Types of Dowsing Pendulums

(Transcript of video is below, if you prefer to read) Types of Dowsing Pendulums Hi, this is Nigel from discovering dowsing answering your questions about dowsing. Dowsing pendulums Pendulums are a very popular dowsing tool and are easily purchased or made. The reason for them being so popular is because they are so easy to […]

Dowsing For Ley Lines

Dowsing for ley lines Prefer to read instead of watch? The transcript is below: This is a topic which comes up amongst dowsers every now and then and, like so many other subjects in dowsing, it causes a lot of confusion. The book which started it all: Alfred Watkins' The Old Straight Track The first, […]

Getting started with pendulum dowsing

Pendulum dowsing Getting started with pendulum dowsing. Before using the pendulum for dowsing, you need to be in the right frame of mind. That means you aren’t emotionally involved in wanting a particular answer, just that you are interested in the outcome. It’s more curious than anything, a sort of detachment from the world, if […]