Water Dowsing Techniques

Water Dowsing Techniques Water dowsing is sometimes called water witching or water divining. Dowsing for water is one of the oldest uses of this simple, natural skill. Often, it is the first, or only, exposure to dowsing which most people have.  Water dowsers have been quietly going about their business for hundreds of years. Naturally, […]

the water diviner

The Water Diviner with Russell Crowe

A Dowsing Movie? “The Water Diviner” is a movie made by an A-list actor (who is also the director),  and backed by much money, which not only openly refers to the skill, but allows it to be shown in a sympathetic way. Not bad for a change. I'm not going to review the whole movie, […]

dowsing for baby gender

Dowsing For Baby Gender

Dowsing The Sex Of An Unborn Child Dowsing For Baby Gender If you'd prefer to read, the transcript of the video is below. Hi, This is Nigel from Discovering Dowsing, answering your questions about dowsing. Dowsing for baby gender. This use of dowsing, along with using it to find water or minerals, ranks amongst the […]