Environmental energies are one of the main applications of dowsing. Dowsing for earth energies, dowsing for ley lines and generally dowsing for any non-visible aspect of your space all come under the heading environmental energies.

Space Clearing, Or, Stalking the Demon Broccoli

Space Clearing: Best Practices

At the Verde Valley (Sedona, AZ) Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers, Nigel and Maggie Percy presented a talk about dowsing, environmental energies and space clearing.

What most people are unaware of is that the energies in the environment are constantly changing, and the time before and after 2012 was rife with chaotic, difficult energies that traditional space clearing techniques did not clear well. And they still don't clear them well! Anyone who has an interest in environmental energies or doing space clearing will benefit from watching this presentation.

Watch the video and then check out the summary beneath it. Oh, and you can check out the book I mention near the beginning (The Essence Of Dowsing). We've written quite a few since then, as you can see!

A summary of action items from this talk:

  • Avoid Fear:
    • Fear is the normal response to this type of situation. There is danger, but fear will not help you. Caution and taking care are constructive.
  • Avoid Duality:
    • Many of the things we now face that are dangerous and hard to clear have a consciousness about them.
    • If you judge them and treat them in an adversarial way, it can exacerbate the situation.
    • Next, if you judge them and decide they are the ‘bad guy', then you are feeling negative towards them. In many cases that will strengthen or feed them.
    • Compassion is the best way to approach these beings. I have found that the more compassion I show them, the more harmless they are.
  • Avoid empathy:
    • Empathy is not only overrated; it is dangerous.
    • Empathy won't help them, and it can hurt you a lot.
    • Computers, email, telephones, internet service are all subject to influence and negative energies.
    • Protection can be helpful to some extent. Be aware that alien energies and other powerful forces can overcome a lot of protection.
  • Do regular personal clearing work and protection. Rid yourself of attachments daily. Do aura strengthening.
  • Clear your space regularly, or have it cleared by a professional. Sense it. Clear it 2-3 times yearly at least.

Did you learn something new from this presentation, even if it was that I look awful with long hair :-) ? Share how it helped you (or not) in the comments section below