Health dowsing is one of the most popular applications of this simple, natural skill. Use dowsing to investigate and understand your health and how to improve it. Although health dowsing is popular, you should understand that dowsing and healing are two separate things. Follow the ideas in this category to see how they are different and how you can use health dowsing for your benefit.

Pendulum Healing

Pendulum Healing?

Dowsing for healing, sometimes thought of as dowsing healing or pendulum healing, is really the result of confusion and mis-information. The two do not go together. At least, not in the way that many seem to think that they do.

As an example, you will sometimes find people asking about pendulum healing or which are the best healing pendulums. They sound reasonable things to be asking, but they are really showing that they have the wrong idea about dowsing.

Let’s be very clear about this. Dowsing is a natural human skill. Essentially, it’s a simple idea. You ask questions about things your logical and rational mind cannot answer. And that is pretty much it. You can use tools or not as you prefer, but there really is nothing more to dowsing than asking questions and getting answers.

As you can see, there’s no room in that description for anything to do with healing or healing pendulums. So where did this confusion come from?

It probably came from the popular use of the pendulum as a dowsing tool. There’s nothing special about a pendulum when used for dowsing. It can be as fancy or as plain as you like. As long as it works for you, that’s fine. But, no matter what sort of pendulum you use, whether plain wood, or brass or a fancy crystal or a nut on a piece of dental floss, they all move in the same way; circles or side to side essentially.

Now, imagine the following scenario. There are two people. One is a dowser, and the other is someone who has an issue with her hand; pain perhaps in one of the fingers. The dowser is using a pendulum and it’s swinging in some fashion over the persons’s finger, presumably to locate the precise area of the problem. And, at the same time, the dowser is focusing on sending some healing energy to that finger.

Here’s where it gets important. The dowser is not using the pendulum to send healing energy. The pendulum has absolutely nothing to do with any healing. She is using the pendulum to locate where the healing energy is to be sent. She might also have set her intention so that when she has done all she can, the pendulum will indicate that she should stop.

As an onlooker however, all you see is the pendulum swinging, some healing taking place and the pendulum stops when it’s finished. It’s easy enough to think that the pendulum has something to do with the healing. But it doesn’t!

Therefore there are no healing pendulums. There are only people who send healing. You don’t need a pendulum or other tool for that. All you need is your very focused intention to send healing energy as well as you can. Intention is the key, not dowsing.

Even so-called healing pendulums will do nothing unless you intend an outcome. Otherwise they would be the wonderful magic bullet that would work on everyone, everywhere all the time. It’s intention which makes anything work.

So don’t think you have to buy anything special. You don’t. You just have to use your intention.

Happy dowsing!

Dowsing The Aura

Dowsing The Aura

One of the neat ways you can use dowsing is to explore the aura.

In case you're not entirely sure of what I'm referring to, then think of the aura as the invisible, ever-changing energetic body which surrounds you and which, to some people, is visible. It is where your physical body and the energy of the universe meet.

Dowsing the aura can be achieved in a few different ways, depending on what it is you have in mind.

First, and simplest, is finding out far your aura actually reaches. This is easier to do with two people, but it is perfectly possible to do it by yourself. I'll describe it for two people first and then show how you can do yourself.

The person whose aura is being measured sits or stands in a place with some space around them. The dowser then, when in the dowsing state, asks to see the nearest boundary layer of the aura in front of them. The reason for this is that, to begin with, you have no idea whether you are standing within the aura of not, and, as an aura has several layers, it is easiest to focus on the one in front of you. With your tool or however you choose to dowse, move slowly forward until you get a reaction. Mark that point on the ground.

Now the fun part!

Ask the person to think something sad. Repeat the process starting from the same point as before. Mark the point where the reaction occurred. There is probably going to be a difference in the location of the two marks.

Now ask the person to think happy thoughts and repeat the process. The mark this time will probably again be in a different location. I'm not going to tell much more than that. It's more fun for you to find out when you are dowsing the aura yourself.

What if you have nobody to do this for you? Don't worry! Stand in the middle of a room and ask the same question about the nearest boundary layer, but this time you're going to ask for the reaction when that layer meets the wall. So start walking slowly and mark the point on the ground where you got the reaction.

