Dowsing and Vitamins

Dowsing and Vitamins The transcript of the video is below, if you prefer to read about dowsing and vitamins. Dowsing about vitamins is one of the most common applications of health dowsing. But before going into details on how to dowse your vitamins, let me give you a quick reminder about what dowsing is: dowsing […]

dowsing for healing

Dowsing For Healing

A Case Of Confusion Dowsing for healing can cause a great deal of confusion amongst both dowsers and non-dowsers. The reason for that is that people aren't clear about the difference between dowsing and intention. It's necessary to make that very clear. So what IS dowsing for healing? Dowsing for healing is a very specific […]

Dowsing For An Injured Cat

Cats Make Your Life Interesting! Some time ago, we were relaxing in the living room when we heard the low moaning howl of a cat from the back of the house. We ran back into the master bedroom and found our cat Sekhmet (known as Sekkie) had tangled her leg in the weave of the […]