Pendulum Healing

Pendulum Healing? Dowsing for healing, sometimes thought of as dowsing healing or pendulum healing, is really the result of confusion and mis-information. The two do not go together. At least, not in the way that many seem to think that they do. As an example, you will sometimes find people asking about pendulum healing or which […]

Dowsing and Permission

Below is the transcript of the video, if you'd prefer to read: Dowsing and Permission This is another area of confusion and argument amongst dowsers. It can be split into two different areas: permission to dowse and permission about what to dowse about. Let’s look at the first one; asking permission to dowse. This is […]

Dowsing and Intention

(Transcript below) Why The Confusion Between Dowsing And Intention? Dowsing and Intention. These are two different things which seem to make for a huge amount of confusion and misunderstanding, more than most any other aspects of dowsing. Let’s make things clear here between the two. Dowsing is a specific practice where the dowser gets into […]