Sandee Mac

Sandee Mac

How Sandee Mac Uses Dowsing Sandee Mac, President of the American Society of Dowsers, shares her thoughts and dowsing journey. Sandee's work with dowsing past lives and how to clear their influence has helped many people live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. Biography for Sandee Mac: Sandee Mac, known as a leader in personal growth […]

alan handelsmann

Alan Handelsman – Fun And Dowsing

Alan Handelsman Alan Handelsman is well known in dowsing circles for his talent at using humor to help people learn. He has been a frequent presenter at dowsing conferences as well as being master of ceremonies for them. His sense of humor suits him well for these purposes. Yet he also has a thriving private […]

anneliese hagemann

Anneliese Hagemann: Workbook Creator

Anneliese Hagemann Dowsing is a way of life for Anneliese Hagemann, and has been for many years. Like so many dowsers, she became interested in dowsing for health early in her journey. This led her to look in more depth at how dowsing could help her. From there, unlike many others, she began to compile […]

david and erina cowan

David and Erina Cowan: A Dowsing Couple

David and Erina Cowan Maggie & Nigel enjoy meeting other couples who use dowsing. It's rare to find couples as partners in a dowsing business. David and Erina Cowan share how they became dowsers and what it means to them. Biographies: David Ian Cowan  BA DipQB LSHC CNC David Cowan’s passion over the years has […]

joey korn

Joey Korn: long-time dowser

Joey Korn Joey Korn shares his views about dowsing and gives a glimpse of how he was introduced to it. Maybe the way he discovered dowsing will resonate with you? We all arrive at it in slightly different ways. Like Nigel, he wasn't led into dowsing on a search for health. Also like Nigel, he […]