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Written by Maggie Percy


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In the many years we've been teaching dowsing and presenting to groups, we have often found that dowsers are not familiar with the dowsing state. This is very disturbing, because you cannot dowse if you are not in a dowsing state.

The dowsing state is a frame of mind that allows you to more easily access answers to the questions you ask. You can swing a pendulum and get a ‘yes' or ‘no' answer, but if you aren't in a dowsing state, the answer is meaningless.

Your intuition has a small voice, and in order to hear it, you need to be focused, while at the same time detached and mentally quite calm and clear. The brain waves of dowsers have been measured while they dowse, and it was found that they are unlike a normal resting state, a sleeping state or a meditative state. The brain waves of a dowser when dowsing are unique.

What is the dowsing state?

The dowsing state is a combination of attention and calm, of focus and detachment. Think of how it feels to meditate. Your mind is calm, clear and empty. You are detached emotionally. You are not affected by what's going on outside of you. Then think about focusing on one thing, a dowsing question, while in that state. Then, imagine opening your mind to the answer, allowing it to come in however it wishes.

We often refer to dowsing as focused intuition. And listening to your heart works best when the mind is still and you release all emotions and judgments. It's very hard to describe a dowsing state in words, but once you have practiced enough, you will know when you are in it.

Start your dowsing in a safe place away from noise and distractions. If you have a place you do healing or meditation, that is good. Once you learn how to get into a dowsing state easily, then you can dowse in public. But take your time. There is a learning curve. Mastering the dowsing state is a big step towards being an accurate dowser.

How would you describe the dowsing state to someone? Let us know how you'd go about it in the comments section below



  1. Beers

    I appreciated the information about the downswing, now I know why I was having problems with them. Indeed, I need to read your information.
    Thank you,

    • Maggie Percy

      We look forward to answering your questions.


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