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“How To Profit From Dowsing” August 2019

Watch this recorded presentation on how you can use dowsing in all areas of your life to great benefit. This 90-minute instruction can get you started on using dowsing to advantage right now. Step-by-step instructions are included for everyday, health and money dowsing exercises. For all levels of experience.

Talent vs. Skill: Why Most People Don’t Dowse Much

I had an epiphany today when I was thinking about doing the homework assignment for the art class Nigel and I are taking. Neither one of us considers we have any artistic talent. We've never taken any art classes. We became intrigued with colored pencils as a medium, and we've enjoyed coloring books, but we […]

The Many Definitions Of Dowsing?

Shakespeare was right. “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. But does that mean we don't need to agree to a name for that flower? What if you thought a Peace rose (a particular variety of rose) was white, and someone else thought it was red and yet […]

What To Tell People About Dowsing

Have you ever been in a situation where you are asked what dowsing is, but you aren't sure how to answer? It is fairly common to wonder what to tell people about dowsing. Most people are not that open to the idea of dowsing. And you may already know that certain of your friends or […]

Dowsing Confidence vs. Dowsing Ego

What's The Difference Between Ego & Confidence? What's the difference between dowsing confidence and ego in dowsing? Confidence in most cases is based on experience and an accurate evaluation of your skills. Sometimes we lack self-confidence when we deserve to be confident. Other times, we might be overconfident. But by and large, confidence is based […]