dowsing for lost objects

The Dangers in Dowsing for Lost Objects

Where Is It? Dowsing for lost objects is a common application. Yet, it's hard to find anyone who claims to be an expert in finding lost objects using dowsing. Why is that? The reason is this: It can be very hard to find lost objects, pets and people. Dowsing for lost objects: the checklist The […]

Conference Call March 2013: Relationship dowsing

Relationship dowsing Relationships can be very challenging. Finding your perfect partner is a real possibility when you can dowse. Relationship dowsing is the best tool you will ever have to build  successful, happy relationships. In order for relationship dowsing to be successful, you have to take a slightly different look at it. Or, at least, […]

chand chakras

Dowsing Your Hand Chakras

Hand Chakras And Dowsing Everyone has hands, so everyone has hand chakras. Although many people know about the seven major chakras running down your body, the ones in the palms of your hands are perhaps the easiest to explore with dowsing. Watch the video below to see how! In case you're still not sure what […]