Dowsing Accuracy

(A transcript of the video is below, if you prefer to read.) Dowsing Accuracy Dowsing accuracy is, of course, of major concern to all dowsers. It is also of interest to those who have not yet started to dowse. They ask questions like ‘how accurate is pendulum dowsing?, or they wonder if dowsing is accurate […]

why dowse

Why Dowse? Why Bother?

Dowsing v Running Why dowse? What's the purpose behind it all? So many times you see excellent reasons about what things you can do with dowsing, but hardly anybody takes the time to try to tell you why dowse in the first place! So, let me give you an analogy. Let's take exercise and look […]

dowsing methods

Dowsing Methods

So Many Things! There can seem to be a large number of dowsing methods, using a variety of tools and techniques. However, when you start to look in more detail, there really is only one main method of dowsing, as this short video describes. ====================== Transcript: There is no one dowsing method. In fact there […]