Dowsing For Beginners

Dowsing For Beginners There are two ways of looking at this subject. One is to give simple, clear instructions on how to dowse using a pendulum, as that is the popular tool most closely associated with dowsing. So it would really be about pendulum dowsing for beginners. The other way would be to look at […]

How Dowsing Works

(Transcript is below, if you'd prefer to read) How dowsing works This is one of the most common questions about this simple skill. Unfortunately, it is also one of the hardest to answer. And the reason for that is that nobody really knows the answer. Many people have ideas, guesses and suppositions, but nobody really […]

Does Dowsing Work?

Does dowsing work? (Transcript below, if you prefer to read) This question is nearly always asked by those who haven’t yet got into dowsing. Sometimes, it’s a polite question asked by someone who is totally skeptical about the whole thing. The implication behind it is that they are really wondering whether dowsing is 100% accurate. […]