Dowsing a map

Map Dowsing Techniques

Map dowsing is an advanced application of dowsing, and there are many map dowsing techniques, way more than I can cover in a single blog post. So I'm going to pick an easy one and walk you through it. But first, let's talk about what map dowsing is. When you dowse a map or sketch, […]

money dowsing

Money Dowsing Exercise

What We All Want I confess that dowsing about numbers or money were never my strong suits. I would try to dowse, and I'd get crappy answers. So I felt like I just couldn't be good at it. I knew it meant I probably had issues with money or numbers or knowing the future about […]

dowse your entertainment

Dowse Your Entertainment

What Shall We Do Tonight? Dowsing is perfect for the many small decisions you make daily that you can't rationally be sure about. One application we love is using dowsing when making choices about movies, books and other forms of entertainment. Want to go to a movie, but aren't sure which you'd like best? Standing […]