You can do exactly the same exercises as before, only this time you're using the wall as the reference point.

The second way of dowsing the aura is more complex and involves finding where there might be damage. You want a nice, clean, healthy aura, but everyday living can create holes and tears in it. The simplest way of examining the aura for this detail is to dowse over an outline of the human body and carefully check for damage by using a pointer to find where it might be.

If that sounds confusing, then think of it as map dowsing, Only the map this time is of you and the location is where the aura is not complete.

Try dowsing your aura using one of the methods here and share your results in the comments section below.

Dowsing the chakras

Dowsing the chakras

(Transcript below if you prefer to read)

Before going any further, let’s be clear about what we mean about chakras. Then we’ll move on to pendulums and chakras.

Chakra is a word from the ancient Sanskrit language which roughly translates  as ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’. It might help to think of these as the places where the invisible or energetic aspect of your body meets with the visible, physical body itself, allowing a flow of energy to move through you.

There are considered to be seven major chakras forming a line down the body. But there are also many minor ones as well. For example, the hand has chakras, in the palm and also on the tips of the fingers.

In this video, we’ll be looking at the hand chakras and how you can use a pendulum to check on them. However, you can use the exact same principles on the seven major ones as well.

One thing should be made clear, however, and that is that no matter what pendulum you use, no matter how it is described, it will not clean up or alter any chakra at all. Any alteration to a chakra comes only through your focus, your intent or any number of environmental or emotional factors acting on you.

If you recall that the word ‘chakra’ translates as ‘wheel’, then, in order to be operating properly and effectively, the chakra should be open and able to spin. This is what can be checked using a pendulum.

In this case, you are not asking a question with a yes/no answer, but are using the pendulum to show you how a specific chakra is at that time.

To begin, hold the pendulum as you would normally, but have one fingertip of your opposite hand underneath it. Focus on wanting to see what the energy flow of that chakra is like and expect the pendulum to move in response to that focus.

For most people, the pendulum will describe a circle, clockwise or anti-clockwise. The width of the circle and the vigor or lack of it in the movement will tell you how strongly or weakly that particular chakra is at that time.

Once you have a response over the first finger, try the next and repeat the process. Often you will find that different fingers will have different directions of spin.

Also, you can try the pendulum over the palm chakra, which is usually much more vigorous than the fingertips. Remember that chakras are in constant motion and will vary in how open they are at different times and under different conditions.

This is not the place to go into what any particular response might mean, but, by doing this exercise regularly over several days, you will get a good idea of the general activity of your chakras.

Once you have the idea about your finger and hand chakras, then you can also check your seven main chakras simply by asking to be shown the energy of each chakra, one at a time.

From there you can begin to explore the many, many sites which speak of chakras and what they do.

Have you explored your hand chakras? What did you find? Did they all spin the same way? What else did you notice? Share your experiences or thoughts in the comments section below

Dowsing and Vitamins

Dowsing and Vitamins

The transcript of the video is below, if you prefer to read about dowsing and vitamins.

Dowsing about vitamins is one of the most common applications of health dowsing. But before going into details on how to dowse your vitamins, let me give you a quick reminder about what dowsing is: dowsing is a natural intuitive human skill that helps you get answers to questions your rational mind cannot answer.

Whether a particular supplement will deliver on your health goals is something your rational mind cannot tell you. Dowsing will save you time, money and effort.

To get good results with dowsing, you must be in a dowsing state when you ask your question. The dowsing state takes time to master; it is a curious, detached state. When health dowsing, you can find it very difficult to be detached about answers, but if you are not detached, your answers will probably be wrong. You cannot sidestep this requirement.

Another vital part of dowsing accuracy is asking a good question.

health-dowsing-coverFor more detailed help about how you can use dowsing to improve your health, this book is a great start!

Most people will ask a vitamin question like: “Do I need vitamin C?” This is a bad dowsing question, in part because it is incomplete.

A better question would be one that includes who, what, where, when, how and why as appropriate. A more complete question is:

“For my current health goals, will adding the X brand vitamin C at the recommended dosage for 90 days give me measurable improvement in my health?”

