Dowsing Accuracy


Written by Nigel Percy


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Dowsing Accuracy

Dowsing accuracy is, of course, of major concern to all dowsers. It is also of interest to those who have not yet started to dowse. They ask questions like ‘how accurate is pendulum dowsing?, or they wonder if dowsing is accurate in general.

What they are probably thinking when they ask these sorts of questions is whether a dowser is always accurate or not, always gets the right answer.

This, of course, is impossible. Nobody is always right every time they do something. Top athletes who train and train and train and get paid very well to perform a small range of activities, even they are not 100% perfect. So it is not fair to ask if dowsing is 100% accurate, because it’s not fair to define accuracy in that way. The honest answer to the question of accuracy is that, for some dowsers, in a very narrow range of dowsing activity, they can be remarkably accurate, somewhere in the 90% range.

Another honest way to answer this question is to say that it depends. It depends on who is dowsing and what they are dowsing about. Dowsing is a skill. And that means that it can be developed and improved. A newcomer to dowsing would vary greatly in their accuracy because they are still learning and they haven’t yet found the one area they can excel in.

It can also depend on what is being dowsed. If it is something like water dowsing, which most people have heard of, then it is easy to measure the accuracy. After all, the water is going to be there or it is not going to be there. And if it is there, then the flow rate can be measured and you can test it to see if it is drinkable. Those are easy ways to measure accuracy.

But, what of other areas of dowsing, other ways in which it can be used? Some, like dowsing vitamins or discovering energy lines on the earth, are not so easy to measure for accuracy. The vitamins might well be working, but if you’re also changing diet and the way you exercise, that could be the reason for much of the success you think they have. And, with something invisible, like lines of energy, that pretty much has to be taken on faith by any onlooker.

So if you are a dowser and someone who doesn’t dowse asks you how accurate is pendulum dowsing, or the accuracy of dowsing in general, then probably the best response you can have is to get them dowsing and let them decide for themselves.

Happy Dowsing!

Share your story about your dowsing accuracy in the comments section below and help others see the ways it can be used!


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  1. Kim

    How accurrate is a pendulum reading as ive had someone do one for me at 5.00 a time and ive have 3 reading so far and theyve all been differant each time and i cant find anyone else who does them to see if i get same answers

    • Nigel Percy

      I may be wrong, but it sounds like you’re trying to find someone who will give you an answer that you want, otherwise why keep trying? The point about accuracy in dowsing is that you are only as good as you are on the day, which means accuracy can vary somewhat. For good dowsers, that accuracy range is small, but for others, it can cover a wide range (depending, of course, on what you are dowsing about). Dowsing if water can be found in one place or another is yes/no. Dowsing about relationships and what might happen in the future involves way more variables and is not so straightforward. So to fully answer your question, it depends on what is being dowsed about and also how good, in general, the dowser is.

      • 1-800-come-on-now

        You did read this wrong.
        If this was a REAL skill; there would be a consistent reading.
        Because it’s not; it’s not.

        • Nigel Percy

          Archery is a real skill yet I do not think that every archer on every day manages to hit the bullseye every time. The good ones can consistently hit the target. They are not consistently 100% accurate.


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