Three Pendulum Problems

Problems, Problems, Problems! Three problems with pendulums. The first problem with pendulums is that most beginner dowsers want them to move. By themselves. The problem is, they won’t. You have to get use to the idea that you, the dowser, makes the pendulum move. It’s the nature of dowsing; the physics, if you like. The […]


Finding What You Are Looking For

Seek And You Shall Find! There’s one aspect of dowsing which is not quite like real life…. Well, not so much. In real life, you can go searching for something and find something else. For example, you can go to the kitchen drawer to look for those toothpicks you were sure were there, and while […]

using a pendulum

The Problem With Using A Pendulum

The Popular Tool In recent decades, using a pendulum for dowsing has surpassed water dowsing with a Y-rod or forked branch as the hottest trend in dowsing. But there is a problem. As popular as pendulum dowsing is, people aren't really dowsing that much. I believe one reason is the tool itself. A pendulum is […]