Evangelical Dowsing

Seeking Converts Doesn't Work!

I think most dowsers would like to see more non-dowsers accept and appreciate the skill of dowsing. Where that interest goes wrong, however, is when it changes from an interest to become evangelical dowsing.

I had always shrunk from blasting out my love of dowsing to non-dowsers but never really understood why. And then I came across an interesting article in The Guardian about evangelical Christians.

It's about how evangelical Christians say that they speak to many non-Christians regularly but very few of those spoken to actually become Christian. As the article points out, “The most reliable way to become an evangelical Christian, the survey found, is to be born into a family of them. Only 7% of the evangelicals surveyed had been converted in the past 11 years.”

The most usual reaction of non-believers when approached is embarrassment. And that's because, when speaking to your own group, it is not what is considered normal for that group.

Evangelical dowsing: “Do you have a moment to speak about pendulums?”

But, and here's the important point, if you speak to some other group, not your own, then it becomes easier to broach the subject. You're not constrained by the unwritten rules of your own group or class. However, once you do that, you have identified yourself as an outsider to the group you are speaking to and, as a result, not many will want to join you and have themselves identified as an outsider by their own group.

Although the article was about evangelical christianity, the arguments and conclusions apply just as well to dowsing and dowsers.

As dowsers, we are in a group apart. We have identified ourselves as separate and different. We, therefore, find it difficult to speak about dowsing, convert people to dowsing, if we are only addressing our own group. And that group could be our neighbors, the reading circle we're in, the fellow entrepreneurs who meet regularly, or any other group you can think of. To try to do so results in embarrassment and withdrawal.

But, if we step outside that group and go somewhere else where we are not known as a group member; a mystic fair, perhaps, then we are the outsiders to those who visit and we can talk to them about dowsing and very, very few of them will ever take to dowsing as a result, because they see us the weird ones.

Where to from here?

If the results of evangelical dowsing are pathetic, then what can be done to ‘spread the gospel'?

Evangelical dowsing might make us feel superior, make us feel like we are doing ‘the right thing' by enlightening the unenlightened, but the reality is that it does very little good indeed.

Probably the simplest answer would be not to even try. Not directly, that is. Anything of worth and value to ourselves is only appreciated by others because of its obvious worth and value to us. And that can be transmitted most easily by, in this case, using dowsing as a simple, efficient and effective adjunct in our lives. The utility of dowsing is what makes it attractive, not the urging of others to adopt it because ‘they should'. And utility is not something which is demonstrated in five minutes. It is something which is obvious over time.

‘How did you do that?', ‘What made you choose that option?', How come you look so healthy?'. These are questions which can arise from normal interactions. But, they are openings to speak about dowsing and how it is used to enhance life in various ways.

Evangelical dowsing might make us feel superior, make us feel like we are doing ‘the right thing' by enlightening the unenlightened, but the reality is, that it does very little good indeed.

Just take a look at dowsing chapters, dowsing conventions and you will see the ‘flash, bang, whizz' approach to dowsing; UFO's, Aliens, Conspiracy Theories, all of which are somehow made to link to dowsing (usually not very clearly), people will turn away from it in droves. Or, if they are attracted, they are attracted for all the wrong reasons.

So, you won't see me preaching dowsing on street corners. I'm no evangelical. Dowsing, to me is a wonderful skill. And the more I practice that, the more it becomes a part of my life and the easier it is to persuade non-dowsers to take a look.

What are your thoughts on this? Does the idea of evangelical dowsing appeal to you or not? Let us know your reasons why in the comments section below.


Do You Regard Dowsing As A Religion?

Can I Interest You In Dowsing?

You may not regard dowsing as a religion, and might even think the question is not even relevant. But bear with me, because the answer may surprise you. I have met many people who treat dowsing as a religion, but who would vigorously deny it. They just don't realize they are doing it.

Religions have places called churches where they meet as a group of like-minded people. These people are often followers of a particular guru or saint who represents their articles of faith, their religious sect.

Everyone meets in church, and they all agree to believe the same articles of faith. Debate and questioning are considered heresy. You can't stand up in church and ask why we believe in the Virgin Birth or baptism. You get excommunicated. Church is not a place for thinking or questioning.

