Conference Call April 2013: Dowsing Personal Issues

Dowsing Personal Issues Dowsing is a vital tool if you seek self-growth, and whether you know it or not, you do want to have positive change in your life. Dowsing personal issues is a hugely important way of using this skill so that you can begin to work towards the goals you have for your […]

Inner guru

How to Access Your Inner Guru for Real Self-Growth

Say Hello To Your Inner Guru! Do you wish you could find the perfect method for helping you reach your self-growth goals? Have you tried everything you can think of, only to be disappointed? Are you beginning to feel that maybe there isn't a method that will work for you? What about using your inner […]


A Woman's Work Is Never Done! Is that your truth?

A Woman's Work Is Never Done! How often do we hear that one? These days, women are busier than ever. Most women are not only working a full time job, but caring for spouse and family and home as well. Money seems to get harder to find (that is the topic of another musing), and […]