Body Dowsing

Body Dowsing Body dowsing is perhaps the most natural dowsing technique as it requires no tools. Considering that dowsing is a natural human ability, then it makes sense that using the human body itself is the best way of experiencing dowsing. In body dowsing, the dowser uses his or her body to provide the answer. […]

Finger Dowsing

Finger Dowsing Finger dowsing is a type of deviceless dowsing. If you prefer to read instead of watch, the transcript of the video is below. Finger dowsing is type of deviceless dowsing. That is, it is a type of dowsing where you don’t use any tools other than, in this case, your fingers. There are […]

Deviceless dowsing

Deviceless dowsing If you'd prefer to read rather than watch, the transcript of the video is below Deviceless dowsing simply means that no tools are used. The most popular tools which tend to be associated with dowsing like the pendulum, the l rod and the y rod all do the same thing. That is, they […]