We’re Here To Help You Master Dowsing & Use It To Improve Your Life

Us-640x480We admit it. We're Dowsing Geeks. And that's good for you, because we know all about dowsing and are going to share it with you.

We're Nigel & Maggie Percy of Sixth Sense Solutions, and we've been dowsing since before the turn of the century. We not only dowse all the time; we talk about dowsing all the time; we discuss dowsing ethics and new techniques; we argue the best way to form a good dowsing question on a topic; we discuss what we think goes on when you dowse and how dowsing fits into the process of becoming fully human. That may sound boring to you, but it's made us world experts in dowsing.

Our passion for dowsing and our talent for writing, speaking and presenting on dowsing subjects led us to start our business so we could share dowsing with the whole world. We excelled at coaching and teaching dowsers how to become more accurate and use dowsing to improve their lives.

If you want all sizzle and no steak, this isn't the place to visit. We specialize in dowsing that can change your life in obvious, measurable ways.

If you want to learn how to focus your natural intuitive sensing abilities through dowsing, this is the best place on the web. We have more tools, more experience and more practical knowledge than just about anyone else. You can learn to master real dowsing here. Join us.