dowsing and empowerment

Dowsing and Empowerment. A Lie?

Dowsing Is Many Things… One of the most common things you hear some people say is that dowsing and empowerment go together. Empowerment is stepping into your power, becoming the powerful person you can be. And that leads to freedom from restrictions that prevent self-growth and fulfilling your  life's purpose. But does dowsing actually deliver on […]


Supercharge Your Manifesting with Dowsing

Manifesting And Dowsing Maggie and Nigel Percy show you how to use dowsing to supercharge your manifesting ability in this webinar. You may at first be thinking how can dowsing be of help in manifesting. In fact, dowsing is simply one of the best ways you can use to help you bring about what it […]

deep down dowsing and the subconscious beliefs

Deep Down Dowsing

Deep Down Dowsing – And You Nigel and Maggie Percy's presentation of ‘Deep Down Dowsing'  at the American Society of Dowsers SW Conference in Flagstaff, AZ in 2011 focused on the subconscious and how it controls your experience of reality. With audience participation, they go through simple exercises to demonstrate the surprising conflicts most of […]