Chart Dowsing

Chart Dowsing And List Dowsing Part 1

Chart Dowsing

Charts and lists are indispensable tools to dowsers.  Chart dowsing (as well as list dowsing) is a really useful skill. It's one which all dowsers should get to grips with. The difference between charts and lists is really nothing more than the way the information is laid out. In lists, it's one below the other. In charts, it can be arranged in various ways. Fans and circles are the two most common types of charts used for chart dowsing. Whichever type you use, charts or lists, the real beauty of them is that they are able to give you more than simple yes/no responses, adding more information to your dowsing.

Often when you are dowsing, you can be asking about something which has a large number of possible answers. Things like items on a menu, or a homeopathic remedy can give you a huge number of possible choices. This is where this skill comes into its own. If you have ever found yourself faced with a large number of possible answers, or a very large list of things to choose from, as in the above examples, it can seem to be a daunting experience. However, do not be concerned, for there is a very quick and simple approach which you can learn.

This short video will take you through an introduction to the idea of charts and lists.

You can watch part 2 about chart and list dowsing here.

Now you've watched the video on chart dowsing, what are your thoughts about it? Maybe you have done this yourself? Share it in the comments section below.

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