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“How To Profit From Dowsing” August 2019

Watch this recorded presentation on how you can use dowsing in all areas of your life to great benefit. This 90-minute instruction can get you started on using dowsing to advantage right now. Step-by-step instructions are included for everyday, health and money dowsing exercises. For all levels of experience.

Dowsing Accuracy

(A transcript of the video is below, if you prefer to read.)

Dowsing Accuracy

Dowsing accuracy is, of course, of major concern to all dowsers. It is also of interest to those who have not yet started to dowse. They ask questions like ‘how accurate is pendulum dowsing?, or they wonder if dowsing is accurate in general.

What they are probably thinking when they ask these sorts of questions is whether a dowser is always accurate or not, always gets the right answer.

This, of course, is impossible. Nobody is always right every time they do something. Top athletes who train and train and train and get paid very well to perform a small range of activities, even they are not 100% perfect. So it is not fair to ask if dowsing is 100% accurate, because it’s not fair to define accuracy in that way. The honest answer to the question of accuracy is that, for some dowsers, in a very narrow range of dowsing activity, they can be remarkably accurate, somewhere in the 90% range.

Another honest way to answer this question is to say that it depends. It depends on who is dowsing and what they are dowsing about. Dowsing is a skill. And that means that it can be developed and improved. A newcomer to dowsing would vary greatly in their accuracy because they are still learning and they haven’t yet found the one area they can excel in.

It can also depend on what is being dowsed. If it is something like water dowsing, which most people have heard of, then it is easy to measure the accuracy. After all, the water is going to be there or it is not going to be there. And if it is there, then the flow rate can be measured and you can test it to see if it is drinkable. Those are easy ways to measure accuracy.

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But, what of other areas of dowsing, other ways in which it can be used? Some, like dowsing vitamins or discovering energy lines on the earth, are not so easy to measure for accuracy. The vitamins might well be working, but if you’re also changing diet and the way you exercise, that could be the reason for much of the success you think they have. And, with something invisible, like lines of energy, that pretty much has to be taken on faith by any onlooker.

So if you are a dowser and someone who doesn’t dowse asks you how accurate is pendulum dowsing, or the accuracy of dowsing in general, then probably the best response you can have is to get them dowsing and let them decide for themselves.

Happy Dowsing!

Share your story about your dowsing accuracy in the comments section below and help others see the ways it can be used!

Why Dowse? Why Bother?

Dowsing v Running

Why dowse? What's the purpose behind it all? So many times you see excellent reasons about what things you can do with dowsing, but hardly anybody takes the time to try to tell you why dowse in the first place!

So, let me give you an analogy. Let's take exercise and look at that. But, more specifically, walking, jogging, and running. They are all just ways of moving, so let's bundle them all under the heading ‘running' for argument's sake.

People know the benefits of running. They know it's good for them in various ways. They know there are various levels, from the occasional stroll to Olympic marathon and everything in between. There are all sorts of things you can buy to help you; clothing, shoes, monitors, plans, diets and drinks, for example. They are all built around making your running experience better for you or to encourage you.

Yet, the one thing central to all this is that everyone who does running, to whatever level, knows and appreciates that it is good for them. It is beneficial in various ways. That's the central theme, if you like, about running.

So, if you were to ask someone why they were running, they would answer using that beneficial argument.

Why dowse?

But, if you were to ask different dowsers why they dowse, they would give you different answers which would be all over the map! And that is because the central reason for dowsing, the reason ‘why', has been lost in the ‘how' and in the ‘with what'.

The central benefit has been lost in the fanfare of techniques and tools.

Why dowse? Have you really thought about it?

If you run, you do it because it's healthy. That's a given. But you dowse because…..

Well, there is, in fact, a central reason, an answer to the ‘why dowse?' question, which is simple, elegant, plain and true. Dowsing is so practical, so immensely useful, so utilitarian, that not dowsing is like blindfolding yourself. If you don't dowse, you are cutting yourself off from something which enlarges and enriches your life because you are depriving yourself of an extra sense, an extra ability.

It's not what you do with dowsing that's central to it all. It's that you dowse which is more important. Because, no matter what you do, no matter what your life is, dowsing fits, dowsing complements and enlarges it.

In the same way as you walk, jog or run for your health, you dowse to enrich your life. It's that simple.

What answer would you give if you were asked, ‘Why dowse?'. Let us know in the comments section below


I'm Not THAT Good!

Everyone thinks that, to be any good at a new hobby or skill you have to perform miracles. After all, you read or heard about them and that was why you got interested most likely.