That question contains all the needed factors, but it’s a long question to have to ask about every brand of vitamin C on the shelf at the store, so if you are perusing several or more brands, ask a question like this:

“Are any of the brands of Vitamin C on this shelf an 8 or higher on a 0 to 10 scale (with 10 being best) for my health goals if taken at the recommended dosage for 90 days?”

Don’t buy anything that doesn’t rate an 8 or higher. You can find the best brand among the ones that test 8 or higher by asking what rating each one is.

I bet you’ve noticed that the best vitamins are pretty expensive, and you might be on a budget. So you don’t want to waste time being told to buy something you cannot afford. By including that factor in your dowsing question, you avoid that problem. Ask this question if you are on a budget:

“Are any of the brands of Vitamin C on this shelf that are within my budget to take for at least 90 days an 8 or higher on a 0 to 10 scale (with 10 being best) for my health goals when taken at the recommended dosage for 90 days?”

The more you think about ALL the factors that matter to you when choosing a supplement, the better your question will be. And don’t forget that before you form a question, you must be clear what your goals are for taking this supplement.

Have fun, save money and be healthier with dowsing!

Happy Dowsing!

Share your thoughts about dowsing and vitamins in the comments section below

Dowsing For Healing

A Case Of Confusion

Dowsing for healing can cause a great deal of confusion amongst both dowsers and non-dowsers. The reason for that is that people aren't clear about the difference between dowsing and intention. It's necessary to make that very clear.

So what IS dowsing for healing?

Dowsing for healing is a very specific thing. It is about using dowsing to gain information which will be of help in your healing.

Notice what I did there? I didn't make any mention at all about how you can heal someone using dowsing. And the reason for that is because you can't do it.

And I don't mean you are incapable of doing it. Not at all! You may be a wonderfully capable healer. But I can guarantee you that you can't heal anyone of anything using dowsing. You can't use dowsing for healing.

You can certainly use intention to heal, and that's what many people do. But where the confusion arises is that when they do that, a lot of them will be swinging a pendulum around and using it to indicate when the session (or whatever) is finished, ended, completed or whatever is appropriate.

But, and here's the important point, just because a pendulum is moving does not mean that any dowsing is going on.

Having said that, however, you can certainly use dowsing for healing, if, as I said earlier, you use it to gain information which will help you on your healing journey. Remember, dowsing is just about asking questions and getting answers. It's nothing more than that.

Once that is clear, then obviously you're not going to go around healing anybody or anything just by waving your pendulum over them and wishing it were so. The ‘wishing it were so' is intention, and that is not healing.

So, if you have heard of someone using dowsing for healing, you are probably hearing about someone who is confused about what dowsing is for and what you can do with it.

What do you think about this confusion about dowsing for healing? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below

Dowsing For An Injured Cat

Cats Make Your Life Interesting!

Some time ago, we were relaxing in the living room when we heard the low moaning howl of a cat from the back of the house. We ran back into the master bedroom and found our cat Sekhmet (known as Sekkie) had tangled her leg in the weave of the hammock while jumping out.

Maybe I should back up a bit…we sleep in Mayan hammocks, having found them to be very comfortable. The cats have also discovered how comfie they are, and not only do they sleep with us at night (I usually have 3 cats with me), but they take over the hammocks during the day.

The hammocks are made of thick woven cotton threads, and there are of course gaps in the weave, especially along the top edge. Sekkie apparently had put her foot through one of those holes when jumping into the hammock, and when she couldn't dislodge it, she jumped out. But her struggle had turned her around and around in circles, tightening the threads like a noose. By the time we arrived, she couldn't move, and her leg was bound as tightly as if by a tourniquet.

I didn't relish having to unravel her (her entire body had to be rotated quite a few times to loosen the grip of the threads), but she tolerated it very well. As you can imagine, she was limping rather badly after being released, and she really didn't want us touching her leg.

