be asking the same question with the same factors again and again. You will dowse the same way with the same tool each time. It's one thing you master and then do over and over the same way until you get good at it. (Granted, like any skill, that takes time and effort. But you have all the tools to become accurate.)

Spiritual dowsing is different. There are more subjects to dowse about than you can think of, and they require all kinds of different questions. They have unique pitfalls. The subjects are so deep and diverse, it takes a real Renaissance person to be a good spiritual dowser.

The bottom line is that incorporating dowsing into your life in a meaningful way isn't going to happen as long as dowsing is taught the way it's always been taught.

When Nigel and I realized what was going on, we threw out all our old courses and started over. We are working on creating dowsing courses that actually prepare people to be confident, accurate dowsers who use it regularly to make their lives better. And that means a whole new approach to teaching people how to learn dowsing.

We've had such amazing results with dowsing, we can't believe everyone isn't using it every day. But now that we understand better, we hope we can help shift that. You can learn dowsing the right way, and you can transform your life with dowsing.

What do you think about the way dowsing is taught? How did you learn it? What cold have been better? Share your ideas in the comments section below

Practical Dowsing in 5 Easy Steps

Practical Dowsing: Get Better Faster!

The best way to become good at dowsing is to do a lot of dowsing. And that means practical dowsing!

This practical dowsing exercise, or getting into the rhythm of practical dowsing if you like, can be adapted to almost ANY daily task, with the intention of giving you better outcomes than if you didn't use dowsing. Anyone who can get a yes/no response in dowsing can do this exercise. It is appropriate for all levels of dowsing. So follow along!

One of the problems many dowsers have is they lack confidence in their dowsing accuracy. But practical dowsing will help build confidence by getting verifiable results on topics on which most people do not have a lot of emotional attachment. Even advanced dowsers will enjoy seeing how using this exercise in daily life saves time, effort, money and heartache.

There are five steps to this process:

1. Choose what you want to dowse about
2. Write down a detailed, specific list of things you associate with success on that topic
3. Formulate a dowsing question using the list
4. Dowse the question using a yes/no response or a scale such as 0-10.
5. Verify your results

It's that simple!

Don't take any short cuts in this process. Most people will want to skip or do very little on Step #2, but it is one of the most important steps in the process. After you have used this procedure a lot, you won't need to write things down, but I urge you to write them down until you find it easy to make a list in your head and keep focused on it. The reason is that you need that list to make a good dowsing question, and without a good dowsing question, you won't get an accurate answer. In order to verify your results, it will be very helpful to have your list to refer to.

Practical Dowsing Step #1: Choose your topic.

This procedure works well for any daily task. Some things I use it regularly for are:

  • Choosing produce in the grocery store
  • Picking a bottle of wine
  • Selecting clothing for a particular day or event
  • Picking a gift to buy for someone
  • Finding a parking space
  • Selecting an item on the menu in a restaurant
  • Choosing a book to buy
  • Picking a movie to rent

The list is literally endless. Once you have learned the process, you can apply it successfully to any daily task. It will reward you many times over!

For this exercise, I will use picking produce as the example. But you can substitute anything and get great results. Just follow the procedure.

Suppose you are at the grocery store, and you need an avocado for a salad recipe for some guests you are having to dinner in three days. Avocados are hard to pick. They can have blemishes. If you wait too long, they are too soft, but if they are unripe, they are too hard and not tasty. Getting the perfect avocado used to be a challenge for me. Especially if I wanted it for several days in the future. But now that I can dowse, I always find the perfect avocado (or melon, etc.).

Practical Dowsing Step #2: Make a list of what you are looking to accomplish, what you want or what you intend to achieve.

I want the avocado to be tasty, smooth and uniform in color (no blemishes, but I don't ever say or write what I don't want; I write what I do want), filled with nutrients, having a good texture, and being the perfect degree of ripeness for my recipe on the day that I will use it.

What I have done by making this list is to write down the who, what, where, when, how and why so that I can make a good dowsing question.

Practical Dowsing Step #3: Making the dowsing question(s)

Using the list above, I formulate a dowsing question or questions. If appropriate, my first question might be:
“Is there an avocado here that meets all my requirements at no less than an 8 out of 10, when 0 is not meeting them at all, and 10 is meeting them perfectly?”

You ask that question, because you cannot assume there is an avocado there that will meet your requirements (the same can be said if you are dowsing for a parking space, a bottle of wine or a birthday gift for a friend). If the subject is either/or, such as a parking space, you can just ask if there is a parking space in the lot the meets all your requirements, because there may not be.

The reason I ask for 8 or better is that I consider that acceptable. I don't want an avocado (or bottle of wine, or gift) that is only a 3 out of 10 in terms of meeting my requirements. Also, if there are many avocados that are ok, using the scale will help you pick the very best one.

If you get a no, then you have to decide if you want to go to another store, or settle for something less.

If you get a yes, then you need to find the best avocado of the bunch.

(If you find that you have problems making really good dowsing questions, then this book, ‘Ask The Right Question', is what you need!)

Practical Dowsing Step #4: Asking the question(s)

Using a dowsing tool in public can be clumsy and embarrassing. I use deviceless dowsing. If you are unfamiliar with deviceless dowsing, check this post for some ideas on that subject. There are many types you can use. I use blink dowsing. I ask my dowsing question, and if I blink once, that is yes, and if I don't blink, that is no. Of course, if you want to use your pendulum, you can.

After determining that there are candidates present using my first dowsing question, I point my finger at an area of the pile of avocados (or section of the parking lot) and ask, “Are there any avocados that rank 8 or better on my question here?” If I get a yes, I point at each individually until I get one that gives me a yes. (You can go for 10 if there are a lot of good ones there.)

When I find one that gives me a good response, I ask my question again, to make sure I have one that really will suit me. Then I buy it.

Practical Dowsing Step #5: Verify your answer

When the day comes to use the avocado, you will have your confirmation. If you are not happy with the condition of the avocado, look at the list you wrote. See if you left something off the list. Probably your question was not detailed enough. Confirming your answers is how you learn to ask better questions.

If you feel your question was perfect, then you might ask yourself if you were too attached to results at the time, or maybe dehydrated. Did you check your polarity before dowsing to make sure it was not reversed? Check the post on dowsing pitfalls if you need to.

The more you use this practical dowsing process, the better dowser you will become. But not only that–you will make your life so much happier and easier. Happy Dowsing!

Have you used this procedure for yourself? Was it successful? Did you have problems with it? Share your experiences in the comments section below