I got excommunicated from a Facebook dowsing group, not because I was rude or unpleasant, but because I asked questions about their articles of faith. I neglected to note the description of the group as a fan group of a particular guru (not a group interested in becoming better dowsers), and I made the mistake of questioning the way their guru saw things. The reaction was classic passive-aggressive, implying I wasn't playing nice because I asked someone to clarify their position or disagreed with their statement and presented another viewpoint. As if that is a discourteous thing to do. Well, I suppose it is when you are standing up in church on Sunday asking about the Immaculate Conception and no one can answer you.

Don't see dowsing as a religion

Divergent opinions are not welcome in church. But they should be welcome in dowsing groups. In our dowsing group on Facebook (now closed), people are encouraged to ask questions, think and debate. We have strong beliefs about how dowsing should be approached and defined, but we do not treat dowsing as a religion. We welcome anyone to state their beliefs and provide evidence or reasoning to prove them. We have never removed anyone from the group for having a different opinion or for presenting a different viewpoint, though truth be told, those who think in a radically different way often leave on their own. Why? Because our ‘church' doesn't appeal to them. They are looking for a bunch of people who have the same articles of faith. They are looking for a religion, not knowledge or skill or mentoring.

If you are offended when someone questions your dowsing beliefs, or if you think people shouldn't be allowed to ask you to clarify or explain your dowsing beliefs, you are probably treating dowsing as a religion. At the very least, you are refusing to take the time to think why you believe as you do. Dowsing is only empowering in that it encourages thought and questioning. Don't treat dowsing as a religion.

Have you come across this attitude? How did it present itself? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below


I Just Got Excommunicated!

As a moderator of the biggest private dowsing group on Facebook, I am interested in seeing how other groups are doing. As of this writing, there are 4 other private FB dowsing groups.

I was a member of all of those groups at one time. But I've been excommunicated from 2 of them. I just got notice today of the second hatchet job. But I'm not upset, because it's a sort of milestone for me. Let me explain…

Some dowsing teachers have made themselves gurus and set up dowsing as a religion. Sound incredible? Well, it's pretty basic. Spiritual seekers in general are looking for meaning in life. Most of them have not found that organized religion fills the voids they feel exist in  their spiritual lives, so they look beyond religion.

So they come upon a person preaching that dowsing is a magical ability that they can use to change anything they don't like in their lives. Just swing a pendulum, and it all changes. For the most part, these gurus are encouraging you to apply your intention to broad things that really can't be easily measured for results. Things like raising the frequency of this or that, or changing an ‘energy'. In other words, they are asking you to take it on faith that what they say works.

Accepting things on faith is a sign of religious dogma. Catholics accept the Pope is infallible and Christians in general accept that Christ died for our sins. They don't require any proof or even that anyone defend these claims. They are dogma, and thus must be accepted.

In a religion, those who ask questions about dogma and aren't ready to swallow them whole get excommunicated or run out of the religion. And that's what happened to me today. I got run out of a group for having a different opinion. Not for being harsh or critical, but just for thinking and offering a different opinion of what dowsing is and how to best approach change. That opinion was unwelcome because it contradicted dogma.

People are quite touchy about dogma. They get angry if you ask them to prove the Immaculate Conception or virgin birth are real. You aren't allowed to ask about that, and you certainly aren't allowed to have a differing opinion. If you do, you don't belong in our religion. Take your questions and opinions and leave!

I believe dowsing should not be taught or lived as a religion. Dowsing is a natural human ability anyone can learn. It can easily be demonstrated that you can use dowsing to get answers to questions you cannot answer rationally (which is what dowsing is). And you can prove those answers are correct or not. No need for faith. No need for dogma.

While it is natural that so many spiritual seekers can be caught up in the dogmatic perception of dowsing, this does not help them grow, nor does it help dowsing become credible. People want to see results. The way we teach dowsing, you can get results and measure them. Dowsing works. You don't have to accept it on faith. It is credible and practical.

So I don't mind that they kicked me out of church for speaking up. I do feel sorry for those left behind, who won't have a chance to see that there are other opinions and viewpoints about dowsing. It's through hearing other people's differing viewpoints that I have learned and grown so much in my dowsing.