While it wasn't obviously damaged or dislocated, we were concerned about the extent of her leg injuries. So of course we dowsed! We each independently asked a set of questions to determine a number of things:

  • Did she have any cracked, chipped or broken bones as a result of the accident
  • What was the level of pain on a scale of 0-10
  • Did she have any torn muscles or ligaments
  • Did she have muscle strain
  • Did she dislocate anything during the accident
  • Was it appropriate to take her to a vet for treatment or X-rays
  • Could we treat her ourselves and have her recover quickly and completely
  • If so, what did we need to use/do
  • How often to apply the various things required to fix her
  • How many days to apply them

Both of us got that while she was in pain and probably had torn a muscle or ligament, she did not require vet care. Homeopathics (arnica) and Reiki would do the trick, and she would be back to normal in about 4 days.

As it turned out, our dowsing was correct, and Sekkie recovered well, though she did limp for a few days. And it was over a week before she jumped into a hammock again, and that time, she chose Nigel's, not mine (mine was the one that ‘bit' her).

I am pleased to report that as of this writing, she is now sleeping in my hammock at night with me, though I have not seen her get into that hammock when I am not in it…

Just another example of how dowsing can be used to save a ton of money, stress and anxiety for you and your pets!

How has your dowsing helped you with your animals? Share your story in the comments section below

Save Money with Dowsing: An Injured Cat

More Choices, Less Stress

You can save money with dowsing…lots of money. Dowsing improves your choices by helping you pick the best, easiest, least expensive solution to any problem.

Last week, one of our eight cats (yes, we have eight cats) named Merlin had an accident. We suspect that the loud yelp we heard in the back yard after a scuffle with the other cats was when it happened. Shortly after that, Merlin was hopping around the house, not putting any weight on his front right paw.

We carefully examined him. We found no cuts, punctures, swelling or obvious injury. But he clearly was hurting. All day long, he hopped around like a cripple.

Knowing that he could have a cracked or broken bone that we could not see, we decided we needed to make a decision about taking him to the vet for evaluation. We realized that it would cost $300 by the time we were through, even if nothing was wrong with him, as anesthesia and X-rays and the exam are not cheap. We also knew that the trauma of going to the vet and being examined would add to his stress, so we didn't want to do it unless it was necessary. But if he needed treatment, we wanted him to have it.

An example of how to save money with dowsing

This is a perfect situation for dowsing. Your rational mind can't give you the answer. You fear for the health of your beloved pet, but you don't want to stress him or spend time, effort and money unnecessarily. In cases like this, loving pet owners usually choose to play it safe and spend the money. They are afraid they will look like bad parents otherwise. But do you really want to spend money unnecessarily?

Nigel and I both created a series of dowsing questions to evaluate Merlin's condition and the benefits of taking him to the vet. Our dowsing agreed that while he was injured, no bones were broken or cracked, and that taking him to the vet was not going to offer any benefit over treating him at home. We dowsed that by the end of the week, he would be nearly recovered.

The end of the week came, and Merlin was walking on all four feet again. We gave thanks that our dowsing was accurate and helped both us and him. And saving all that money was a real blessing!

To successfully do this, you need to be an accurate dowser who can create clear dowsing questions. We urge you to have a dowsing buddy to back up your answers. Remember that nothing is 100% accurate, so always follow your intuition as to what to do. If you are fearful, you won't get an accurate answer. Thus, it is important to practice dowsing often in order to have a good level of detachment.

This is one example of how to save money with dowsing. What stories do you have? Please share them in the comments section below

Dowsing and Healing

Confusion All Round!

Dowsing and healing seem to go together a lot in peoples' minds. Hands up all those who have heard (or used) a phrase similar to the following: “I used my pendulum to remove the issue/problem/energy/whatever”. It's a fairly commonly used phrase.

And it's completely wrong.

The only connection between a dowsing tool and doing anything like healing is the person holding the tool. Doesn't matter what tool it is; a gold-plated zirconium diamond studded L-rod or a fishing weight on the end of a piece of string. It doesn't matter. I guarantee that if you laid that tool down beside someone who was ill, it wouldn't do a thing.

And that means that it's not the tool. It's the person holding it. Nothing else.

Dowsing and healing are not the same thing.

