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Maggie Percy, Dowser

Maggie Percy

Maggie Percy, co-founder of The Dowsing World Summit and co-owner of Sixth Sense Consulting, came to dowsing while searching for ways to heal her physical body. As with many people, Maggie found her problems to be an opportunity to discover wonderful new ways of looking at life and living.

Originally from a very rational, scientific background, she chose to integrate dowsing and intuition into her life in a significant way, and she and her husband, Nigel find this ‘whole brain' view of life works far better than just using one side of the brain or the other.


Maggie came to dowsing and spiritual things late in life as a result of a health catastrophe. On the long and winding journey back to health, which started in 1990, she became interested in empowering herself to be healthy. That led to other forms of empowerment, and inevitably to energy work and then dowsing.

Dowsing became Maggie's passion, with a special interest in using it for health and personal growth. She met Nigel in 2000 through their mutual interest in dowsing and overcame many obstacles to go to the U.K. to meet, and later, marry him. On returning to Arizona, they started offering their services professionally online and locally through their business Sixth Sense Consulting.

Currently, Maggie enjoys teaching people how to get the best results using dowsing in all areas of their lives by focusing on online events, courses and membership sites.

 Maggie's Recommended Reading:


Ask The Right Question: The Essential Sourcebooks Of Good Dowsing Questions
One of the hardest things to learn in dowsing is how to ask a good question. If your question sucks, your answer probably will, too. This book gives you tons of tested dowsing questions, plus shows you how to make good questions yourself.

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Nigel Percy, Dowser

Nigel Percy And Dowsing

Nigel Percy, co-founder of The Dowsing World Summit, and joint owner of Sixth Sense Consulting, Inc with his wife, Maggie, shares his views and experiences concerning dowsing. As with all “Meet the Masters” interviewees, he offers suggestions for reading that helped him on his way. Unlike many dowsing enthusiasts, he did not venture into dowsing to heal himself. He just became captivated with the idea and followed it with a passion.


Nigel Percy more or less stumbled into dowsing over a period of years, as you'll hear in the interview. In general, though, he was involved in education for many years, teaching (amongst other things) history and philosophy and information technology. After he discovered dowsing and that he could dowse, he slowly allowed it to take more and more of his time up as he became more and more fascinated by it. In fact, he gave up researching his Ph.D. because of it. The internet was not then able to provide much useful information, there were few books, so learning to dowse was something he undertook virtually by himself.

He tried it on anything and everything and learned what worked and what didn't, which methods were useful and which weren't. Eventually, he found an online dowsing community and joined in, and very soon discovered Maggie there. By this time he had given up traditional education and had moved into the healing arena, working in  an alternative health center in the UK.

When Maggie and he finally officially joined together, they moved back to the States and started up their own business, based on dowsing.

He still hasn't lost his passion for this subject and loves any opportunity to talk about it, but nowadays only to those who are interested in it themselves.

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Fern Hearne talks about dowsing

Fern Hearne

Do you dowse every day or save it up for only ‘special' occasions? If so, you are missing out on a lot! Daily dowsing is the path to confidence, accuracy and success. It doesn't mean you'll be perfect. But you will truly be amazed at how dowsing improves your life. Fern Hearne shares stories of how she's used dowsing to overcome blocks, aid healing and make amazingly good choices. Dowsing is a natural ability, but like all abilities, it requires practice. If you dowse daily, you will be on your way to becoming a great dowser.

Take a break now and listen as Fern Hearne speaks of how she sees dowsing as something which is a natural part of her life. She doesn't keep apart, taking it out to be used only for certain things.

After listening, you might get some new insights into ways you can incorporate dowsing more into your everyday activities. As a result, you'll see your expertise and confidence grow much more quickly. And it will really and truly become a tool you automatically reach for without thinking.


Fern lives with her husband Tom in her home province Ontario, Canada. She is blessed with lovely children and grandchildren, to whom she has taught dowsing. (Kids are great dowsers–get your kids started early.)

A Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and frequent presenter at R.I.S.E. Learning for Life Program at Rio Salado College, Fern leads an active retired life, enjoying a variety of sports and sharing her interest in metaphysics and healing with others of like mind.

