Maggie Percy

Maggie Percy, Dowser

Maggie Percy Maggie Percy, co-founder of The Dowsing World Summit and co-owner of Sixth Sense Consulting, came to dowsing while searching for ways to heal her physical body. As with many people, Maggie found her problems to be an opportunity to discover wonderful new ways of looking at life and living. Originally from a very […]

Nigel Percy

Nigel Percy, Dowser

Nigel Percy And Dowsing Nigel Percy, co-founder of The Dowsing World Summit, and joint owner of Sixth Sense Consulting, Inc with his wife, Maggie, shares his views and experiences concerning dowsing. As with all “Meet the Masters” interviewees, he offers suggestions for reading that helped him on his way. Unlike many dowsing enthusiasts, he did […]

Fern Hearne talks about dowsing

Fern Hearne Do you dowse every day or save it up for only ‘special' occasions? If so, you are missing out on a lot! Daily dowsing is the path to confidence, accuracy and success. It doesn't mean you'll be perfect. But you will truly be amazed at how dowsing improves your life. Fern Hearne shares […]

Honey Gibbons: Using Dowsing In Your Life

Honey Gibbons: Everyday Dowsing Even if you know dowsing, you may not know daily dowsing.  Daily dowsing means you use dowsing every day. Whenever you have a problem or a choice to make, and you don't have a way of getting an answer rationally, you dowse it. Honey Gibbons is an example of someone who […]

Michelle Felicetta

Michelle Felicetta: A Dowsing Mother

Michelle Felicetta and dowsing Every day people use dowsing daily. People just like you, like Michelle Felicetta. One thing you will understand from this is that dowsing can seem like magic, or appear wonderfully exciting, but it is, above all else, a superbly practical skill. Once you can begin to use it and gain confidence […]