Michelle Felicetta

Michelle Felicetta: A Dowsing Mother

Michelle Felicetta and dowsing

Every day people use dowsing daily. People just like you, like Michelle Felicetta.

One thing you will understand from this is that dowsing can seem like magic, or appear wonderfully exciting, but it is, above all else, a superbly practical skill. Once you can begin to use it and gain confidence in it, you can find so many ways of applying it in your life.

So, do yourself a favor and listen to this inspiring story and let Michelle Felicetta share with you simple everyday ways you can use dowsing. And you'll also pick up a tip or two about how you can use dowsing in the middle of the night to avoid trauma to your child and make good health choices!

What's not to like about that? :-)


Michelle Felicetta lives in Prescott, AZ with her husband and two boys. She works for the federal government as an operations supervisor. Michelle has been dowsing for five years, and loves the constant discovery of new ways to use dowsing in everyday life.

“Dowsing is one of the most important tools I have to help me through the day. I couldn't imagine going through life, or raising my children without it.”  -Michelle Felicetta

Have you used dowsing in a similar way to Michelle? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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