Lightworkers are in Danger

Here's Why Dowsers shouldn't call themselves “Lightworkers”. Not if they want to be safe. I just used a word I rarely use–‘should'. But I did it on purpose. I want to get your attention. Don't get me wrong. I'm a Karuna™ Reiki Master Teacher. It's common for healers and energy workers to call themselves “Lightworkers”. […]

sixth sense

Tuning In to Your Sixth Sense

Your Sixth Sense This presentation about ‘Tuning Into Your Sixth Sense', by Maggie & Nigel Percy, was originally given at the American Society of Dowsers' Southwest Conference in Flagstaff, AZ in 2009. Often, when people dowse, they get locked into the idea that it's all about the tool or about their intuition. Sometimes they think […]

chand chakras

Dowsing Your Hand Chakras

Hand Chakras And Dowsing Everyone has hands, so everyone has hand chakras. Although many people know about the seven major chakras running down your body, the ones in the palms of your hands are perhaps the easiest to explore with dowsing. Watch the video below to see how! In case you're still not sure what […]