Fern Hearne talks about dowsing

Fern Hearne

Do you dowse every day or save it up for only ‘special' occasions? If so, you are missing out on a lot! Daily dowsing is the path to confidence, accuracy and success. It doesn't mean you'll be perfect. But you will truly be amazed at how dowsing improves your life. Fern Hearne shares stories of how she's used dowsing to overcome blocks, aid healing and make amazingly good choices. Dowsing is a natural ability, but like all abilities, it requires practice. If you dowse daily, you will be on your way to becoming a great dowser.

Take a break now and listen as Fern Hearne speaks of how she sees dowsing as something which is a natural part of her life. She doesn't keep apart, taking it out to be used only for certain things.

After listening, you might get some new insights into ways you can incorporate dowsing more into your everyday activities. As a result, you'll see your expertise and confidence grow much more quickly. And it will really and truly become a tool you automatically reach for without thinking.


Fern lives with her husband Tom in her home province Ontario, Canada. She is blessed with lovely children and grandchildren, to whom she has taught dowsing. (Kids are great dowsers–get your kids started early.)

A Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and frequent presenter at R.I.S.E. Learning for Life Program at Rio Salado College, Fern leads an active retired life, enjoying a variety of sports and sharing her interest in metaphysics and healing with others of like mind.

She considers dowsing an important part of an empowered, enlightened life, and she has seen countless examples of how valuable it can be in daily life.

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