A great movie for dowsers

Hollywood Gets It Right: Watch This Dowsing Movie!

We love a movie we stumbled on some years back. It's perfect for dowsers and spiritual seekers. It's called “Interstate 60”, and it's filled with imagery and situations that will resonate with you. Big hint: the 8-ball represents dowsing (or any type of intuitive method). We don't know of any other movie we'd call a […]

dowsing plants

Dowsing Plants To Get Them Growing Better!

Dowsing Plants? Why? Dowsing plants, done well, will reveal a great deal about them which otherwise would be difficult or impossible to know. The video below will show you how. Although we all know that plants are living things, you will discover a great more about them if you approach them using dowsing. Their energy […]

chand chakras

Dowsing Your Hand Chakras

Hand Chakras And Dowsing Everyone has hands, so everyone has hand chakras. Although many people know about the seven major chakras running down your body, the ones in the palms of your hands are perhaps the easiest to explore with dowsing. Watch the video below to see how! In case you're still not sure what […]