Dowsing and healing is really a simple idea

I don't know why this is such a confusing point in dowsing. But it's really very plain and very simple. The healing (of whatever type or design or method or whatever) is down to the person, not the tool. Dowsing and healing are two different things.

First you have the tool. A tool is simply an indicator. It is nothing else. It shows reactions, your reactions, to whatever it is you are focusing on. Yes/No, This way/That way, Here/There and so on.

But holding the tool is a person? And that's where the power lies! That's where the real stuff is happening. A tool doesn't do it; the person holding the tool does it, and the tool might show when it's finished, or whatever. But it doesn't do it by itself.

If you want a quick and easy explanation about this whole subject, take a quick look at this short video about dowsing and healing.

I don't know why this confusion exists, but I can guess. First reason is sloppy thinking or sloppy talking, or even worse, sloppy teaching! Confusing the reaction of the tool with the intention.

Second reason is that it's way too scary to admit to ourselves that we are actually capable of doing anything amazing. Far easier and more comforting to give credit to a tool in our hands than the focus in our heads.

It's easier to be powerless than powerful.

But that's hiding from who we are. And that is easy.

The hard part is accepting who we are.

And you thought dowsing was just about dangling a pendulum!

Dowsing and healing are two different things. But you might not agree. Let us know in the comments section below

Emergency Health Dowsing For Pets

You And Your Best Friend

Have you ever been in this situation (or do you worry that you may): You discover your pet has an injury, and you don't know exactly what caused it, it looks bad and you aren't sure what to do? Health dowsing can come to the rescue! When you have as many pets as we do (we've had up to 12 at any given time), this sort of thing is bound to happen at some point. (In fact, those of you who have human children instead of furry ones, the same thing applies). That's where dowsing can be a true life-saver!

Health dowsing for pets:

First Rule: Don't Panic!

It was a Saturday morning–isn't it always a weekend when things like this happen? Our oldest cat, Cleo came up to me. I petted her absentmindedly. Then I noticed a big bulge under her chin. I mean BIG. My first reaction was fear and panic. Oh my God, something's wrong with her! What happened? Rattlesnake? Wild animal attack? Scorpion bite? That's the problem with an active imagination. You can create all kinds of creepy scenarios. “Come on, Maggie, get a grip!” I told myself. “Breathe deeply. In and out. Investigate. Gather data. Then dowse. All will be well.” I think it's natural to have a panic reaction in situations like this. The key is not to let it take over. So I did the best I could to detach from my emotions.

A Bit of Detective Work…

This is where the left brain comes in. I did some detached fact-finding and analysis.

  1. When could this have happened? After a bit of thinking, I remember a big brouhaha on Thursday night out in the back yard after dark. Cleo had shot in through the pet door with her hair on end. Very unusual for her. When I had gone outside, our two dogs were sniffing the ground near one of the gates eagerly, as if an animal had left the yard in that direction. I didn't think too much of it at the time. We live out in the desert on 4+ acres, and we have lots of wildlife. It rarely threatens us. Bottom line: whatever it was probably happened Thursday night. Almost two days earlier. And it probably was an animal attack of some kind. And probably not one of our own.
  2. How bad was her injury? I took the time to examine her carefully. Thank heaven she's a placid creature. She let me look, poke and prod. The swelling was enormous, and when I gently pressed the area, a lot of fluid poured out of it. There was a gash as well as a pretty large portion of skin that had been removed completely, as if something had grabbed her neck and ripped the skin off. She had obviously been scratching it, as most of the fur on her neck was gone. On reflection, she hadn't been eating well (she's never a big eater, so I hadn't thought much of it). It probably hurt to chew and swallow. My conclusion was that she had a serious injury that needed some kind of treatment. I was also concerned about her not eating, as that would detract from healing.