She considers dowsing an important part of an empowered, enlightened life, and she has seen countless examples of how valuable it can be in daily life.

Recommended Resource:

The Emotion Code

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Honey Gibbons: Using Dowsing In Your Life

Honey Gibbons: Everyday Dowsing

Even if you know dowsing, you may not know daily dowsing.  Daily dowsing means you use dowsing every day. Whenever you have a problem or a choice to make, and you don't have a way of getting an answer rationally, you dowse it. Honey Gibbons is an example of someone who has taken dowsing and run with it. Her children and pets are glad she did. You don't have to have years of experience to benefit from dowsing on a daily basis. You just need to do it.

Listen as Honey shares her experiences.


Honey Gibbons writes:  I have lived in Nevada for 18 years.    I love animals: horses, dogs, & birds are what I have.   I am 36 years old mother of 2 wonderful girls.  I am in a wonderful relationship with the Love of my life for the past 15 years.  I am an artist, and I work on model horses, moving parts around, rebuilding them, reconstructing them and painting them.

I started in Dowsing about 5 years since I started working with Maggie and Nigel.  I found they used dowsing so I got more interested in it.  I ordered their dowsing kit.  I realized this is so cool.  I use it for simple questions as in what color should I paint my model horse.  What clothes should I wear if I am in an off kinda day.  I ask questions if I want a quicker answer than waiting for something to happen.

I then was brought to the Emotion Code due to my mom stumbling across the program.  It has totally changed my life. I use dowsing to find out if I have Trapped Emotions and other things.  I then ask subconcious through dowsing to see if I have any.  If I get a answer of yes I will go through further questions to pinpoint what the emotion is.  Then if I really want to narrow it down I can ask around the age the emotion got stuck.  I can also ask where the emotion is lodged in my body.  I get my answers and if my body or whom ever I am working on body tells me its Ok to release I then go through and release.

I was in a down time with my other half where we just were not getting along.  I started releasing trapped emotions from him and myself as I could basically peel the onion as some would call it.  Just by releasing them we are not butting heads. We are getting along wonderfully. Playful and pulled together we are stronger than ever.

I use the Emotion code on my kids.  The could be having a hard time in school in a down mood getting sick or whatever that throws them off.  I start clearing them.  They are doing ten times better in school.  Very rarely sick.

I use the Emotion Code on my animals and the change in their attitude and actions or behavior is night and day.  I work on Kids, Animals, and Adults.

Dowsing I have found very useful in everything I do.  If I feel I am too close to a subject or answer I will blind dowse for my answer or call for another to double check my answer as they wouldn't be as close to a subject.

I use my forefinger and thumbs in hoops is more useful dowsing for the Emotion code or if I am standing somewhere in a line or something at the supermarket or in car for an answer I can use quick and easy.  I do use my pendulum and I made a set of copper rods.  I plan on really learning more how to use the rods this summer.  Something I believe everyone can benefit from

Recommended Resource:

Dr. Bradley Nelson's book The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code


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Michelle Felicetta: A Dowsing Mother

Michelle Felicetta and dowsing

Every day people use dowsing daily. People just like you, like Michelle Felicetta.

One thing you will understand from this is that dowsing can seem like magic, or appear wonderfully exciting, but it is, above all else, a superbly practical skill. Once you can begin to use it and gain confidence in it, you can find so many ways of applying it in your life.

So, do yourself a favor and listen to this inspiring story and let Michelle Felicetta share with you simple everyday ways you can use dowsing. And you'll also pick up a tip or two about how you can use dowsing in the middle of the night to avoid trauma to your child and make good health choices!

What's not to like about that? :-)


Michelle Felicetta lives in Prescott, AZ with her husband and two boys. She works for the federal government as an operations supervisor. Michelle has been dowsing for five years, and loves the constant discovery of new ways to use dowsing in everyday life.

“Dowsing is one of the most important tools I have to help me through the day. I couldn't imagine going through life, or raising my children without it.”  -Michelle Felicetta

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