I'm Not THAT Good! Everyone thinks that, to be any good at a new hobby or skill you have to perform miracles. After all, you read or heard about them and that was why you got interested most likely. Whenever you start something, and that includes dowsing, you hear of the most amazing things. It's […]

dowsing methods

Dowsing Methods

So Many Things! There can seem to be a large number of dowsing methods, using a variety of tools and techniques. However, when you start to look in more detail, there really is only one main method of dowsing, as this short video describes. ====================== Transcript: There is no one dowsing method. In fact there […]


Finding What You Are Looking For

Seek And You Shall Find! There’s one aspect of dowsing which is not quite like real life…. Well, not so much. In real life, you can go searching for something and find something else. For example, you can go to the kitchen drawer to look for those toothpicks you were sure were there, and while […]