Health Dowsing Resolves Health Questions & Support Healing

healthdowsingOnce I'd gathered the facts, I was ready to look at options for helping her heal. And I had some important decisions to make. Decisions that could cost a lot of money, trouble, time, effort and maybe even cost her life. This is not the type of dowsing you want to plunge right into as a beginner. I have established a number of questions that have meaning and work for me that relate to whether I should seek professional help in a health crisis or for a symptom. Since each person is unique, you will need to create a series of questions that have meaning and work for you. I happen to have a large number of tools for natural healing, plus a lot of training in Biology. This perhaps gives me more confidence than the average person. But the truth is, you don't have to be a doctor or Biologist to dowse about health. First, set your goals clearing in writing. For me, they include:

  • I want to go/take my pet to the doctor/vet if that will be the only or much better way (quick and safe) to resolve the problem
  • If it will make things worse to get outside help, I don't want to get it
  • If it won't be any better(in terms of time, side effects, results) to get outside help than if I do what I can at home, I don't want to invest the time and money in a vet appointment

I have spent a good deal of time and effort making it very clear what my priorities are, and they may not be the same as yours. Some people will put money first. Others will put the health and happiness of their pet first. I am not making any judgments. You create the list that speaks to your priorities. After you have your priorities and options written down–I strongly recommend writing them down–you can dowse about what to do. Since I've already done these steps, all I had to do was dowse. Here are some examples of what I dowsed. You might have other questions.

  • On a +10 to -10 scale, what is the overall level in effects on Cleo's recovery of treating her myself?
  • On the same scale, what is the overall level in effects of taking her to Dr. _______? (Different healers will have different scores.)

I didn't get a good number for going to the vet. It was a much better score to care for her myself. I got Nigel to dowse, too. For things like this, have someone else back up your dowsing. Next I asked:

  • Do I have a method or methods of treatment that are an 8 or higher on a scale of 10 for healing Cleo quickly and safely with no long term side effects?
  • If yes, I list dowse which are the best. Then I dowse how often and when to use them, etc.

Here's a book which will help you to use dowsing for your pets in a variety of ways.

Once is not enough!

Dowsing pendulumEvery day, I repeated the questions about the vet and what methods to use. Things can change from day to day. So each day, start over. Retest what therapy or method to use, if going to the vet doesn't test well. I used a combination of salves, ointments, essential oils and The Emotion Code to help her healing. In fact, I did Emotion Code work on her while we were in the U.K. Each day, Cleo got noticeably better, in spite of continuing to scratch. An Elizabethan collar wouldn't work, due to where the injury was, so we just had to ride it out. This was a particularly important issue, as we were going to the U.K., and she was not fully healed when we left. So we had to be sure she would not get worse while we were gone. As you can see by the video here, she is doing quite well now. Have you used dowsing to save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of vet and doctor's bills? We have! If you get your dowsing up to speed, it can save you more money than you can imagine. And that's not even talking about how much stress it saves you…

Have you ever had to do health dowsing for pets? Share what happened in the comments section below

Dowsing to Help Animals

Dowsing To Help Animals

This is a long post, but bear with me. I thought about splitting it into two, but realized that if you wanted to learn about dowsing to help animals, it made more sense to keep it all together.

Dowsing is not only an excellent way to interact with animals; it is a wonderful tool for helping them. You can use dowsing to improve your animal’s nutrition, behavior, emotional health and to communicate with him, among other things. By using dowsing to help animals, you will also expand your horizons, become more intuitive and more attuned to the natural world; a worthy set of objectives!

Society generally tends to rely upon science as a means of assessing truth or value. Therefore, the preferred way of helping animals is through scientific methods, such as those veterinarians are trained to use. Unfortunately, science has a very restrictive viewpoint concerning animals. It only accepts as true that which has been ‘proven’ scientifically. So such things as communicating with animals in nonverbal ways, healing with energy techniques, the process of bonding with a particular animal and whether animals have emotions are all subjects that science either dismisses or ignores. Why? Because it can’t demonstrate through experimental means that they truly exist. In ignoring or minimizing these subjects, science diminishes the full spectrum of the human-animal relationship. That's where dowsing to help animals comes in.

As a dowser with two biology degrees and experience working as a scientist for NASA, I am aware of the strengths of the scientific viewpoint. I can also see that dowsing, although scientifically unverifiable, has much to offer in terms of our relationships with animals. In fact, the use of the intuitive senses in general can greatly enhance results when working with animals, as opposed to using only scientific methods. When you use your intuitive senses, you commune with animals on their own ‘turf’, as they are highly intuitive beings. You see things from their point of view and open yourself to a better understanding of their needs, wants and feelings.

