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Decoding Dowsing Event July 10, 2013

We All Have Doubts Do you doubt dowsing is reliable? Do you wonder if it can work for you? Have you lost the enthusiasm you once had about dowsing and what it could do for you? You're not alone. And it's not your fault. You may be blaming yourself, saying you must not have the […]

Conference Call April 2013: Dowsing Personal Issues

Dowsing Personal Issues Dowsing is a vital tool if you seek self-growth, and whether you know it or not, you do want to have positive change in your life. Dowsing personal issues is a hugely important way of using this skill so that you can begin to work towards the goals you have for your […]


Conference Call February 2013: Mind-Body Connection

The Mind-Body Connection In this call, we discuss what health really is, how the mind-body-spirit must be treated as a whole, and what our health dowsing strategies are for dealing with physical symptoms. The mind-body connection is one which has slowly gained wider acceptance. The way we think, what we believe; these are now accepted […]

Conference Call January 2013: Health Dowsing

Health Dowsing The topic of this call was health dowsing, in particular the concepts: Spirit out of body: causes, consequences, evaluation and restoration EM Field issues: how to evaluate and repair, possible consequences How to spot a subconscious energy of “not wanting to be on earth in physical form” and possible consequences, plus suggestions for […]

Conference Call March 2013: Relationship dowsing

Relationship dowsing Relationships can be very challenging. Finding your perfect partner is a real possibility when you can dowse. Relationship dowsing is the best tool you will ever have to build  successful, happy relationships. In order for relationship dowsing to be successful, you have to take a slightly different look at it. Or, at least, […]