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Joey Korn

Joey Korn shares his views about dowsing and gives a glimpse of how he was introduced to it. Like Nigel, he wasn’t led into dowsing on a search for health. Also like Nigel, he found himself drawn to dowsing and pursued it with a passion. And we’re glad he did. Enjoy this interview with him.


Joey Korn is a revolutionary spiritual explorer and global leader in the world of dowsing. Joey has been a passionate spiritual seeker for almost 40 years, and has found dowsing combined with blessing to be the most powerful tool we each have at our disposal to grow spiritually, heal, and take charge of our lives. He masterfully combines the s
piritual tools of dowsing with the sacred art of the blessing process to help people realize their unlimited potential as spiritual beings of Light. Joey works with the invisible world of Life Force energies that support us every moment of every day, condensing years of personal exploration into a unique and extraordinary system of practical understanding and application. Joey shares this knowledge in his book, Dowsing: A Path to Enlightenment, in his Website, in teaching events, dowsing services, and personal training. Learn more about Joey’s work at


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