Self- empowerment

Dowsing and the use of intuition also have the value of being self-empowering. By learning to listen to your inner voice, you can know what is right for you without always having to consult ‘experts’. Dowsing will help you rely as much on what you know (gnow) as on what society expects you to think. The recent scare over West Nile virus is an excellent example. There were cases of vaccines being promoted inappropriately during this scare. Mosquitoes transmit the disease, and yet areas with no mosquito activity were being blitzed by radio ads that promoted fear about this virus. Dowsers could easily tell if their horses would be helped by the West Nile virus vaccination, or harmed by it, or neither. The empowerment of dowsing is of inestimable value. It can help you to make calm, accurate decisions rather than blindly following fads.

But dowsing to help animals is more than a way of getting information. Those who use dowsing and employ their intuitive senses in general find that they bond more closely to their animal friends because they are able to see things from the animal’s point of view. One drawback of the scientific viewpoint is that it tends to look at living things as glorified machines. In my opinion and from my experience, animals are far more complex than machines, and they don’t operate from a rational point of view. They are far more attuned to instinct and intuition than to analysis. Therefore, dowsing (an intuitive technique) is a great way to commune and communicate with animals.

There are probably countless uses of dowsing to help animals, but what follows is a sampling of some of the ones we have used ourselves or for our clients. Anyone can use dowsing for these purposes. It requires a certain level of skill, which can be developed through practice. It also requires a level of detachment, which also can come through practice. So start using dowsing to get in touch with your animals.

Please note that we are not suggesting that you should substitute dowsing for competent professional help of any type for your animals. However, it is a useful adjunct as part of a program of proper nutrition, training and health care.

Environmental Energies

Environmental energies affect your pet. We spend a lot of time doing space clearings, and we have had many cases where noxious environmental energies affected the health of our human and animal clients. You will find that if you dowse to locate and then clear those energies, your pet’s health and behavior may improve dramatically. You should clear your space and the space your animals inhabit as regularly as you vacuum your house or wash your clothes. Dowsers can do this rather readily, though it helps to have experience with this particular type of dowsing if you want to have optimal success.


Diet is one of the most important aspects of your animal’s health. Dowsing is an excellent way to check your pet’s food and water. Most grocery store pet food is very poor quality, as is tap water. Animals can tell this better than humans and often refuse to eat or drink questionable food or water. If you have an apparently finicky animal, dowsing will help you determine why your animal is refusing to eat what you offer. Dowsing will also help you craft the best feeding program for your animal friend, and modify it over time as her needs change.


Nutritional supplementation is becoming a popular way of improving the health of humans and animals alike. Dowsers can check the level in effects (efficacy) of supplements, dowse for appropriate dosage and dowse if the animal can tolerate the supplement or if there will be side effects. Just because a supplement dowses as being highly beneficial, it does not automatically follow that the animal will assimilate it or adjust to it without any side effects. Remember that things change on a daily basis, so dowse daily for your animal’s supplements.


Medicines (prescription and nonprescription) and vaccines are routinely accepted as being helpful for animals, but an increasing amount of evidence points to side effects that can be damaging. Dowsing will allow you to determine if the medicine/vaccination will be effective, if it will have side effects, how well your animal can tolerate it and what dosage is safest. Not all animals can tolerate drugs and vaccines, especially if they are older or ill. Your veterinarian often bases recommendations on what is THOUGHT to be good for MOST animals, as his or her knowledge of your pet may be limited. Your animal may fall into the central part of that bell-shaped curve, or not. Use dowsing to find out how appropriate the recommended treatment is for your animal companion.


Therapies of all kinds are now available for animals. Acupuncture, massage, Reiki, chiropractic; the list is endless. Use dowsing to determine the level in effects on a +10 to -10 scale and to note any side effects. You can dowse to see how many treatments your animal friend will need before you see progress or resolution of the problem. You can also dowse to see which therapy you should use next.


