wrong dowsing answer

When A Wrong Dowsing Answer Is Right…

When It All Goes Wrong You've gotten a wrong dowsing answer before, right? What did you do? You're thinking, “What could I do? I just got annoyed and moved on.” But that didn't help your dowsing skill improve. In fact, your negative reaction probably made you less likely to pick up a pendulum in the […]


Interpreting Dowsing Results

And The Winner With The Most Hugs Is… Here's an example of interpreting results. There's a football match on (doesn't matter where you are, football is whatever it means to you). But you are a stranger to this concept. All you see are people running around, doing odd things and then celebrating. The celebrating, the […]

pendulum movements

Pendulum movements

It's An Old Question One of the questions we keep getting asked has to do with the dowser's pendulum movements. Typically, the question is something along the lines of, ‘I asked a question but the pendulum moved in a different way. What does that mean?' This supposes that when you use your pendulum, it tends […]