Dowsing The Aura

Dowsing The Aura One of the neat ways you can use dowsing is to explore the aura. In case you're not entirely sure of what I'm referring to, then think of the aura as the invisible, ever-changing energetic body which surrounds you and which, to some people, is visible. It is where your physical body […]

dowse your entertainment

Dowse Your Entertainment

What Shall We Do Tonight? Dowsing is perfect for the many small decisions you make daily that you can't rationally be sure about. One application we love is using dowsing when making choices about movies, books and other forms of entertainment. Want to go to a movie, but aren't sure which you'd like best? Standing […]

movie for dowsers

The 1984 Karate Kid: Another Movie for Dowsers

It's Not Always About Dowsing The original (1984) version of the movie “The Karate Kid” is a wonderful movie for dowsers. No one dowses in the movie. But dowsing isn't just about technique. It's about mindset. In The Karate Kid, a man who feels he has nothing much to live for discovers his passion again […]