save money with dowsing

Save Money with Dowsing: An Injured Cat

More Choices, Less Stress You can save money with dowsing…lots of money. Dowsing improves your choices by helping you pick the best, easiest, least expensive solution to any problem. Last week, one of our eight cats (yes, we have eight cats) named Merlin had an accident. We suspect that the loud yelp we heard in […]

dowsing and healing

Dowsing and Healing

Confusion All Round! Dowsing and healing seem to go together a lot in peoples' minds. Hands up all those who have heard (or used) a phrase similar to the following: “I used my pendulum to remove the issue/problem/energy/whatever”. It's a fairly commonly used phrase. And it's completely wrong. The only connection between a dowsing tool and […]

health dowsing for pets

Emergency Health Dowsing For Pets

You And Your Best Friend Have you ever been in this situation (or do you worry that you may): You discover your pet has an injury, and you don't know exactly what caused it, it looks bad and you aren't sure what to do? Health dowsing can come to the rescue! When you have as […]