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us-headshot-equal-height-closeWelcome to Nigel and Maggie Percy's Discovering Dowsing website. Just below, we have 3 easy steps for you to follow to get you started at Discovering Dowsing. But before you check that out, we want to share a little about ourselves.

Our passion is dowsing. In fact, dowsing is what brought us together in 2000, when we were both members of an email group called The Digital Dowsers. Nigel was living in the UK and Maggie in the US, but we soon found out–via dowsing–that we were meant to be together, so Maggie traveled to the UK, met Nigel and some months later, we married. Over the years, through our business Sixth Sense Consulting, we have created courses, websites, events and books for dowsers.

We look forward to helping you on your dowsing journey. If you are new to the site, check out the survey below to see where we suggest you start among the many free things on this site. Dowsing has totally transformed our lives, and we think it can do the same for you! Happy Dowsing!

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

Step 1: What’s Your Level Of Experience?

Choose the phrase that best describes you. We'll suggest pages that we think you'll love!

NEWBIE: I am totally new to dowsing

SOME EXPERIENCE: I have some dowsing knowledge, but don't yet use dowsing to advantage in my life, because I don't trust my answers.

VETERAN: I use dowsing all the time and get accurate answers that have improved my life dramatically.

Step 2: Follow The Instructions For Your Level

We've chosen some articles and videos especially for your level of experience. Read or watch each in order to get the most out of them. Then continue to explore the site as you wish.




Step 3: Get Dowsing!

skillDowsing is a skill, and the best way to master it is to get help from experts. Our online courses are priced so anyone can afford them, and we have a priceless feature no other courses have: we offer you real-time answers to questions and mentoring to help you achieve your dowsing goals.

Learn dowsing affordably from the experts at your own pace. Enroll in our beginning class here, or get the dowsing course bundle at a discount here.

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