The Fastest Way To Become Accurate In Dowsing

The Fastest Way To Become Accurate In Dowsing

Being accurate is, obviously, something all dowsers should strive for. But, very often, dowsers will take it on faith that they are accurate and automatically assume that everything they dowse about is real and true and spot on. And they do that because they have never taught themselves how to be accurate or practiced being accurate.

Most of us, as well, like things to be short, sharp and quick to master, if possible. This is true of dowsing. Often newbies will ask about the fastest way to become accurate as if it is a sort of switch they can flip and hey presto! they are suddenly accurate.

It might sound strange, but perhaps it might be of use to use a quotation from a philosopher; Aristotle in this case. He said that in order to be a good person, you have to practice being good. In other words, it’s not something that happens to you out of the blue, nor is it something which you can acquire overnight. It is a process.

The same is true for becoming accurate in dowsing.

I said earlier that some dowsers take it on faith about their being accurate. This is because the things they tend to dowse about are things they cannot possibly verify one way or another. They’ll be dowsing about actions of aliens or spirits or something completely invisible which they assume exists in their environment and assume that the answers they get are always correct.

But, if you truly want to be accurate, then you have to dowse about things which you can verify yourself. Without that, you might just as well make up the answers to your questions.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop dowsing about other invisible things. But it does mean that you should spend the majority of your time on things which you can verify.

For example, you can do simple dowsing exercises such as dowsing how deep or where a water or sewage line is outdoors and then go and find out if you’re right.

But don’t do pointless stuff like dowsing playing cards for color or suit, or dowsing coin tosses. Sure, that’s verifiable, but does it really add anything to your life? Dowsing is for getting answers to questions your rational brain can’t supply. It should be used to enhance and improve your life, and sitting at a table dowsing playing cards does not fit that description. After a while you have no interest any more and it becomes dull and boring and your accuracy drops off dramatically.

To become accurate, don’t give yourself endless tests, use it to dowse about things around you everyday that you can then check up on. Is that meat done yet? Will my sister-in-law like this as a gift? Will I enjoy that film or this menu item? Where’s the thing I’m looking for in this store?

The list is endless. It’s up to you to practice!

When and how did you start to become accurate in your dowsing? Are you more accurate in only a few areas? How did you discover this? Let us know your story in the comments section below.

A Man, a Car and Ice-cream

A man, A Car And Ice-cream

A true story. And yet it also relates to dowsing.

A man had bought a brand new car. It ran beautifully. Except on Sundays. Actually, it was even more specific than that.

Sundays at his home there was always a vote taken after Sunday lunch as to what flavor ice-cream he would buy. Then he would drive to the store and buy it for the family.

This worked well except when he purchased vanilla ice cream. The car would always start up again if he bought a different flavor, but not if he bought vanilla.

Imagine how he felt trying to explain that to a mechanic, or back at the dealer’s place where he had originally bought it! The car was looked at and tested, many times. And always, if vanilla was bought, it wouldn’t start back up.

He eventually wrote a long letter to the maker in Detroit, asking if they could please explain what was going on. He liked the car and didn’t want to change it for another, but it was ruining his Sunday family ritual

Finally, one of the chief engineers turned up on his doorstep and asked if he could please come along when he went to buy ice-cream.

Off they set. He parked the car as usual, switched it off and went inside. That day was chocolate. The car started up again and they drove back. The engineer scratched his head.

‘Could he go back out and buy some vanilla?’ Of course!

Off they went and the engineer this time came into the shop with the man. He picked and paid for the vanilla and got back in the car. It didn’t start! They waited as normal, ice-cream beginning to melt. Finally, after several attempts, it started up.

The engineer was not to be beaten. He knew that every test possible had already been done on the car. So he went back into the shop and looked at where the ice-cream was stored.

A sudden insight occurred.

The only ice-cream stored near the door was vanilla. All the other flavors were deeper inside the shop. He noticed that it took longer for the man to buy the chocolate flavor because he had to go further back and then return to the counter to pay.

He suddenly realized what was happening and what was the cause of the problem. It had nothing to do with the vanilla ice cream. It had everything to do with how long the car’s engine has off.

For the short time it took to buy vanilla ice cream, a vapor-lock occurred in the engine. (For non-techies it simply means it wouldn’t start.) But the longer time it took to buy other ice-cream flavors allowed the vapor lock to vanish of its own accord.


And, yes, there is a moral to the story.

In dowsing, we can so easily get caught up in one answer or be led down one avenue of investigation that it seems impossible to think that there might be other answers as well.

That is why it is absolutely vital to remember what every new dowser hears at one time or another; keep yourself out of it.

Just because you think you might know what is causing something to happen and it feels comfortable to keep on thinking the way you’ve always thought, does not mean that it is the right way to think.

Always stop, let go of your attachment to the answer and try again if ever you find yourself going down the same, familiar territory.

Just tell yourself, ‘It’s NOT the ice-cream!’

Have you got a story about a time when you were attached to the answer and it all went a bit strange? Do let us know in the comments section below

Resolve to Dowse

I Think I Might…

Making New Year's resolutions is popular. I'd like to suggest a resolution for you. And you don't have to wait for January 1st to start doing it. Resolve to dowse.

You have inner knowledge, but instead you look outside yourself for answers. Dowsing is the easiest way to get in touch with your inner knowing, your intuition or your Inner Guru. Yet most dowsers dowse very little.

