Blink dowsing

Blink Dowsing

Blink Dowsing (aka Stealth Dowsing!) There are many methods of dowsing without using the ‘usual' tools such as pendulum, or l-rod. These ‘deviceless' methods of dowsing are very quick and, when mastered, very subtle. Blink dowsing is probably the most subtle of all. When we explain to people that blink dowsing is a way of […]

3 Favorite Deviceless Dowsing Techniques

Deviceless Dowsing? There are many deviceless dowsing techniques. If this subject interests you, then you will want to take a dowsing course that covers it. In this article are 3 favorite methods of dowsing without a tool. They are easy to learn, and they are wonderful to use in public, as no one can tell […]