Three Pendulum Problems

Problems, Problems, Problems!

Three problems with pendulums.

The first problem with pendulums is that most beginner dowsers want them to move. By themselves.

The problem is, they won’t.

You have to get use to the idea that you, the dowser, makes the pendulum move.

It’s the nature of dowsing; the physics, if you like.

The other problems with pendulums

The other two problems come together, quite often. First, the chain or string or whatever is usually too long. Second, the beginner dowser quite often starts off by holding the pendulum quite still, hanging straight down.

Nope and nope.

The longer the chain, the slower the response. And the less the pendulum moves before you ask your question, the longer it will take to show you any response.

Get the pendulum to move to begin with and then let it change direction according to the answer. Don't just sit there looking at it. If nothing else, your arm will tire and you'll get strange looks from people.

So, in order to get a response which doesn’t tire you out and which is obvious (and quick!), is to have the pendulum on a short chain and have it moving before you ask your question.

How short and moving in what direction is up to you to decide. But, as a rule of thumb (or should that be ‘rule of pendulum’?), any chain longer than three inches is too long and any movement which is less than an inch in diameter (whichever the movement is), is too little.

The rest is up to you to discover.

After all, dowsing is for those who want to question and explore, isn’t it? :-)

What's the biggest problem you've had with pendulums? Is it mentioned here or is it something else entirely? Let us know and maybe we can help you. Post the details in the comments section below

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    • Nigel Percy
      Nigel Percy says:

      There could be all sorts of reasons for this happening. For example, it might be that you are not in the dowsing state (use the search box for details), or that you are asking a poorly worded question, or that whatever you are asking about has some subconscious issues for you which will block any answers. You can always check with two ‘test’ questions to see whether or not you are able to get any correct answers. Such a question would be to ask if you were born in (wherever-you-were-born), which should give you a ‘yes’ response, and another one giving a false place, which should give you a ‘no’ response.
      That at least would give you a start as to what the problem might be.

  1. says:

    I did not read your whole article but, you said in the beginning that your pendulum wont move by itself and that the user must give it motion? That is completely inaccurate. From the very first time I used mine, it moved on its own. I am a very observant Virgo, and made sure that I was not moving it. Every time, it moved for me, on its own. My problem now is it won’t move for me at all. This is what brought me to your article but, when I seen what you wrote about giving it motion because it won’t move itself, well, Incorrect. Maybe not for all but, for many it does (Speaking from personal experience).

    • Nigel Percy
      Nigel Percy says:

      There are several points here which I shall try to cover as briefly as possible.
      First, if, as you say, the pendulum moves of its own accord, why and how does it do such a thing and why won’t it do it when you are not holding it? And then why does it suddenly NOT move? In other words, there has to be a logic here and I can’t see what it could be.
      Second, the very small movements of the muscles, usually in the arm, are not often observed by the dowser even when dowsing. But this ideomotor effect is, without doubt, responsible for the motions of the tool. In fact a Professor Barrett dedicated over 10 pages to examining this and concluded that such an effect was the only possible cause of movement. (It begins on page 346 of The Credibility Of Dowsing.)
      Thirdly, I have been teaching, practicing and studying dowsing for long enough to know that one of the common misconceptions of dowsers is that they tend to put too much emphasis on the tool as being somehow more ‘magical’ or important than it is. The tool, no matter what sort you use, is merely showing you what your response is. To say that the pendulum doesn’t work implies that it is something special and ‘apart’ from you whereas the real power of dowsing comes from within you.
      Fourthly, if you are not able to dowse with a pendulum, it’s worth considering that there might be other issues at work here. For example, you might be dehydrated which causes issues with muscle response. You could also be in a spot which has a negative effect on your body, causing issues such as muscle response. This is a large subject but comes under the umbrella term of noxious earth energies.It could also be that you are attempting to dowse about something which you have a subconscious concern about and which will, therefore, cause you to not get an answer of any kind. It could also be because the question you asked is impossible to answer for one or more reasons.
      Finally, if pendulum dowsing is not working for you, for whatever the reason, then I suggest you turn to deviceless dowsing where no tool is needed, only the body responses. So, things like blink dowsing, finger dowsing, or body swaying would generally work well assuming there is no problem with the question as I said before.
      I hope I have answered your comments and have given you some ideas to pursue in your dowsing.

  2. Andi Bassett
    Andi Bassett says:

    The other night I was using a necklace of mine for a pendulum. I didn’t test if it was compatible with my energy and I didn’t cleanse it. I was also in a distressed state of mind. But I was reading that black cats can absorb negative energy, and I have a black cat. Do cats naturally cleanse your energy? I just didn’t know if having a cat affected anything about using a pendulum.

    • Nigel Percy
      Nigel Percy says:

      Thanks for the question, Andi. The first thing I want to point out is that you say you were in a distressed state of mind when you were dowsing. I really want to emphasize that you should not dowse when in such a state. You cannot get into the right state of mind – that of detached interest – when you are distressed. And if you cannot get into such a state then your dowsing will be inaccurate or not very helpful at all.
      As for the question about cats, that’s another thing entirely. All cats tend to not be concerned about areas or types of energies which have a negative effect on us. But that doesn’t mean that they will clean your pendulum for you. That’s something different. That would imply that there is something active going on and that’s not the case. Personally, I have never heard of such thing or come across it in any of the literature. Cats doing well in energy which is not great for us just means they accept it, not change it, which is what cleansing your pendulum implies.
      Finally, pretty much any pendulum will work. The only way one might be incompatible with you is if it’s too heavy or too light or the chain doesn’t allow it to move freely when you hold it. Any pendulum, your necklace included, is just a tool and nothing more. Don’t get lost in trying to find out if anything’s compatible, just pick it up and see how it feels, how it moves. If it feels good, then go ahead and use it.
      Dowsing is a beautifully simple skill. Don’t make it complicated.
      I hope that’s helped you a little. If not, please come back with further questions.

    • Nigel Percy
      Nigel Percy says:

      I’m not sure I know what ascension process, if any, we are going through, but I wouldn’t assume that it would have any effect at all on dowsing accuracy.

  3. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    What causes the pendulum to simply bobble and shake as if it wants to jump almost. My hand and arm can be steady and moves in directions to answer questions but at times it simply won’t move and I believe I’m not asking a clear enough question but other times, it will start to shake and bobble. What is the cause of this and does it mean anything? I do not feel my arm shaking and it’s not any different than prior that I notice. Thank you!


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