It's not necessarily their fault, either. It's usually die to the fact that they haven't really been taught very well about how they can use dowsing in their lives. Sadly, most haven't even begun to recognize the very practical ways they can apply this skill easily in what they do every day. Without that insight, that knowledge, they are naturally limited in what they will use it for.

Resolve to dowse today – don't wait for the New Year!

Start a new year by doing whatever it takes to trust your dowsing. Take a course; read a book; participate in online discussion groups. Expand your knowledge and polish your techniques. Then pick up your pendulum or other favorite dowsing tool and start dowsing about things that will make your life calmer, happier and more successful.

Dowsing has totally transformed our lives, and we're pretty sure it can work for you, too. But only if you dowse. Now there's really no excuse to extend your abilities. This site alone has more information on it than I ever was able to encounter when  I started out dowsing!

We know it's a journey, and it can be bumpy. We're here to help. We resolve to help you become the best dowser you can be so your life can be happier, healthier and more fulfilling.

If you've come to a decision, that you've resolved to dowse, what prompted you to start? Share your thoughts in the comments section below

Decoding Dowsing Event July 10, 2013

We All Have Doubts

Do you doubt dowsing is reliable? Do you wonder if it can work for you? Have you lost the enthusiasm you once had about dowsing and what it could do for you?

You're not alone. And it's not your fault. You may be blaming yourself, saying you must not have the talent to dowse. Or perhaps you are thinking dowsing isn't all they said it would be. Maybe your husband/friend/co-worker is right, and dowsing is just a scam.

Do You Doubt Dowsing Works For You?

Don't think that! Dowsing really does work. And you really have the ability to dowse well. You just need some help. And that's where we come in!

Get Dowsing Answers

The Decoding Dowsing online event answered questions that came in from 25 countries around the world. Dowsing is a truly global community. And our tribe here on Discovering Dowsing means a lot to us. We want to help you recapture the excitement and passion you first felt about dowsing.

In this 90-minute event, we answered lots of questions about dowsing and how to get it to deliver on its promises. We shared proven, simple tricks and tips that will help you get on the path to accurate, confident dowsing. We explained why may be having problems dowsing, and how you can resolve them.

This recording is packed with useful tips that will have you dowsing better in no time.

Please note that some of the events referred to in this recording will no longer be available at later dates.

What are your thoughts about this? Did it help you? Let us know in the comments section below

Polarity Reversal & How to Fix It

North Becomes South

There are plenty of possible reasons you are getting ‘wrong' answers when dowsing. But one of the most common–and easiest to fix–is polarity reversal. Understanding about polarity reversal and knowing how to fix polarity will improve your dowsing accuracy.


Your body has a polarity, or a north and south orientation, like a magnet. If your polarity is reversed, your dowsing answers are reversed. Yes becomes no. No becomes yes. This can be very frustrating and confusing, and it can put you off dowsing. The good news is that it's relatively easy to fix in most cases.

How to Determine if Your Polarity is Reversed

We usually advocate you begin each dowsing session with a polarity question. That question will be one that should give you a ‘yes' response. Our favorite is, “I was born in ______________in this lifetime.” (Fill in the blank with your birthplace.) You can use any question you know the answer should be yes, but preferably you will use a question you have no emotion about.

If you get ‘yes' to your polarity question, your polarity is balanced correctly. If you get ‘no', then your polarity is reversed.

Fixing Polarity Reversal

There are several ways to restore your polarity. A simple one is the thymus thump. Take either hand. Make a fist. Gently tap your breastbone (sternum) several times while thinking or saying, “Please restore my polarity to right and perfect function.”

Retest your polarity question. If you get the right answer, you're ready to start dowsing.

If you get the wrong answer, do the thymus thump using that intention again. Recheck the question. Normally once or twice doing the thymus thump will restore your polarity.

When You Stay Reversed…

Sometimes a person might find they cannot restore their polarity, but they still want to dowse. You can still dowse, even if your polarity is reversed. You just need to remember that ‘yes' is really ‘no' and vice versa.

However, it is not beneficial to stay reversed. It can lead to a number of symptoms. You might find you are clumsy and trip and fall easily. You perhaps will have difficulty putting coherent sentences together. You may feel prickly and not want to be touched. Also, it is common to feel unworthy and down when you are reversed. Healthy things won't attract you when you are reversed.

Obviously, you don't want to feel that way. So find out why you are reversed and treat the cause.

Common Causes of Polarity Reversal

  • Geopathic stress (noxious environmental energies)
  • Emotional stress
  • Attachment to answers
  • Strong emotions in general
  • Dehydration
  • Not enough minerals in your body

All of these can be resolved and your polarity restored. Dowsing will help you determine which is the cause and even how to help resolve it.

Check Your Polarity Often

Especially if you are in a very important dowsing session, working with clients or not sure you are in a zone of beneficial energy, test your polarity often during the session to make sure it hasn't ‘flipped'. Just do the thymus thump if it has. This is an excellent way to be assured your answers are more accurate.

If you find that your polarity is constantly reversing and you have taken care of all the usual causes, there may be some subconscious issues you have with being empowered or being able to use your intuition or dowse accurately. Usually this will relate to past lives that ended badly, and those energies or beliefs can be cleared, but more advanced techniques are required.

Being aware of the importance of polarity and making sure yours is balanced will go a long way to improving your dowsing accuracy.

Have you experienced polarity reversal? How did you know? And how did you fix it? Share your experience in the comments section below