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Map Dowsing Techniques

Map dowsing is an advanced application of dowsing, and there are many map dowsing techniques, way more than I can cover in a single blog post. So I'm going to pick an easy one and walk you through it. But first, let's talk about what map dowsing is. When you dowse a map or sketch, you are usually working at a distance from the property or person you are dowsing about. The map or sketch is a representation of that property or person's body. You use the map to dowse the location of whatever you are seeking.

You might be dowsing for treasure or gold, but more likely, you are dowsing to find a lost object or to find a good location to drill for water or oil. Archaeological dowsers dowse for things like a burial location or the foundations of a ruined building. You can dowse the floor plan of a house looking for a lost object or noxious environmental energies. It can even be considered map dowsing if you dowse over a sketch of the human body to determine the location of the cause of a symptom.

Map dowsing might seem like a really weird concept to you if you are new to dowsing. You might ask, “How can anyone use dowsing to find things in a different location using a map?” But think about it this way: what is a map for, and how do you use it? Have you ever looked at a map of another location, maybe a vacation spot you planned to visit? And did you find your hotel or a popular beach or a favorite tourist destination on it? And you said, “Ah, there it is!” You were confident you could find it. You weren't at that location. You'd never been there, but you knew the exact location of something.

When you dowse using a map, you are doing much the same thing. You don't have to be there to find what you are looking for. You are tapping into your natural intuitive ability and asking the question about the object you wish to find. Dowsing gives you the answer to that question, and you don't need to be there any more than you need to be on location to find useful information from a road map or city street map. You do need to be an accurate dowser to get a correct answer, though!

As I said in the beginning, there are many map dowsing techniques. An easy one to do, one that you can use with a pendulum or without any dowsing tool at all, is by drawing quadrants on your map or sketch. Take your drawing and divide it into 4 equal squares by drawing straight lines through the midpoint horizontally and vertically. Label each quadrant with a number or letter.

Remember that you need a great dowsing question in order to be accurate. You need to get into a dowsing state. And you need to be detached about the answer. Then ask if the item you seek is in Quadrant A? Quadrant B? Quadrant C? Quadrant D? You should only get one “yes” answer. If you don't get a “yes” answer, then maybe the item is not located on that map.

Assuming you got a “yes” answer, you then divide that quadrant into four parts as before, labeling them, this time with numbers if you used letters before. Ask the same question about each quadrant. When you get a “yes” answer, repeat the process until you have a small enough quadrant for searching. It can be helpful to name the quadrants using different things each time, so there is no confusion during dowsing. You may need to get a map with larger scale to drill down to the point where a search would be worthwhile.

There are many other map dowsing techniques, but this gives you a good idea of how to get started.


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  1. Cheri says:

    Hi Maggie, that was a very helpful read, thank you! I just have a couple of questions…one is how do you practice, exactly? Like have someone hide something and you try dowsing to find it, or what? I currently have a lost cat and an animal communicator told me he was at 2 o’clock from my house and I’m worried that that might skew my results. Of course, that was a couple of weeks ago, so I’m not sure I’m convinced that information is still accurate, but I have too many acres to cover to get a completely wrong reading. Am I just looking for a strong “yes” vibe when I go through the quadrants? Thanks again for a very helpful article! I look forward to hearing your response so I can try to start using this technique.

    • Maggie Percy says:

      Detachment is vital for this kind of dowsing, and that takes practice. About something like a lost pet, it might be too challenging. Your question is key. You want to know where your cat is NOW. He’s probably been a lot of places. That makes it hard. If you have people helping to find him, that adds thought forms that dowse as the real cat, because belief and emotion create thought forms. It is a mess. First, you want an accurate dowse about whether the cat is still alive. Hard to face, but necessary to be detached about. Then, where is he NOW? Not where has he been or where others think he is. Lost animals are hard to find with dowsing. It not only involves good dowsing; it involves karma. What caused the cat to go missing? What is it possibly teaching you? Have you learned the lesson? Finding the cat is a small part of the problem. I spent 18 months helping someone find a lost dog. The dog didn’t want to be a show dog and didn’t trust women. Unfortunately, that was all he had. We found his location, but we could never lure him back. There was too much karma involved. Be open to looking at this as something bigger than the cat going missing. That might help you find him faster.

      As to practicing dowsing, never doing silly tests. Always dowsing real things that matter, but not big things at first. Like where to find the best parking place; what to choose on the menu, etc. If you get our courses, we go into detail on this. You can see them in The Dowsing Store at Dowsing is meant to be part of your life. Use it in your life. Start small and work up. We’re here to help. I’m sorry about your cat, and we hope you find him/her soon.

  2. Cheri says:

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply! I actually read your e-mail while I was out looking for him in the two o’clock area around my house where the animal communicator said he was. She said he’d left because he was coming of age. He is about a year old. I take in all the cats and dogs people dump out and try to give them a great life pretty much getting to do what they want, so hopefully my karma is good when it at least comes to them, though I do try to live by the golden rule in general with every living being I come across. I tend to agree with the communicator that he just got too far away from home, which is why he can’t hear us calling, though she did say he knows his way back. Kind of a quandary, really. I really want to find him, but if he needs to do this, I hate to interrupt that. Unfortunately, due to 10 rescues plus my other non-rescue, I have too many mouths to feed to spend any more money on “help”. That’s why when a friend told me about dowsing, I decided to try to learn it myself. I think I can be subjective though. I will definitely try. Thanks again for the prompt response and tips.