Whenever you start something, and that includes dowsing, you hear of the most amazing things. It's enough to make you cry! When I started out, for example, I had the impression that unless I dowsed a 300 foot well accurately and then got the flow rate precisely right, I was going to be a failure.

Miracles aren't necessary

What I didn't really grasp at first was that the people I read about had been dowsing for ages and had had years of experience. I just assumed that, if I could dowse, then I should automatically be as good as they were.

It never occurred to me that I might need to learn! And anyway, what I considered to be a miracle of dowsing was something they were doing every day.

The truth is, miracles are what you consider to be miracles. Most people just do the stuff every day and never bother about it. It’s not the miracles which count, it’s the using which is more important.

Doing the dowsing is what counts, not what you do with it. For you, the miracle might be that you got the pendulum to move! Or it could be that you located those lost keys. But, in reality, those things aren't really miracles at all.

It's just dowsing!

But, hey, you never know, one day, you might have a miracle as well.

What did you think you had to do when you first started to dowse? Did you think that anything less than a miracle was needed to prove you could dowse? Let us know in the comments section below

Dowsing Methods

So Many Things!

There can seem to be a large number of dowsing methods, using a variety of tools and techniques.

However, when you start to look in more detail, there really is only one main method of dowsing, as this short video describes.



There is no one dowsing method. In fact there are many different methods of dowsing. People tend to prefer one type over another, but that does not mean that that one method is the correct one or even the best one for you.

Briefly, you can dowse using a pendulum or another tool like an l-rod, a y-rod or a bobber and have the tool’s movements indicate the answer to you. Depending on how you use the tool, various movements can indicate a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ or even a direction or a number.

Another dowsing method is to use no tools at all, but use your own body’s natural responses as a way of getting the information. That can be done by something as simple as watching when you blink to seeing whether, when you rub your finger and thumb together, it feels sticky, to any number of other ways of listening to your body.

However, no matter what dowsing method or methods you end up using, the same process applies to all of them.

Dowsing methods reduce down to this…

That process is as follows: First make clear what it is you want to ask, then get into the proper dowsing state in your mind (a sort of relaxed attention is a good way of describing it) and then allow the answer to come without you wanting it to be one thing or another.

So, in a way, the dowsing method is not really a method of using either a tool you hold or listening to your body. The real dowsing method is what you do before you get to do any of those things. That’s the real secret.

Why not discover more about dowsing and what it can do for you?

What do you think of how the dowsing method is described here? Would you have a different definition? Let us know in the comments section below

Finding What You Are Looking For

Seek And You Shall Find!

There’s one aspect of dowsing which is not quite like real life…. Well, not so much. In real life, you can go searching for something and find something else.

For example, you can go to the kitchen drawer to look for those toothpicks you were sure were there, and while rummaging around you discover that ghastly bottle-opener your neighbor brought back for you from their holiday. You thought it had gone for ever, and are slightly sad to see it again.

But, the point is, you discovered it by accident when you were looking for something else. It was right there. You couldn’t miss it.

But, in dowsing, it’s not quite the same.

If you go looking for a particular thing in dowsing, the chances are you will either find it or not.

Notice the difference. You’ll find it. Or you won’t find it.

There’s no third way here. There’s no, ‘Oooh! Look what I stumbled across when I was searching for the cause of the pain in my leg, which I’m pretty sure is to do with diet.’

Because you were looking for one thing, the dietary cause of the pain in your legs, you weren’t able to be open to any other answers. So, you never saw them, felt them, heard them or came across them in whatever you come across answers when you dowse.

What is it you are actually finding?

If you set out looking for one thing, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it… or not find it. That’s because you don’t allow room for any other answers to come in.

On the other hand, such an idea could be valuable, in the right circumstances. For example, let’s suppose you are dowsing to find water. But what you really want is drinkable water flowing at a rate of at least 30 gallons a minute. You’re so fixated on these numbers, that anything else is ignored. But, guess what? You find exactly 30 gallons a minute in the right place and everyone is happy.

Now, consider for a moment the reverse of what I started off by saying. I said that if you look for one thing, you’ll find it (or not). What if it works like this: If you look hard enough for something, you find it, because (and here’s the kicker), you created it.

Is that outlandish? Is that too strange to think about? Is it madness?

Or, is it, perhaps, a possibility?

Could you really find water like that?

Could you really find other things like that?

Are you really willing to say, for certain, that you can’t? Or, are you willing to allow yourself to start thinking that you can find what you are looking for?

