dowsing for lost objects

The Dangers in Dowsing for Lost Objects

Where Is It?

Dowsing for lost objects is a common application. Yet, it's hard to find anyone who claims to be an expert in finding lost objects using dowsing. Why is that?

The reason is this: It can be very hard to find lost objects, pets and people.

Dowsing for lost objects: the checklist

The most common blocks to success are:

  1.  Thought forms: these are created of energies of strong emotion or belief that are focused on a place or about an object. A thought form is almost identical in energy signature to what you seek, so when you find it, you think you have found the lost object. But you haven't. Thought forms are created by other seekers who think they know where to find the object. The more people you have seeking something, the more thought forms there are to confuse you.
  2. Your inability to be detached: if you are emotionally attached to a certain outcome, you won't be able to dowse accurately.
  3. The free will of the person or animal you seek: sometimes animals or people do not want to be found. This will make it harder to find them.
  4. Curses or other energies of intention: if something like a treasure is hidden with the intent that no one will find it, it will be very hard to find.
  5. Karma, for lack of a better word: sometimes things won't be found, because finding them is not the appropriate thing to happen.

If you are very good at dowsing for lost objects, you are a special person. There is a demand for that talent, and it would make a very interesting and lucrative career.

If you're not especially talented at this type of dowsing, do not despair. You can improve your success by paying attention to the five dangers listed above.

Have you been successful in dowsing for lost objects? Why not share what happened in the comments section below?

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  1. says:

    I have been metal detecting since 1994 my name is Craig Foulds I live in Nottinghamshire in the UK I was recently given to stainless steel L-shaped dowsing rods measuring a total of 20 inch long this includes the bend at the end off the rod I can find lost objects in the ground coins plastic coal etc I have learnt to do this by myself I do not know how this works but I can assure you it works 100% you must persevere with it it takes time and patience at first you must believe it works I was shocked when it worked for me how I do it there is two ways to do it this is the first I old the rods at 16 inch apart with the rods slightly pointing upwards and walk forwards thinking of Lost objects in the ground the rods will go outwards when something is below the rods Mark the spot on the ground then come at it at a different Direction and the rods will go outwards then Mark the spot the find should be directly below the rods that have opened up with a spade dig the soil out and put it to one side check the whole Again if nothing happens walk over the soil that you took out the hole if the rods open the object will be in the soil method to is exactly the same as above but hold the rods at at 8 inch apart with the tips of the rods slightly pointing downwards this time the roads will cross Mark the spot directly below the cross and dig the hole out

    • Maggie Percy
      Maggie Percy says:

      Congratulations on your success! To clarify for other readers, the more specific your dowsing question/search, the more specific the answer. So if you are seeking gold coins, ask to find gold coins. And if you don’t want to dig deeper than one foot, add that into the question to eliminate deeper ‘hits.’ Also, for most people, the rods crossing is a yes or found answer. You can ‘program’ your rods however you wish. You can also ask to be shown the location at a specific point in your travel, like when your left foot crosses the spot on the surface directly above the item, or when the crossed rods are directly above the item you seek. The question is vital for success and to avoid false ‘yes’ hits.

      • ruwan
        ruwan says:

        Please read the account given by the eminent neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander in his book” The Map of Heaven” page:34. He explains how Dr Elizabeth Mayer located her daughter’s priceless Harp with the help of a dowser.


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