dowsing for baby gender

Dowsing For Baby Gender

Dowsing The Sex Of An Unborn Child Dowsing For Baby Gender If you'd prefer to read, the transcript of the video is below. Hi, This is Nigel from Discovering Dowsing, answering your questions about dowsing. Dowsing for baby gender. This use of dowsing, along with using it to find water or minerals, ranks amongst the […]

dowsing for treasure

Dowsing for treasure

Just Let Me Find That Hidden Gold! Dowsing for treasure is just one of the ways in which this simple skill can be used. It's a very tempting thing to do. After all, dowsing can show you things which are hidden from normal sight, so why not go ahead and use it to discover some […]


What's your specialty?

What Are You Good At? Just like in life, so in dowsing. Everyone is good at something but nobody is good at everything. Some people might be good at a couple of things,  like wallpapering and gardening. It's exactly the same in dowsing. And that can cause some problems. When learning to dowse, the temptation […]