Surgical procedures of all kinds are also becoming more available for animals. The price, however, is often prohibitive. Instead of letting money determine whether your pet will have surgery, use dowsing to determine the level in effects of that procedure for the condition. Will the procedure solve the problem but create new ones? Is your animal healthy enough to tolerate the trauma of surgery? What do you need to do after surgery to help her regain her health more quickly? Is there an alternative to surgery that will accomplish the goal more easily, safely, cheaply, quickly, with fewer side effects? Dowsing will help you answer these questions.


Breeding your animal for fun or profit is a serious decision to be undertaken after much reflection and research. Dowsing will help you determine if your animal wants to be bred (and this is more important than you may think), whether she is healthy enough to be bred, and to whom she should be bred and when. You can obviously use dowsing to determine the sex of unborn babies and the number as well, if you are interested.


Showing or competing with your companion animal is likewise a serious undertaking. The first thing you want to dowse is whether your animal wants to do this type of activity. If your animal is emotionally unfit for competition, you are likely to traumatize it or, at the very least, waste your time. You can check the health and the training program of your animal athlete using dowsing as well, as an animal needs a certain level of physical fitness before participating in competition. Dowsing is also a way of checking which competitions you should participate in for best results.


Training is a vital aspect of having a good relationship with your pet. Check with your animal about whether he wants to participate in a particular type of training program. Then evaluate the available programs and /or trainers by dowsing.


Behavioral issues are very common with companion animals. Dowsing will help you determine if nutrition, health problems, emotional issues, stress or environmental energies are contributing to the problem. You can also use dowsing to craft a program to resolve the issues and sometimes to clear them up.

Physical Challenges

Physical challenges are becoming more common in our animal friends. They are succumbing to or reflecting the poor nutrition, lack of exercise and high level of stress common in our culture. Dowsing will help you determine what is energetically behind the symptoms, and whether the cause is internal or external. These root causes can then be cleared. Often, this will relieve or even remove the physical symptom.

Finding lost animals

Finding lost animals is a common use of dowsing, and can be done in person or long distance through map dowsing and communication. You will get better results if you ask in advance if the animal wants to be found, as some animals run away on purpose. This use for dowsing is usually challenging, as it involves the animal in a more dynamic and emotionally charged way than the above examples.

Animal Communication

Animal communication can be done through dowsing. Just ask simple questions that have ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses. Make sure you aren’t attached to what the answers might be, or you may get faulty responses. As with using dowsing to find lost animals, this application can be a bit challenging, since you are directly working with another living thing. If you communicate with animals using dowsing, you will discover that sometimes they lie, sometimes they don’t want to talk with you and it can be a challenge to interpret your results. In spite of these potential drawbacks, dowsing to communicate directly with your animal companion is preferable to not communicating directly at all. As with all types of dowsing, your results will improve with practice.

There are some important points to remember when you dowse to help animals:

  •  For best results, remember to ask the animal for permission before doing anything.
  •  Be very careful how you word your questions. Learning to ask the right question is vital in dowsing of any kind.
  •  Adopt a detached interest so that you are open to whatever the answer is. Be curious, not fearful.
  •  Always dowse the level in effects of what you propose to do on a +10 to -10 scale and only implement solutions that rank above +5.
  •  Practice is an important part of success with dowsing, so use your dowsing on yourself and your animals daily if possible.
  •  When you use dowsing as part of a therapy to help your animal, remember to protect yourself from taking on any of your animal’s ‘stuff’ by using intention or another appropriate method.
  •  Have a dowsing friend check your answers if you are unsure of their validity.

If you begin to use dowsing regularly with your animal friend, you will certainly improve your understanding of him or her. You will have a more harmonious relationship. You will save money (lots of it). You will enhance the quality of life for your pet. And you will be empowering yourself tremendously. So use your intuition and dowse to help your animal friends.

If you want to go into more depth (really!) about dowsing to help animals, then we strongly suggest our book, ‘Caring for Your Animal Companion: The Intuitive, Natural Way to a Happy, Healthy Pet,' link in sidebar.

This is a long post, with lots of information in it. What have you found to be most helpful to you? Let us know in the comments section below