    • Maggie Percy says:

      It’s certainly worth trying, but if you have emotional attachment, it will challenge you. You must be detached about the answers. If he hasn’t been neutered, that could be the motivation. If he has been neutered, it could be more complex. We are like you, and we’ve had as many as 12 rescue animals at one time. While I definitely would never allow any domesticated animal the freedom to roam, sometimes they get loose in spite of your best efforts. If he escaped, that is one situation. If you let them roam, it’s totally another. People who allow pets to roam often get this type of situation to remind them it isn’t safe to let pets roam. If he escaped, it could be he is having issues with another member of your furry family. If he is low on the totem pole, he might run because of that. If he is low in the hierarchy and wishes to be #1, he might leave to find a family where he can be that, rather than wait for it to happen naturally in your large family. If he’s scared of the other cats, that could drive him away. If he is really tuned in to you, and you often think about how you can barely feed the ones you have, he might be leaving to lighten your load. I have had a few cats who were really tuned in to me, so much so, it reminded me never to think negative thoughts. I can’t say what is going on. You obviously are doing your best. If you currently allow your pets to roam, consider getting a cat fence or one of the other many ways of allowing safe, limited freedom. If you already have that, think about the cat’s personality and see if any of the above descriptions fit. He might not return if some of them are the motivation. But if he left to help you, you can still communicate with him and tell him how much you want him back and how much you need him. It all depends on why he left. There will be a lesson here for you, if you are willing to look for it. Good luck!

  3. Amy says:

    Hi, I just started dowsing in general, tried map dowsing and failed horribly! My question is, does it have to be a paper map? Or can i use google maps on the computer?
    I understand the whole don’t be attached, but Im also looking for a missing pet and I figured this might be a good way to rule out possible sightings if that makes sense?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Maggie Percy says:

      Map dowsing is a good application for finding lost objects and pets, whether the map is just a sketch of the floor plan of your house or a map from online or a paper map. It doesn’t matter what you use. You have two major challenges in this case: 1. You need to have good dowsing skills, and most people don’t. Without practice, you don’t get detachment. Without training, you might have problems with focusing and getting into a dowsing state, and you certainly won’t be able to ask good questions. If you are lacking in any of those areas, your dowsing won’t be accurate. 2. Each specialty of dowsing has its own pitfalls and issues. That’s why you will see dowsers specialize. Water dowsers rarely are health dowsers. It’s like playing an instrument well. Few people play several instruments equally well, and no one plays all the instruments in an orchestra equally well. Most people don’t realize lost object dowsing is a specialty with its own skill set. I know of no one who has mastered it. Just because I’m a good dowser doesn’t mean I can find lost objects easily using dowsing. I have other specialties.

      The major problem with dowsers is they don’t hone their skills or get training. They want to use it for something important like finding a lost pet or diagnosing symptoms of illness without having put time in learning the skill. Dowsing is a skill that requires training and practice. Start with simple things and work up to harder challenges.

      Your interest in map dowsing is great, but don’t expect too much of yourself if you haven’t been practicing and trained in dowsing, and even if you are a good dowser, this is a challenging situation that would be hard for a master. Don’t be discouraged. Do give it a try. And let us know how it goes, and if you have questions.

  4. britney Smith says:

    Dear Maggie,
    Thank you for this website and all the information you give.
    I would just like to ask you if I would be able to pay you for a dowsing service to locate my
    cat since you have no attachment to him and have experience.
    I have been looking for a year now.
    I’m physically and mentally exhausted. My Dad passed away, 2014. My cat went missing 2015 of the same month my Dad had passed (december. it was the 1 year anniversary month of his death). Now my cat has been gone for a full year. and I have spoken to mediums and I have had no luck. I believe he was stolen, and the person who has him keeps calling me from a blocked number (every month since my cat has been missing) and It has me in an awful mental state.I suffer from depression and my cat was the only thing that got me through my sadness. I really really need him. Especially now.
    Is there anything you can do to help me. I would give anything.

    • Maggie Percy says:

      I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you! It’s terrible to lose a pet. They are like family members. We don’t offer a service for finding lost things or pets. Although we have had some remarkable successes, our success rate isn’t enough to offer it as a service. Lost pets are a very complex issue. It’s not a matter of just finding the pet like he’s a lost set of keys. Pets have their own agendas and energies and karma, and you have yours, and it all gets mixed together.
      Obviously what you really need is closure so you can move on. If you believe the phantom calls are related to the cat and may be from the person who took the cat, you should notify your service provider immediately and ask a trace be put on the line so you can find out where these calls are coming from. Even if it isn’t about the cat, someone is stalking you and harassing you, and that is against the law. You need to set boundaries and take action to show you want it to stop and also to see if when you discover who it is, you can find the cat.
      Normally, I would think it was wishful thinking to believe the cat is still alive at this late date, but I think in that, you are correct. I also believe the cat is being cared for well. I could be wrong, but that’s what is coming to me.
      I suggest you take action to discover who the harassing calls are coming from.
      Another thing you can do is put your intention clearly out there. You want your cat back safe and sound as soon as possible. But then take all action you can and put it in the hands of the Universe and go get another cat if your cat doesn’t show back up in a reasonable period of time (after you find out who the calls are from, etc.).
      Focusing on the cat not being there and making him the only thing that makes life livable is perpetuating this problem. You want him back because you love him. Don’t make it anything else, or it will make it harder to find him. When you say things like that, you create drama and tie him to all kinds of other beliefs and issues that are not being resolved, and which will further the problem.
      That is what I would do.


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