What do you think? Can you actually be finding at the same time as creating what you are looking for? Share your thoughts about this in the comments section below

When A Wrong Dowsing Answer Is Right…

When It All Goes Wrong

You've gotten a wrong dowsing answer before, right? What did you do?

You're thinking, “What could I do? I just got annoyed and moved on.” But that didn't help your dowsing skill improve. In fact, your negative reaction probably made you less likely to pick up a pendulum in the future.

Getting a wrong dowsing answer is the biggest single problem dowsers face. Yet most dowsers don't have a useful strategy for dealing with this issue. By ‘useful', I mean a way of turning ‘wrong' into ‘right'. And why would they? Most dowsers have had little or no training. They haven't read lots of books on dowsing. They haven't gone to lots of conferences or taken tons of workshops. Most don't give dowsing a second thought. Just pick up the pendulum and do it.

This isn't a criticism. It's just how it is. There aren't a lot of opportunities locally for most dowsers. There are some good books on dowsing, but reading is becoming a lost art. Only relatively recently has the internet become a good resource for dowsers.

So what can you do? By all means, take advantage of the internet and of this site.  There's a huge amount of information available here which will help you overcome some of the basic reasons for wrong dowsing answers.

But you can also do something every day that we've done for years. It's a useful practice that will help you become more accurate in your dowsing very quickly. And that is: confirm your results.

When you dowse about something, find out whether you were correct. If you were, pat yourself on the back. If not, spend some time finding out why.

Avoiding the wrong dowsing answer

And here's an important point. You cannot know whether you were correct if you only dowse about things you cannot confirm.

So, assuming that doesn't describe you…

  • Was your dowsing question too short?
  • Was your dowsing question too vague?
  • Were you in a proper dowsing state?
  • Were you emotionally attached to getting a certain answer?
  • Did you take the time to create a detailed dowsing question with your goals in mind?
  • Did you carefully define your terms?

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Another trick we've used is to try and find out how the answer you got was accurate, but not for the intendedquestion.

Here's an example from my life: I'm a veteran dowser. But sometimes I slip up. I dowsed in 2009 that we would get approved for a home loan modification on our mortgage. We waited for over 18 months, and our application was denied.

I was floored. I felt certain we would be accepted. In 2013, our mortgage was sold to another company. That fall, they approached us and asked if we'd like to apply for a home loan modification. We did. We got it.

So I got the right answer, but it didn't occur to me to put ‘when' in the question. Big mistake. If I had spent some time examining the question, which I usually do, I might have guessed what went wrong. So my dowsing was accurate, but the information was not useful to me, because it was for the wrong time. A wrong answer can be right, but it's only useful if you figure out how.

What did you do when you got a wrong dowsing answer? How did you improve your dowsing? Let us know in the comments section below

Interpreting Dowsing Results

And The Winner With The Most Hugs Is…

Here's an example of interpreting results. There's a football match on (doesn't matter where you are, football is whatever it means to you). But you are a stranger to this concept. All you see are people running around, doing odd things and then celebrating. The celebrating, the hugging, the leaping with joy, they are what seems to be really important. So, based on your observation, you think that the purpose of the ritual you are watching is to have group hugs and that there has to be a certain sequence of steps which you haven't worked out yet, in order for people to hug each other.

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Interpreting the results is a matter of perspective

Now, that's one perspective and it's wrong. But it's based on what you saw and, because you didn't know any better, it makes sense to you. Except…it doesn't feel quite right. There's this nagging feeling that there's something else going on, some other point to what you are watching. You get that feeling from others around you, but you can't quite put your finger on it….yet.

And it's that nagging feeling when we dowse which is important.

Let's say you are dowsing about something, anything at all. You get answers and those answers, by and large, fit very neatly into your world view. They bolster they way you have been thinking all along and, because that feels good, you are happy to accept that.

But feeling good is not the same as feeling right.

Just as in the above example, you can get a nagging feeling that maybe, just maybe, there is another way of looking at what is going on. Another way of interpreting the dowsing results.

What it comes down to is this: there should always be room in your dowsing for surprises, for new ideas, and for new ways of seeing the world. If we don't leave the door cracked open, even just a little bit, then we're unlikely to have a breakthrough in our thinking or understanding. There always has to be room for surprises in dowsing. It's all to do with our perspective and how difficult it can be to see something in a new light. And it's about listening to that little nagging feeling.

Have you had a result in dowsing which made you change your viewpoint? What was it? We'd love to hear about it in the comments section below

Pendulum movements

It's An Old Question

One of the questions we keep getting asked has to do with the dowser's pendulum movements.

Typically, the question is something along the lines of, ‘I asked a question but the pendulum moved in a different way. What does that mean?' This supposes that when you use your pendulum, it tends to move one way for a ‘Yes' and another way for a ‘No'. And then, suddenly, there's a new movement!

Of course, the first question you are going to ask is, ‘What does it mean?' But the SECOND you thing you should do is not a complaint aimed at the universe in general, but a question, a dowsing question, aimed at your dowsing skill in particular.

Pendulum movements: Possible reasons

It should be something along the lines of , ‘Does this new movement mean X?', where ‘X' could be any one of the following:

  • Wrong question
  • Poor question
  • Don't know
  • No answer at this time
  • You don't have the ability to deal with this information now
  • You need to rest, not dowse
  • You're not in a dowsing state
  • Interference
  • Other


I'll give brief explanations of the ones I've listed above to help you understand the variety of possible ways in which you could be getting useful information.

Wrong question might mean that, for what you are dowsing about, the question actually doesn't make much sense, even though it is a well-constructed one.

Poor question probably means that the question is inadequate for what you are trying to discover.

Don't know means exactly that.

No answer now means the answer is simply not accessible now, but it might be available later on. You can dowse that as well!

You don't have the ability…. means that your present level of understanding of the topic being dowsed about is insufficient for you to be able to understand the answer.

You need to rest, not dowse, is your own body's way of telling you that you've done enough right now and it's time to step back and re-group before doing anything else.

You're not in a dowsing state means just that.

Interference could be from a variety of things. From geopathic stress affecting you, to other, more complex issues, perhaps involving other people or other forms of consciousness. This would probably be just the starting point for more dowsing to uncover the issue and deal with it. If you get ‘Other', then that's also the start of a whole chain of dowsing to find out what is going on. But at least, you'll be on the road to finding out why your pendulum has made a new and strange movement.

Has this happened to you, suddenly the pendulum movements changed? What did you do? Why not help others and share your experiences in the comments section below?

Did You Learn Dowsing the Wrong Way?

Starting Out Can Be Difficult

Most people learn dowsing the wrong way. And most people don't get past that.

After extensive surveying, we have found that most dowsers don't really use dowsing all that much. If they are dowsing their supplements daily, they are above average in how often they dowse. And that really isn't dowsing much, is it?

How can you benefit from dowsing if you don't use it? You can't. But you won't use it if you don't trust it. In talking to people, we have found they just don't trust their dowsing, even though they've taken courses.

We've been researching how to get more people to use dowsing. And what we found out shocked and embarrassed us. The dowsing courses being offered elsewhere are not getting people dowsing much past the time of the course.

You learn dowsing in different ways

So what's wrong with the way people learn dowsing? I can't be sure, but I have a theory. I believe that most classes are taught the same way they've always been taught. And that is the problem. But no one noticed.

Years ago, the ASD and its chapters were started by generous water dowsers who got together and shared their love of dowsing. They helped people learn dowsing by teaching courses in water dowsing, and the organizations grew. Then part way through the 20th century, spiritual dowsing kicked in big time.

But people still learn dowsing the old way. Here's what I think: teaching someone to find one particular material item, water, is pretty straightforward. Mostly, you are going to be asking the same question with the same factors again and again. You will dowse the same way with the same tool each time. It's one thing you master and then do over and over the same way until you get good at it. (Granted, like any skill, that takes time and effort. But you have all the tools to become accurate.)

Spiritual dowsing is different. There are more subjects to dowse about than you can think of, and they require all kinds of different questions. They have unique pitfalls. The subjects are so deep and diverse, it takes a real Renaissance person to be a good spiritual dowser.

The bottom line is that incorporating dowsing into your life in a meaningful way isn't going to happen as long as dowsing is taught the way it's always been taught.

When Nigel and I realized what was going on, we threw out all our old courses and started over. We are working on creating dowsing courses that actually prepare people to be confident, accurate dowsers who use it regularly to make their lives better. And that means a whole new approach to teaching people how to learn dowsing.

We've had such amazing results with dowsing, we can't believe everyone isn't using it every day. But now that we understand better, we hope we can help shift that. You can learn dowsing the right way, and you can transform your life with dowsing.

What do you think about the way dowsing is taught? How did you learn it? What cold have been better? Share your ideas in the comments section below